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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Thor - Marvel Ultimates

Reviewed 06.17.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  186
Collector's Number  096
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Thor
Set: Marvel Ultimates
Number: 96
Rarity: 6 - Unique
Costs: 186
Health: 11
SSADD: 10/12/16/5
Powers: Running Shot, Charge, Impervious, Invulnerabilty, Toughness.
Ranged Attacks: 2 Range 10
Team: Ultimates

So there’s this alternate Marvel Universe called the Ultimate universe, where the characters are familiar, but not quite the same as their counterparts. Thor in the Ultimate universe.is still an Asgardian god, he’s just not the same. His hammer is way different, and he’s a pacifist. Go figure.

Thor here, he’s gonna change the game. He’s an Ultimate, with Running Shot, Charge and will never get killed. His stats actually get better towards the end…so that 5 damage and 12 attack your start with, ends up a 5 damage and 11 attack to end. Not too shabby. I’d say he was broken already, but then again, he is 186 points, which means on a 300 point team he’ll fit, but you had better learn how to play him well, and support him wisely. It goes without saying that you’ll be using a wild-card as well, I think Taskmaster might be a good combo.

I think it’s a safe assumption that Thor will be a wanted piece. The few singles that have hit Ebay thus far have ranged from $33 to $50 with an average of $42.70. There were 8 total sold in the last 90 days, 4 over the average and 4 under the average, and 4 didn’t sell at all with a starting bid of $30 to $40. Pretty good piece if you can grab one.

My Ratings:

Playability 5 of 5
Collectability 4 of 5.

Next time, more Ultimates…and email me your wish list of Ultimates reviews, the top 5 figures only please, I’m in charge of choosing the next month’s work of reviews, so I would LOVE to know who you want to see reviewed from Ultimates.

Gemini77 Today's figure is the Norse god who's day this is, Thor. When I first saw the spoiler for Ultimates this piece went right to the top of my list for must have. I love the sculpt. He looks intimidating just sitting there. And if his look doesn't scare you, his stats will.

His movement starts at 10 and gradually drops to an 8 over his 10 clicks of life. He starts with 2 clicks of Running Shot. That, combined with his 2 target 10 range attack, makes him a formidable range combatant. Don't think he can't go toe-to-toe with someone, because he can. In fact his last 2 clicks have Charge and an Attack Value of 10 and 11. His AV starts at 12, goes down to an 8 on his 7th click and then goes back up, finishing at an 11. Thor's defense starts at 16 w/Impervious, goes through some clicks of Invulnerability and finally ends with a few clicks of toughness and a 12. I saved the best for last. Thor's damage is ungodly, well I guess, technically, it is godly. An unmodified 5 damage for 6 out of his 10 clicks, 4 upfront and 2 at the end. The other four clicks? Three clicks of 4 and one of 3. Oh and lets not forget Thor is a member of the Ultimates team. All of this goodness comes to you at the low price of 186 points. That's one less then Thor's Clobbering Time Vet.

What really makes Thor a great figure is how he can be used. That pesky Black Panther in Stealth, no problem. Use Ultimates TA and nail him. Heck, with multiple targets you could ping BP for 1 and still have 4 leftover for someone else. His damage value can be Perplexed, Enhanced, and Shielded up to an 8 and still hit multiple targets. He is a better at range fighter than hand-to-hand only because he doesn't have Super Strength. But his base damage is still 5, whether you are 10 spaces away or adjacent.

Thor's consistent and high stats make him very pushable. 10 damage in two turns is a feat you usually need an entire team to accomplish. Army of One.

With damage reducing powers all the way down his dial, Thor will be in the fight for a long time. His defense at the end of his dial is in the 14-12 range, which is very hittable by any medic. A good rule of thumb is if you see toughness on Thor's dial, time to see the medic.

When you're at the Ultimates Marquee and your opponent pulls Thor, remember to be gracious in defeat and congratulate him on a good game.

Monger Thor Unique
Marvel Ultimates #096

             Finally…after all these longs years, Wizkids has begun to even out stealth’s dominance over Marvel.  The new Ultimates team ability is identical to the DC version of Superman Ally, thus providing the figure with an “anti-stealth” power.  Now this was given to only a hand full of figures, but from what I can see – these few figures are going to have a HUGE impact on the game of HeroClix (Marvel and Open games).

            Today we get the pleasure of reviewing THE BEST figure in the set, which just happens to be on the Ultimates Team - Unique Thor.  This guy is sure to stir up lots of talk in forums throughout the HeroClix world.  Unique Thor offers all the things that make a sure fire game winner, high movement, huge attack, powerful defense and absolutely amazing damage stats.  There is nothing insulting a person can say about this figure, he has definitely had enough of the small talk and is now all action!  Ole’ Theodore Roosevelt would be proud!

            Speed / Range:  10 speed and 10 range with multiple targets and running shot…wow!  Not only this, but Thor never drops below an 8 on his speed value and picks up charge on his last two clicks.  If Thor is able to stay away from taking damage (which is a good possibility), he will win the game on his own!

            Attack:  Starts off with a Firelord like 12 attack value, but doesn’t drop below an 8 and actually increases to an 11 before he gets KO’ed.  With Wizkids producing so many figures with 15 and 16 defense, Thor walks around the board only needing numbers higher then 2 or 3 in order to hit.  The fact that his attack values never go below 8 and actually rise back up is astounding.  Thor finishes the game almost as powerful as he began.  How many figures can you say do that?

            Defense:  A little low value wise, I would of loved to of seen an 18 on this guy, or even a 17, but a solid 16 combined with Impervious assures that – as long as you can roll a 5 or 6, low numbers do not matter!  One click of Impervious, 5 clicks of Invulnerability and 4 clicks of toughness give all your opponents a huge headache.  50% of the HeroClix created today will be lucky if they are even capable of dealing damage to Thor as he ignores 2 clicks of damage for 6 straight clicks.  At the end of Thors’ dial, you see something that I cannot recall ever seeing before on a HeroClix figure.  The attack value is 1 number higher then the defense value.  This shows that at the end of Thor life, he does not care about his own well being, all he is after is vengeance and blood!

            Damage:  5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 4 - 4 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 5.  Word of advice, do not tell this guy to cut his hair…  Not only can see he see through hindering terrain, but he’s capable of making anyone attempting to hide in it who opposes him suffer severe consequences.  Its not often that we get such a large damage value combined with running shot.  A little bit of perplex and Thor only needs one hit to KO opposing figures.

            Overall:  The BEST figure in the Ultimates set, hands down.  He might not see a lot of play in low point constructed games but when you get 400+, I wouldn’t want to play without him.  I am going to pick one of these up as quick as I can, he is going to be very expensive and highly sought after!  If you pull this character in a draft, don’t hesitate to use him, he is well worth his 186 points and you will not be disappointed!  If you are, just let me know and I’ll take him off your hands.


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