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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Captain Britain - Ultimates

Reviewed 07.13.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  121
Collector's Number  084
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Monger Captain Britain REV
Marvel Ultimates #082, 083, 084

When I heard that Wizkids was releasing Captain Britain, there were also a few whispers going around about a REV set for Nightcrawler as well. The talk in my town was centered on a possible “Excalibur” team being created. Once the preview of the Ultimates set was released, I was somewhat disappointed when I didn’t see an Excalibur team or a Nightcrawler. Either way, this doesn’t knock Captain Britain off the charts, as he is still one of the strongest REV sets in Ultimates.

I’m used to only writing reviews for the veteran versions of each click, but the head honcho’s are getting aggravated with this and want me to expand. So, in order to fit all three figures in the review, I’ll have to cut down the length. I hope you still find the reviews helpful and enjoy….


Speed / Range: No range and no abilities at all on this guy. I expected to see charge at least, but nope… The actual base speed is decent at eight, but with no powers to combine it with, I’m not impressed.

Attack: Being an 80 point figure, I expected to see at least a 10 attack value, but we are only thrown a 9 to start things off. He does have super strength all the way thru his dial, but his low attack values ruin the power. What good is super strength when you aren’t able to make a successful attack?

Defense: Plenty of damage reducing abilities throughout his dial, but the actual number is rather low. This guy becomes nothing more then a innocent victim when playing against a team with an outwitter. The last three clicks offer willpower, but its of no use other then to run around and hide.

Damage: The best thing Captain Britain has going for him, and it’s not that great. Starts off at a base three damage, holds this for four straight clicks, and then drops to a base 2 damage before being KO’ed. No abilities at all in this area either, which is hard to understand, Captain Britain is a power house character in comic books (so I have heard).
Overall: Yuck… I have nothing good to say about his guy at all. There are far superior pieces in this set for the same and even lower price values. Punisher will eat this guy for lunch!


Speed / Range: Still no range and no speed abilities. Everyone I talk to cannot believe he doesn’t have charge, but I guess Wizkids did what they could. He does have an above average base values though, starting at 9 and ending at 6.

Attack: Finally, we see an attack value in the double digits, but only for one click. His entire is packed with super strength again, which can be powerful, but his attack values drop so low that he’s still going to have trouble making any successful attacks after taking damage.

Defense: You have to love the beginning click of impervious, but I said in the rookie review, this guy is vulnerable to outwit. His actual base stats are so low, that after his defensive abilities are outwitted, he falls extremely fast without much trouble and it doesn’t require a figure with a high attack to do a lot of damage.

Damage: Still a power house on damage, but it doesn’t make up for the lacking abilities on speed. Captain starts the game with a solid base 4 damage, which is nice and creates the possibility of dealing 6 clicks of damage when combined with super strength and a heavy object.

Overall: Attack, defense and damage are OK, but the lack of any speed abilities keep Captain Britain from being one of the premier figures in the set. If they supplied this figure with charge, he would have been worth his point cost!


Speed / Range: CHARGE!!! FINALLY!!! It’s a shame that the rookie and experienced versions don’t offer this. I have no idea why they weren’t offered to us by them. If I made the click, I would of given ole’ Britain at least 5 straight clicks of charge on each version. He seriously needs this power to survive. Anyhow, even though this version has charge, he only keeps it for two clicks, and then goes back to a dial of nothing. I’m still disappointed in Wizkids on their creation of this characters speed abilities.

Attack: Only one click of double digit attack value again… His dial is packed full of super strength and still drops fast, which kinda ruins the ability once again as well.

Defense: All the damage reducing abilites you could ever ask for! Two clicks of impervious, three clicks of invulnerability and two clicks of toughness. This guy can take a good punch but like all the other versions, he is vulnerable to outwit as well.

Damage: This guy can pack a serious punch! He offers three straight clicks of base 4 damage. Which is hard to find nowadays in a figure under 125 points.

Overall: This guy can take a serious punch, deal huge amounts of damage and his dial is 10 clicks long!! And he was FINALLY given charge!! This is my favorite out of the three figures and is actually a playable piece!

