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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Iron Man - Ultimates

Reviewed 07.30.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  144
Collector's Number  089
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Iron Man

Set: Ultimates

Numbers: 89

Rarities: 6 - Unique

Cost: 144

Health: 9

SSADD: 12/10/16/4

Powers: Running Shot, Charge, Energy Explosion, Pulse Wave, Super-Strength, Impervious, Invulnerability, Toughness,

Vet adds Flurry

Ranged Attacks: None

Team: None, Brotherhood, Brotherhood


Tony Stark, millionaire industrialist, blah blah blah, Ultimates, blah blah blah, I don’t know anything about their origins because I don’t read them.  There.  He’s got a nifty new armor design though, makes him look like a Robot.  From what I understand he’s dying too.  Though I might be wrong.


Wow, look at all the pretty colors on that dial!  And look at those stats!  Why he’s faster than Ghost Rider, 10 Attack, that doesn’t stink.  16 Def, very nice.  4 Base Damage, NICE.  Running Shot and Charge, check.  Pulse Wave.  Check.  Super-Strength, nice but not going to be used much, since it’s at the end.  And the tandem of Imp, Inv. And Toughness will mean Tony’s going to be around for the long haul.  And a decently long dial.  Holy crud, though he’s HOW many points?  For that price I could almost afford a Superman, and why wouldn’t I?  Oh right, he’s an Ultimate.  Well, that counts for something.  I’m sure SOMEONE will make him a primary Attacker, though I don’t know who that might be.


Ultimate Iron Man Ebay 90 Day Completed Auction Review – 7-09-04

# of Single Auctions: 21

High Amount: $34.06

Low Amount:  $20.50

Average Amount $27.81

# Above Avg.: 9

# Below Avg.. 12

# Auctions With No Bids: 4

Range of starting prices with no bids: $24.99 to $39.99


Pricing Commentary

I did the above survey on the 9th of this month, I wanted to see if anything had changed several weeks later:


Ultimate Iron Man Ebay 90 Day Completed Auction Review – 7-27-04

# of Single Auctions: 84

High Amount: $34.00

Low Amount:  $15.51

Average Amount $24.60

# Above Avg.: 41

# Below Avg.. 43

# Auctions With No Bids: 15

Range of starting prices with no bids: $9.99 to $45.00


Well, his average price dropped a couple bucks, but there’s now four times as many auctions out there…which means, the price is dropping.  Not like a rock, but dropping nonetheless.  If you’re an IM fan, you might want to wait a few weeks and pick him up for under $20.  If not…


My Ratings:


Playability 3

Collectability 3


Next time:  Next week I turned the choices over to one of our fine reviewers, and he hasn’t told me what they are yet…so your guess is really as good as mine!


Monger Iron Man Unique
Marvel Ultimates #089

I was a huge fan of the Iron Man figure from the Xplosion set. He offered a wide arrange of abilities with great stats. The only setback of that version was his high point total. I always felt like there were better pieces out there who offered just as much, but for a clearly cheaper price. Now that Wizkids has given us the Ultimates set, we’re given a few more options in characters and powers. Thankfully for Iron Man fans out there, we were given a new and improved version – and this one is extremely playable!

Speed / Range: Good ole’ running shot and great range! Not only does this version have running shot, but he has it on top of a plump 12 value. Combine this ability and his 8 range with his new team ability (Ultimates) and you have a great offensive piece! Iron Man can get anywhere he wants and shoots anyone he wants. It’s a great combination!! After the two clicks of running shot, Iron Man is given charge. This enables him to stay in soaring, then come swooping down from the sky to beat up short ranged or range less figures! If you plan on using this Iron Man, use his soaring ability as much as possible. This will keep him out of a lot of trouble and opens up the field! Remember – if he is soaring, all figures that target him for attacks must cut their range in half! This is why his running shot and charge are so valuable on this piece! When going after a figure with 8 range, you simply stay in soaring 5 spaces away. When it comes times to attack, use the running shot or charge, come out of soaring and do your thing. I love this figures speed, range and team ability combination!

Attack: Iron Man holds onto a decent attack value all the way through his dial – 10 to 7. Now, the 7 is not impressive, but it’s on his last click, so we shouldn’t expect to see it! His first four clicks are 10, 9, 9… and 9. This should be enough to hit anyone he faces, but if you are worried about it, just get a perplexer on the team with him! As far as abilities go, he starts off with the old school energy explosion. I don’t see this ability being used very much simply because his base damage is too high to waste. If you are going to take a shot, make it count! I wouldn’t use the energy explosion at all unless I was able to knock out a couple perplexers or medics with the shot. It does open up a few other options though. You can team Iron Man up with a character offering enhancement and have the energy explosion deal 2 clicks instead of 1 when they are adjacent. After the energy explosion, Iron man gains pulse wave. When he gets surrounded by opposing figures, this ability is helpful, but it’s not very high on game playability.

