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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Sabretooth - Universe

Reviewed 06.02.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  40
Collector's Number 005
Rarity 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Click of the Day Reviews 

Michael Peltzer Sabretooth

This version of Sabretooth has the same mix of powers and team ability as its IC predecessor, Stealth, BCF, Toughness, Regen and Battlefury. Stealth is a powerful ability, but with only one click of it and no range attack, Sabretooth canít use it to its full potential. He can hidey-sneak his way to the frontlines, but once there he has to wait for an opponent to come to him or moved out of cover to attack.

If you manage to get next to an opponent, BCF with a 10 AV is a very potent attack. Unfortunately, his 14 Defense makes him very hittable. Toughness is OK, but stopping 1 point of damage per hit is nothing when you can be hit at will. Regen on the last 2 clicks can help Sabretooth to stick around for a while. A good roll will get him back to full health. Battle fury is there for color. I canít think of good reason why you would want to mind control him when he has it, he doesnít have a range to begin with, and he can move for free because of Brotherhood.

While extra move action TAs are good to help position your forces, it could be a detriment to Sabretooth. He is not very pushable, losing Stealth after the first click and his stats drop every click. Overall I give him a 2 across the board.

100+ : 2
Monger Sabretooth
Marvel Universe #005

The difference between the new Universe Sabretooth and the old school Infinity Challenge Sabretooth doesnít look like much point wise (40 Univ, 51 IC) but the difference in stats is HUGE! I didnít expect any eye-popping stats for 40 points, but neither did I expect Wizkids to rob Sabretooth of so many valuable stats either. Iíll give a quick run through of his dial and name off some of the differences in which I feel harm or help this once powerful character.

Speed: Still starts the game with stealth, which is always good, but that 7 instead of 8 can lead to a few shortcomings when youíre bouncing between hindering terrains. Now, the later part of this guys dial is really disappointing. He looses his stealth altogether and holds no speed powers at all, combined with extremely low base numbers. For 40 points, I would have given up a few clicks of toughness in order to receive a few more clicks of stealth!

Attack: Pretty much the same as the old Infinity counterpart. Starts the game with a strong 10 attack value and drops slowly, something I like to see. He remains a serious threat on the board for 4 straight clicks courtesy of Blades/Claws/Fangs, which is something not many 40 pt. figures can say they offer! The ability to deal 6 clicks of damage can never be underestimated.

Defense: Starts off a little lower (14 compared to a 15) but with stealth, it doesnít make him as vulnerable. Only two clicks of regeneration on this version, but its not a huge deal, as his regeneration stats are placed where, with a good roll, you are back in your prime numbers. I wish he offered two clicks of stealth though; this would make his stealth reachable if you roll a 6 on either click of regeneration.

Damage: Straight up 2 damage, nothing fancy. Battle Fury is found after three clicks, but Iíve found that ability to be rather unused and somewhat pointless (other then to make the game a little more realistic). When Sabretooth gets to his last three clicks of life, heís pretty much on his own, as you wont be fighting, youíll be making regeneration rolls more then likely (unless you can be TKíed to safety).

Overall: One click of stealth still has me baffled. Giving Sabretooth one click of stealth is like giving Spider-Man one click of Leap/Climb or giving Hulk one click of super strength. It just doesnít mix well with the character and I would gladly give up different abilities in order to receive extra clicks of stealth. I was somewhat disappointed with this change Wizkids made. Other then this, I found Sabretooth to be well worth his 40 points and an extremely playable figure in casual games. Combine this figure with some telekinesis and youíll have a long distance damage dealing machine!


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