Godwin This is my first review for Pojo.com so I am excited that they have let me show my own perspective on the figures reviewed for Clicks of the Day. My first review comes from the land of Fish and Chips, Bread Pudding, and Ale. Direct from Jolly Ole England comes Captain Britain. Now I don’t actually know much about Captain Britain so if you are interested in his comic book background check out Whoclix.

The Rookie Captain Britain comes in at 80 points. To start off he is a flyer with a decent starting Speed of 8. His Speed is enough that you could use him to taxi a figure on the first turn, but I would suggest sending him flying high to avoid long ranged attacks against him. His starting Attack of 9 is slightly below average for his point cost, however the most glaring deficiency in his attack is a range of 0. This is quite rare since most flyers of this point cost or higher all seem to have some range attack capability. Granted he can throw an item with Super Strength but his range of 0 makes all his versions primarily a close combat figure. The good thing for Captain Britain is he has the damage stats to back this up. His Rookie starts with 3 Damage on his first 3 clicks and all versions of Capt. B have Super Strength their entire dial, so if you can get an item he can do up to 5 clicks on his first dial. Not to shabby. His starting Defense of 15 is also below average but he makes up for it in several ways. His Defense stays at 15 for 3 clicks and then 14 for 4 more clicks. Combine that with 3 clicks of Invulnerability and a fairly deep dial at 8 and the Rookie is not a bad figure, but not outstanding.

The Experienced version jumps up a whopping 31 points. For that his starting Speed, Attack, and Damage all go up 1 and he gains another click of health. He does gain the X-Men team ability, which is a double-edged sword. It makes him fun to play on themed teams, but in serious tournament play it can be added point cost that are worthless unless you have other X-Men team members. The major difference between the Rookie and Experienced is you gain a starting Defense with Impervious. Since my collection is mainly Marvel figures I am ecstatic to finally see non-unique Marvel figures with Impervious. I have seen games decided by a single click of Impervious. There is nothing more blowing to the psyche then to watch a figure shrug off a hit for 5 damage because your opponent rolls a 5 or 6. The main thing to watch out for with Experienced Capt B. (or all the versions for that matter) is Outwitters. With Impervious and a below average starting Defense of 15 he will be a magnet for Outwit. That will leave him open for damage from even the cheapest figures. If you can avoid Outwit and can get in the first hit then Experienced Capt. B can do some damage. With a starting Damage of 4 he has the potential to do 6 clicks on the first hit with Super Strength. That can seriously cripple almost any figure in the game. Another thing to note about all of his versions is they all have 3 clicks of Willpower at the end of their dial. You might be tempted to use this to pound away at your opponent at the end of the game, but with a low Attack and low Defense this will surely get him KO’d in a hurry. Instead I would suggest that when you see Willpower come up use it as a sign to get out of trouble and back to a medic so Captain B. can live to fight on.

As we look at the Veteran we notice that he is only 10 points more expensive then the Experienced. So what do you get for 10 point? Well you lose the X-Men team ability, but your starting Speed and Defense go up by 1, your starting Damage of 4 now stays for 3 clicks instead of 2, you gain another click of health and now have 2 clicks of Impervious. Oh and you gain 2 clicks of Charge to start off with! Adding Charge to Captain Britain suddenly brings a whole new dynamic to him. Now you have a much better chance of landing the first blow, which is critical in close combat in my opinion. His Defense of 16 also makes him a little more respectable even if his Impervious is Outwitted. Overall the difference for only 10 points is astounding.

I would consider using any of the figures in Friendly games, and I myself have the Experienced. In an X-Men team I would use him with Veteran Jean Grey. Use Telekinesis to move him into combat and let him attack first. Use the X-Men ability to keep Jean Grey on her first click so she can use her Support and heal Capt. Britain. Not a bad combo, but a tad expensive. However, if you want to use Captain Britain in a tournament I think you would be insane not to use the Veteran. For 121 points he leaves you enough room to build a team around him even in a 300-point game. If you do use him you have to prepare for his 2 major flaws, which are no range and vulnerability against Outwit. If you can get around that then you have a good solid front line fighter that Jolly Ole England would be proud of. Hope you enjoyed my review.

(Note: Each category based on a score of 1 to 10 with 10 being best. NA means category Not Applicable. Overall scores ranges between 4 and 8. 4 – Bad, 5 – Below Average, 6 – Average, 7 – Good, 8 - Exceptional)


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