Defense: Every single click of Iron Mans dial offers a damage reducing ability. His first two clicks have impervious; next three have invulnerability and the last three have toughness. You still want to keep Iron Man away from any figures with outwit since his actual base defensive numbers are kinda low. If you are being hassled by an outwitter, just remember your soaring technique and blast high off the board! Most outwitters rely on stealth to keep them going, but with Iron Mans team ability, stealth is no factor! Just keep a medic handy, incase he does take a few blows – since he does drop on defense somewhat quickly.

Damage: Great base damage values. There are no fancy abilities, but this Iron Man doesn’t need them. He is all about offense and should be played with only that in mind.

Overall: This figure is just as good as the 189 pt version from Xplosion. I love this figure and I have used him several times already in 400 pt games. I really don’t need to tell anyone how great this guy is – as you’ll be able to see this on your own when you look at his dial. I cannot stress how important the soaring technique that I mentioned in the “speed / range” area is. If you use this technique correctly, you can unlock the offensive capabilities of this piece! If you have any questions about this review, feel free to hop on the boards and ask for me – Monger!

Godwin Our next review is a model citizen for all of us to look up to as an idle and an example for us all to follow. He is a drunk, womanizing billionare who is the ultimate playboy. No not Bruce Wayne the other billionare. That’s right Tony Stark and today we review the new version of him as Iron Man in the 21st century version of the Avengers we call the Ultimates. I guess we don’t all want to be just like him since if I remember correctly from reading the Ultimate comics he has a brain tumor or something like that and you can’t take all the money with you when you die. Well in the comics anything is possible.

Anyway the new Iron Man is a unique from the Ultimate set and comes in at 144 points. Enough to think about squeezing him on a 300 point team if you had to. He starts off with a very nice combo of a Speed of 10 and 2 clicks of Running Shot. This will allow for him to get around the board fairly easy without having to slow down to fire. After he takes damage don’t worry. He keeps his Speed of 10 for 4 clicks and replaces 2 clicks of Running Shot with 2 clicks of Charge. So after he gets tired of flying around you can move him into close combat and get the first attack to boot. After that his Speed slowly drops, but late in the game your movement doesn’t seem to be quite as vital as it does at the beginning.

His ability to attack is where he becomes interesting. Starting with Running Shot at 10 Speed and a range of 8 gives him an effective range of up to 13 squares. I’ll take that any day. Combine his 2 ranged attacks with 4 clicks of Energy Explosion and suddenly he has the ability to hit a lot of different figures if they are clumped together in groups. Energy Explosion is a nice ability, but it’s become so common place that a lot of players avoid the large groups and so its demise was brought on by its own success. I’m not even sure if I just made sense or not. It would be tough to use Energy Explosion anyway since his stating Damage is 4 and that is just a lovely number. Attack 2 different targets and you can divide up that 4 Damage anyway you like. This could be useful because like all versions of Iron Man his attack is below average. After saying that the Ultimate Iron Man is not as bad as his predessor click. His starting Attack of 10 is digestable and even though his attack drops to 9 on his 2nd click he keeps that 9 for 3 clicks followed by 8 for 3 more. So he will miss some attacks, but at least throughout his dial he has a chance to make some as well. Later on his dial he also has Energy Explosion replaced with Pulse Wave. I like Pulse Wave because it can cut through even Invulnerabilty and Impervious even if it does only 1 clicks of damage, but it will be hard to use it with Iron Man. Most likely your opponent will move into base-to-base contact to slow up Iron Man and knock him around. Pulse Wave only works as a ranged combat attack. I would love that power if you could use it like Quake. That would be sweet. What also really comes in handy is the Ultimate team ability. Now he can target those pesky Stealth figures and really screw up your opponents schemes. This ability will really change the make up of Marvel tournaments as people use this as a defense against figures like Black Panther.

His starting Defense is solid with a just below average 16. Two clicks of Impervious help give him a chance to deflect blows against him. Another thing to note is that I like the Impervious followed by Invulnerabiliy. This means that if an opponent Outwits Impervious and he takes a couple of clicks of damage he will still have Invulnerability to protect him. With just one of the other his power is turned off until you get knocked down to Toughness and then the smaller figures can start chipping away at you. It acts as a buffer against Outwit which can be quite handy. His Defense does a yoo-yoo act and goes back up to 16 on his first click of Invulnerabilty and then goes up to a 15 on his first click of Toughness. This helps keep his Defense from dropping so low that he becomes an easy target.

Overall Iron Man is very solid figure and I would be very happy to pull one out of a booster. In a sealed booster tournament he could really wreck havoc and would only really be bested by pulling a Unique Thor.

Overall Score: (Out of 10. Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)

Unique Iron Man – 7.79


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