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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Marrow - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed 1.20.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  47
Collector's Number  23
Rarity  3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Marrow Veteran Review

The next couple of weeks weíre looking at the Heroclix that YOU guys and gals requested. First up, the mutant Marrow from Critical Mass.

Didnít know much about Marrow, so I checked out Whoclix, like I often do. Still donít know much about Marrow. She looks like Spyke from the X-Men Evolution TV show, and I suppose thatís more the show than the comic. In any case, Marrow is a mutant, born underground, who spent some time in an alternate dimension, becoming an adult. First she fought the X-Men, then later joined. Bah.

Cost: 47. Health: 7. Team: X-men. Ranged 6 attacks: 2
SSADD: 9/10/16/3. Powers: BCF 2 clicks, Super Senses 1 click, Regeneration 1 click.

I guess for a cheaper BCFer sheís OK, but I canít say Iím overly fond of this figure. There isnít a whole lot here that canít be found somewhere else. Very mediocre IMO.

Sheís a level 3 uncommon, which means a buck or two picks her up. The sculpt and paint job could have been so much better than it is, but itís passable.

My Ratings:
Playability 2 of 5
Collectability 1 of 5.
SteelWasp  Today's review is for Veteran Marrow from Critical Mass.
Clix of life(HP):6
Team Ability: X Men
Range/Attacks: 6/2
Speed: 9
Attack: 10 w/ BCF for first 2 clicks
Defense: 16 with Super Senses on first click and Regeneration on the last

Veteran Marrow is a cheap piece that is mainly used for BCF. Her attack of 10 is great for only 47 pts. That click of Regen at the end of the dial is great because you can heal back to the second click and then use her TA to heal with another X Men member and get back to the start of the dial. She's great in lower point games and becomes a filler in larger games. BCF is lethal in Sealed because a 5 or 6 wipes out most figures or weakens them to a point that they aren't a threat. In all, a cheap piece that can sometimes avoid getting hit.

P.S. If the figure you're attacking is close to dying and you're on the first click, don't hesitate to do the natural damage. Sometimes, you'll get bad dice rolls and miss killing someone you should have.

100: 2.5/5
200: 3.5/5
300+: 2/5
Sealed: 4/5

You know, I must say, I would have expected better of Marrow. Now on an X-Men team, whe can be great. But really, even the Vetren version has onle ONE click of Super Senses, and Two of BCF. She does have one click of regeneration at the end, meaning you'll have to roll a six to get he to non-full health. Great. And all this for what? 47 points? Gimme a break, man. Ohhhh, look at that, the X-Men team ability too! Too bad it's the worst TA yet >_<. The LE Sarah is a bit better, giving you an extra click of all her powers, but with lowered stats and one less click of life. Overall, not that great.

100: Half your team for this? No way.--- 1/5

200: Still too much of your team taken up by her.--- 1.5/5

300+: Here she sould only be used on an X-Men team if you INSIST on using her.--- 2.5/5

Sealed Box: HERE she is good. 6 range, some BCF, SS and Regen. in Sealed is good.--- 3.75/5

The Bottom Line: 2/5
 Powers: BCF, Super Sense, and Regeneration
Cost: 47

Not much to say about this girl. The BCF only lasts for two clicks, but since people are able to make use for Hand Ninjas, I guess you can do the same here. Only one click of Super Senses, this is one click you DON'T want to push. The click of Regeneration is placed in such a way that you only regenerate up to the second best click, where the Super Senses are. Because of this, I wouldn't touch her. She doesn't last long enough, and most of her dial does not have any powers on it. Sure she can target two guys and all that, but, the damage isn't high enough for when it really counts (like when she loses BCF). Almost useless.

Overall Playability Rating:
200: 2/5
300: 1/5


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