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Black Widow - Ultimates

Reviewed 07.15.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  59
Collector's Number  027
Rarity  3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Black Widow

Marvel Ultimates #025, 026 & 027

Black Widow is actually in a couple elite groups when it comes to the Ultimates set.  One of those is the – previously created group.  There are several figures in this set that were printed in other sets, but the Ultimates figures seem to stronger all around.  This is obvious with Black Widow, as she has gained several new abilities since we last saw her.  The second elite group is the “Ultimate” team.  A very short list of well-rounded figures who are destined to be some of the best HeroClix ever created.  In this review, you’ll see that the rookie version is cheap and resourceful, much like the experienced, but the veteran version blows them all out of the water!


Speed / Range:  Six movement with six range on her attacks to start the game.  There is nothing wrong with these stats, especially when you consider her first two clicks provide her with stealth.  She doesn’t have the long enough range to be considered a sniper or ranged attacking threat, but she will draw some attention when she runs across the board.  After her two clicks of stealth, we find running shot on the 3rd and 4th click.  This will add a little extra range to her arsenal, which can be nice in late game situations or indoor play.

Attack:  Her actual attack value is a little low for my liking.  I prefer to use figures with at least a 9 attack when I pick offensive pieces for my teams.  The first click of incapacitate works nicely with her damage, giving her a chance to hold down larger figures.  Her 2nd thru 5th click give us no abilities, but her attack value is so low at this point, it really wouldn’t matter.

Defense:  I love figures with stealth and willpower on the same click.  These figures are easy to use and extremely powerful.  Unfortunately, Black Widow only provides use with one click of this ridiculous combo.  The 2nd thru 4th click have the combat reflexes ability, but I have yet to use this ability with much success.  I feel is was extremely overrated and Wizkids could of done much better.  The overall defense of this figure is low.  She only sports a 15 defense to begin the game and it drops like a rock from there – ending at a miserable 12.

Damage:  Nothing fancy at all about this area.  A base two damage for three clicks, then it drops to 1 on her last two clicks.  None of these clots offer any abilities, but I didn’t expect them to.

Overall:  The first click is nice, and almost worth her point value alone.  She will be an excellent piece in draft and sealed tournaments, but I don’t see this figure getting any form of constructed play.  Her inner dial is weak and fragile, which will lead to short games.


Speed / Range:  Seven movement with six range this time.  Although this piece offers three straight clicks of stealth, which is MUCH better then the rookie version!  She picks up her two clicks of running shot once again as well, which can lead to come from behind wins in close indoor games.  Running around corners to get surprise shot can free up a lot of area on maps!

Attack:  The attack value is still to low for my liking.  I expected it to rise from an 8 to a 9 when we got to the experienced version, but it did not.  We did get one extra click of incapacitate, but it will not be used as often as you might think.  The 3rd thru 6th click provide no abilities, but once again, it wouldn’t matter, as her attack values are so low, she doesn’t have much of a chance to make a successful attack.

Defense:  Ahhh, two clicks of willpower this time!  This is a nice addition to the piece, but her low attack ruins everything.  Much like the rookie version, we see three clicks of combat reflexes, but you won’t be using the ability very much, which I feel they could have spent the points on something different.  If Black Widow is left out in the open, she will be easy prey, as her actual defensive numbers are low again.

Damage:  Nothing fancy again, just solid base 2 damage with no abilities.

Overall:  A nice piece when it comes to speed and defense abilities, but the attack values and the base defensive numbers are LOW!  Way to low for my liking, and this will hold the figure back from seeing any form of serious constructed play.  In draft and sealed tournaments, she can be a threat, unless an Ultimates team member gets to her!


Speed / Range:  Three straight clicks of stealth combined with her 6 range can be nice in open maps, when you have a few bushes to hide behind.  Take advantage of the stealth whenever you can, it will make this figure 20x better.  Without something to hide in or behind, she is a HUGE target.  When the stealth fades away, we are left with running shot.  Unlike the other two versions, the veteran carries this ability all the way to the end of her dial.  So, even on her last click, she can move with ease and torment lonely pieces.

Attack:  Well, I’ve been complaining about the low attack, and Wizkids helped the version out just a tad, but not enough to be impressive by any means.  Double digit attack values would have been nice, but a base 9 attack will get the job done with requiring a super high roll.  After the one click of 9, we drop back down to an 8 attack and slip slowly from there – all the way to a 6 before the KO.  The first three clicks offer incapacitate, but I’m not a huge fan of this ability, although it does help to lock down large opposing figures.

