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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Xorn - Ultimates

Reviewed 07.23.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  94
Collector's Number  085
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Continuing with the X-Men theme we have another unique with the X-Men team ability.  Before this expansion I have never heard of Xorn.  He was supposedly a mutant with healing powers and the ability to control gravity. He was found in a prison in China by the X-Men and was allowed to join the team and even healed Professor Xavier so he could walk.  Later on he revealed himself to actually be Magneto and wrecked havoc on the X-Men before being sliced and diced by Wolverine.   There is a limited edition that you can get through the Wizkids website that is Xorn after he reveals himself to be Magneto.


So lets take a look at this figure. First off I like that his dial is different than any other figure in the game.  I really enjoy it when they make a Unique that’s, well Unique.  What makes Xorn different is his combination of powers that I will discuss a bit later.


His starting Speed of 9 will help him move around pretty easily.  Telekinesis is his major power that he can use to move your own figures around the board. I love Telekinesis because it is not affected by the same rule change that hampered flight. You can use Telekinesis to move someone forward and still have them attack in effect giving yourself a Charge of 20!   What is not to like about that?  Use Xorn early on to throw your primary combatants into battle and give your team the edge.


Xorn’s attack starts at 10, but only stays there for 1 click.  His lack of any range is a hindrance on his ability to attack, but with Telekinesis you can also throw objects up to 10 spaces. With an attack of 10 this means you have a chance to wound even someone with Invulnerability or Impervious with a Heavy Object.  Where Xorn jumps from an average figure to truly unique is with his Damage stats and his Damage power.   With a starting Damage of 4 he is right up there with some of the big sluggers in the game.   Combined with his starting 10 Attack he can deal some damage, but his greatest asset is his ability to heal.  He starts with 3 clicks of Support!   Most figures that have Support somewhere on their dial usually have it in conjunction with an Attack of 7,or maybe 8, or maybe even 6, however Xorn has it with a 10 Attack!  This guy can be a healing machine unlike the game has ever seen.  


His Defense starts with a 16, which isn’t bad.   He does have 6 clicks of Energy Shield Deflection so as long as you keep him at arms length from your opponent then he will be harder to hit, but he has no Defensive powers to soften the blow once he is hit.  He does have 8 clicks of life, but truthfully he becomes almost useless after the first 3 clicks.   He also has the X-Men team ability so this could be useful if he takes some damage to transfer it to another team member and keep him healed up so he can keep his Support power.


Overall I would love to pull this guy simply because his dial is so unique, but I don’t think he would be exceptional to use in smaller point games.  For one he is 94 flippin points.  That may not be a lot for a primary combat type figure, but that is a whole lot if you plan on just using him as a medic only. The problem with him is that he beckons to go run and fight with his decent Attack and nice Damage.  But with no range, without an object nearby, and a weak Defense against close combat attacks he can be knocked around pretty easily and you lose the Support capability.   So in larger games you can afford to hold him back and then sweep in when you are ready to finish off your opponent.  Still he would be a nice piece to play in friendly games and he would bring a different aspect to the game.  Plus I ordered the Magneto version of him so it would be cool to have both in my collection.


Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)


Unique Xorn – 7.11



Unique Xorn

Marvel Ultimates #085


            From what I have read about Xorn via the Internet, I’ve come to discover that he is actually Magneto is disguise.  When I heard who this figure really was, I actually expected some decent stats.   It was not much longer, Wizkids produced their sneak peek of this figure and I was shocked.  This isn’t Magneto, this is an over priced Jean Grey.  Needless to say, once I saw this figures stats, I want nothing to do with him.  I consider this figure so unplayable, I traded my piece straight across for an experienced Punisher.


            Speed / Range:  The actual speed of this figure is kinda high.  I guess he’s a good runner…  With a range of 0 though, his high base speed doesn’t draw any attention.  This figures range is pitiful – especially since he is Magneto under that mask!


            Attack:  All eight of Xorns’ clicks have TK.   Whoop Dee Do!!!  As far as I am concerned, this figure is extremely overpriced for his limited attack skills.  His attack value starts off at a decent number – a 10, but they drop so fast he becomes nothing more then fodder in late game situations.


            Defense:  Xorn has six straight clicks of energy deflection, which he’ll need if he ever plans on getting his hands dirty and brawling.  I expected a few damage reducing abilities on the dial for 94 points, but I was sadly mistaken.   In order for the figure to deal any damage, he has to base a person, but his defense is the weakest when he is base-to-base with an opposing figure…what gives?


            Attack:  Base four damage with support.  If I wanted base 4 damage, I’d go with veteran Cyclops, if I wanted support, I’d go with a paramedic – I’d save 13 points and actually have a duo that can attack from range and support on the same turn.  The high damage and the support does not mix at all.  This is a horrible combo, and it definitely does not work with his 0 range.


            Overall:  For 50 points, you can use a veteran Jean Grey.  She is exactly the same, except she lacks the high damage.  With a range of 0, what does a high damage value do?  If you could TK yourself, then it would be useful, but you cannot.  This figure is HORRIBLE and I hope none of you readers out there play this figure.  If you want TK, Support – use a rookie Jean Grey and a veteran Paramedic.  Save yourself 51 points in the process…   This figure is definitely not tournament worth, as Nightcrawler beats this guy to pulp without much effort.  Simply put – he is a waste of plastic and 94 points.



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