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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Hobgoblin - set

Reviewed 06.09.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  39
Collector's Number  004
Rarity  1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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I had always thought the original experienced version of this character was
the perfect fodder for Mastermind. A taxi who could take some damage and, if
you're lucky enough, would wind up the better for it by landing on its last
click with Ranged Combat Expert. All the better if paired with Taskmaster
providing a better attack value than any Hobgoblin version has anyhow, via
Hobgoblin's Sinister Syndicate membership and Taskmaster as a wild card.

Now we have the Universe version of the Spider-Man villain, which improves
his status as Mastermind fodder. He's 14 points cheaper than the Infinity
Challenge version, opening him up to those handful of Mastermind characters
who cost between 40 and 52 points. And getting him on RCE isn't as dicey
since he has the ability on his last two clicks, not just one. Since those
are his fourth and fifth clicks, he gets RCE sooner than any of his IC

The only trade off is the figure is just five clicks long, rather than the
seven clicks of the other blue-circled Hobgoblin. But I've seen enough
complaints from folks who thought the figure wasn't worth the 53 points. At
39 for the Universe piece, the Hobgoblin should get another look, and could
even be incentive for longtime players to buy the set.

Monger Hobgoblin

Marvel Universe #004

            All of these figures I’ve reviewed thus far from the Universe starters were compared to their old counterpart from Infinity Challenge or Xplosion (experienced version).  A few of these figures have seen valuable changes, which were needed, but today, we get to discuss a figure that should have been untouched!  I understand that the Universe version is cheaper and was given new abilities, but they ruined a popular piece.

            Speed / Range:  6 range and 8 speed for a 39 point flier isn’t all that bad!  It could have been a little better for this price, but I’m not going to complain that much.  I really liked this figure before Indy clix was released.  Since then, cheap non-offensive taxis are just overlooked these days!  Which is a real shame for figures such as this one.

            Attack:  An upgraded attack value was a nice bonus, going from an 8 to a solid 9.  An 8 attack can look pretty low, but a 9 attack gives you that slight bonus that makes 16’s look a little easier to hit.  Three straight clicks of incapacitate can be useful in a tight spot, especially when your looking down the barrel of impervious or invulnerability.  His attack values do drop a little fast for my liking, but we cant stay at a 9 forever.

            Defense:  OUCH…  That’s about all I can say on this.  Since when did Wizkids decide a 14 (with no special abilities) was enough to stay alive in the current format?  Even if Hobgoblin did see play against any of the elite Ultimates figures, he would be blown out of the air with relative ease.  This figures defense is horrible!

            Damage:  Base 2 damage with a 9 attack, not shabby at all, especially for 39 points.  Give this figure 3 straight clicks of base 2 damage and his defense doesn’t look that bad after all.  Oh, wait…Yes it does, I’m sorry!  If there is one thing Hobgoblin has going for him, it’s the 2 clicks of ranged combat expert he surprises us with at the end of his short fragile dial.  He goes out with a solid bang, its just a shame he’s only sporting a tiny 7 and 6 attack when we get here.

            Overall:  I cannot get myself to look past this figures horrible defense.  For this reason alone, I cannot consider this piece playable in any format other then “old school”.  Give this figure a useful cheap ability such as toughness or super senses and I might be rethinking my review!


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