Defense:  We actually get a slight rise in the defense values to start the game.  We now see a starting click of 16 defense, which gives Black Widow a better chance of surviving those annoying TK’ed blades/claws/fangs figures we find ourselves playing against here and there.  Her first two clicks hold willpower, much like the experienced version, but as I said, the actual numbers are a bit higher, which is nice.  We still have the three clicks of combat reflexes, which is disappointing, but Wizkids knows what they are doing, I guess…   Once you get out of your stealth clicks, be careful, as her defensive numbers drop fast and she can be hit by just about any figure on the map.

Damage:  A slight rise in this area as well.  Black Widow has risen from a base 2 damage to a starting click of base 3 damage.  She is now capable of dealing damage to any figure on the board, but her low attack value will make this task a small challenge.

Overall:  The key to this figure is the team ability.  Teams will be running the veteran version is stealth / anti-stealth teams instead of the rookie steel.  The reason for this is – the Widow is only 59 points and the rookie Steel is 66.  You save 7 points and Black Widow is actually a playable figure in her own right – more so then Steel in my opinion.  The combo is stealth, decent range and willpower is incredible.

Godwin The next review is one of the figures from the Ultimates. I have actually read the first 13 issues or so (first 2 volumes that they have put out) and I have enjoyed the series so far. I didn’t read the Avengers much growing up so I guess I am not as bothered when these figures are “Ultimatized.” I did know that Nick Fury was not originally a Samual Jackson look alike, but I am not reviewing the new Nick Fury. Oh wait! That’s because they didn’t do a REV of Nick Fury.

Where was I? Yes the review today is of Natasha Romanova aka Black Widow. She started off as a member of a covert S.H.I.E.L.D. operative before she became a full-blown member of the Ultimates along with Hawkeye.

Starting at 34 points the Rookie Black Widow is the only figure not affiliated with a team. Her starting Speed of 6 is pretty slow, but its offset by the fact that she starts with Stealth. This allows her to move into a nice hiding place and try to fire from safety. After she takes a few clicks of damage Stealth changes to Running Shot. I have found that gaining Running Shot later in the dial seems to be a fairly common technique in the Ultimate expansion. It’s dangerous because it’s a fairly expensive power and if you are stuck in base-to-base contact with an opponent you have to break away to try to use it. But it is useful for moving Black Widow around as you try to pull back to find cover or a medic. The other nice addition to her movement is the starting click of Willpower. This helps make up for her limited Speed and gives her a chance to get the most of her dial. Her attack is ok for a Rookie at 8 and the range of 6 is nice, but somewhat limiting. Incapacitate is a good power for this figure since it allows for her to slow down opponents or make larger figures take pushing damage. Her damage of 2 is average along with her starting Defense of 15. Combat Reflexes help for when she gets into a fight over her head and she needs to pull away. This can be a nice tandem with her Running Shot and make her an interesting figure to play. Overall though the Rookie Black Widow is nothing special and a lot of other figures for the point cost stand out.

The Experienced Black Widow represents her time as a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative and has a cost of 43 points. The only change on her starting click is her Speed goes up to 7. The other changes is that she gains a click of health and she hangs on to Stealth for an extra click before changing to Running Shot and she also keeps Willpower for 2 clicks. She also now has an additional click of Incapacitate. The Experienced Black Widow is not a larger improvement over the Rookie, but I do like her as a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team. I have about 25 S.H.I.E.L.D. figures and would love to have this Black Widow to throw on a theme team.

The Veteran Black Widow becomes a member of the Ultimates and her cost goes up 16 points to 59. Her starting Attack, Defense, and Damage all go up 1. Her Running Shot now extends through the last 3 clicks of her dial and she gains another click of Incapacitate. This version of Black Widow becomes interesting. With Stealth she can still lurk in cover, but with the Ultimate ability she can easily move in and out of hindering terrain. Even better is she can hide while taking aim at opponents with Stealth. With Incapacitate and a Damage of 3 to start she has some good choices for use with a ranged attack and with Willpower she can really be a harassment to your opponent as they try to move across the board. The range of 6 is still limiting so if you have a teammate with Perplex you might even consider Perplexing her range to give her a longer distance to shoot at.

Overall the Ultimate Black Widow is a decent support piece with only the Veteran truly standing out. I believe that she is the cheapest Ultimate team member so she is excellent to use if you want to take advantage of the team ability for wild card figures. In comparison with the Avengers version of Black Widow found in Clobberin Time the Ultimate version seems to be the better of the two. They both seem to have the same setup with Stealth and Incapacitate so they can hide and harass. I do like that the Veteran Clobberin Time Black Widow has 2 ranged attacks, which I always love in tandem with Incapacitate, however her range is only 4. Plus with the Ultimate team ability, Willpower, and a starting Damage of 3 the Veteran Ultimate Black Widow just has more useful capabilities.

Overall Score: (Out of 10. Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)

Rookie Black Widow – 6.17
Experienced Black Widow – 6.21
Veteran Black Widow – 6.95


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