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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Warbird - Critical Mass

Reviewed 06.13.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  129
Collector's Number  085
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Warbird
Set: Critical Mass
Number: 85
Raritie: 6 - Unique
Costs: 125
Health: 10
Powers: Running Shot, Charge, Super Strength,
Invulnerability, Toughness, RCE
Team: Avengers

Warbird is the latest incarntion of Carol Danvers, the
former Ms. Marvel, whose greatest claim to fame is
that she provided Rogue with all her fantastic powers.
She's been featured in the most recent revamp of
Avengers, but I haven't read that since the first 12
issues, so I have no idea if she's still around.

Warbird does see some tournament play, but 129 points
is awfully expensive for what you get...which is a
flying RCE with one click of running shot.
Whoop-de-doo. Oh wait, she's an Avenger. Double
whoop-de-doo. Well, she does have super-strength, and
that's always nice to swoop in and drop a dumpster on
your opponent's clix...but that 10 attack isn't really
high enough to make most tournie teams. Basically,
she's an expensive heavy-hitter. If you've got the
points to waste, by all means do so.

Warbird was never one of the more desirable Clix in
Critical Mass, everyone focused their searches on the
big guys, Silver Surfer, Hulk with Guns, etc. In the
last 90 days 25 singles have sold on Ebay, with a high
of $16.99, a low of $5.72 and an average price of
$11.49. 12 Singles sold below the average, and 13
sold above the average. While that's nothing to
sneeze at, it's not KC Superman or Nightcrawler money.

My ratings –
Playability 3
Collectability 3
Shooter Warbird

129 points
Range 8; 1 Target
9 clix of life


Running Shot (1 click); Charge (1 click); Super Strength (7 clix); Invulnerability (2 clix); Toughness (7 clix); Ranged Combat Expert (4 clix)

Another passé sculpt from Critical Mass. It’s pretty well done looking, but I’m not quite sure what she’s supposed to be doing. Like her body is in the position like she’s descending to the ground from flight, but then her head is turned to the side like she’s looking at something over yonder. Not my choice personally. Although I do like her knee high black boots…..

Anyway, on with the review. I come back from a much needed break from reviewing (I’m not particularly fond of the Universe set and it’s new starter figures anyhow) and I get to review a Unique. Yeah!...oh wait, it’s from Critical Mass…nevermind. After looking at this figure, I’m gonna keep this review relatively short (compared to my usual reviews) since there isn’t much to say that anyway can’t see by looking at her dial. She’s frontloaded, but not even in the traditional sense. Usually a front-loaded character has one or two extremely good clix in the beginning, and then drops off pretty fast to where they’re more or less useless if they take damage. Their usefulness usually comes from the fact that they’re cheap. This character’s first few clix want to be good, they really really do, but aren’t. Sure, 2 damage with RCE and a 10 attack is very nice, but just not good enough on a 129 point fig if that’s all she’s sporting. Her defense drops fast, her attack drops fast. She has in my humble opinion a wasted click of charge. I mean, when she has a range of 8 with 2 damage plus RCE, why bother getting up close. Sure, you can snatch away a sleather’s object and hit him with it, but that’s it. And you’d likely already be in their range so you’ll be attack and knocked off your 1 click of charge. Oh and kiss goodbye to RCE.

The bottom line…she doesn’t merit her cost…at all. If you are desperate to use her, I suggest using one of my favorite maneuvers, the soaring dive. Have her move into position while soaring (her Avengers TA comes in handy here), and then drop out of soaring to use Running Shot or Charge to make and initial hit and then follow it up with secondary attackers or use her again as soon as you feel you can (that means, if you think you can push her or not). Or you could sit her back a little ways and have her Running Shot between hindering terrain (for the defense bonus if she’s attacked), or even just take RCE pot shots. But I personally would like a little more oomph out of a 129 point character.

100 points: NA
200 points: 1.5 out of 5
300 points: 1.5 out of 5
400+ points: 1.5 out of 5

Next time…hmmm, if you’re lucky little internet viewers, we might just take a peek at the new set…
Monger Warbird

Marvel Critical Mass #085

            Warbird was one of the best uniques to come out of the Critical Mass set, which does say a lot for this figure as the Critical Mass set had several strong figures!  Sculpt wise, she doesn’t look like a powerhouse offensive piece, but once you field her or play against her, you’ll see otherwise.  I’ve had the amazing luck of pulling this figure in several drafts throughout the year and I rode this figure all the way to several finals and championship wins!  She’s a super piece at a great price (only 129 points).

            Speed / Range:  Running shot with 8 range can be a deadly combination when played correctly.  It is especially nice when you have a solid defense to back up your offensive powers and abilities.  When Warbird looses her running shot, she falls right into charge, which can be a real annoyance for opposing players, especially when Warbird is carrying around an object!  She only has two clicks that offer any powers, but they are strong and fit in nicely with the rest of her dial!

            Attack:  A healthy attack throughout three quarters of her dial.  Starts off with a 10 attack and drops to a 7 (after 5 clicks) finally resting at a 6 before the final KO.  Super strength allows Warbird to pick up any object as she flies about the board, presenting her as a threat from near and far.  I really like Warbirds offensive capabilities; she can deal a massive amount of damage to any figure on the opposing team.

            Defense:  Invulnerability is nowhere near as strong as Impervious, but it is still a damage reducing power that blocks out most of the attacks from low point cost figures.  She’s untouchable for Nightcrawler, which is a definite plus, because he will see A LOT of play now that Firelord is gone!  After her two clicks of invulnerability, she’s presented with 7 straight clicks of toughness.  This girl is not going down without a serious fight!  Now, her defensive numbers overall are a bit low, but this can be a blessing at times when you are in dire need of a support.  Low defensive numbers make it just that much easier to heal!

            Damage:  One, two, three, four – count them – four clicks of ranged combat expert with base 2 damage.  OUCH…  This is going to put a stink in every figure you play against.  You also have to love a figure whose damage value never drops below a two, even on her last 2-3 clicks of life.

            Overall:  This figure is a serious fighter.  She doesn’t have the name “Warbird” for nothing.  She comes bashing into the party and wrecks some serious havoc.  She is one of the best uniques marvel has to offer in this format and will remain so even when Ultimates arrives.  That alone says a lot – I love this piece!  And to add icing on the cake – she’s an avenger!!!

Gemini77 Carol Danvers latest incarnation, Warbird. Carol has had to deal with losing her power to Rogue and alcoholism and every time she manages to battle back. Warbird is exactly that, a fighter.

She is a very mobile combatant. A flyer with a movement of 10 and Running Shot on her first click. RS and her 8 range give her a 13 effectively. Her second click reveals Charge and she maintains her 10 movement. Warbird’s base damage is 2 all the way down the dial. This is supplemented by RCE (4 clicks) and Super Strength (7 clicks). Her defense starts at a 16 with Invulnerability for 2 clicks and then changes to Toughness as it slowly drops to a 12. Lastly, She has 9 clicks of life and the Avenger Team ability.

Warbird’s cost of 129 pts would put her in the category of a Primary Attacker on most teams. Unfortunately, she falls a little short. If her base damage were 3 for a couple of clicks, she would be one of the elite figures. Some CCE wouldn’t hurt either. The move action granted from the Avenger team ability isn’t going to see a lot of use with Running Shot and Charge, as they are Power Actions. She could see some use on 500+ team, certainly on an Avengers themed team, but nothing smaller.


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