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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Hulk - Critical Mass
Reviewed 1.4.2003

Rank Unique
Point Value  149
Collector's Number  95
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Hulk wid Guns - At some point during Peter Davids fantastically long (but fantastically good) run on Incredible Hulk, he merged all of Hulk's personalities into one, and thus the super-smart, super-strong Hulk emerged. He joined a think-tank called the "Pantheon", but the Pantheon fell eventually, and Hulk started shooting stuff, lots of stuff, with a really really big gun.

Cost: 149. Ranged 8 Attacks: 1. Health: 10 clicks.
SSADD: 7/11/16/2. Powers: Leap/Climb, Toughness, Super Strength, Invulnerabilty, Leadership, Battle Fury.

This is a nasty, smart Hulk with a ranged attack.
Nothing wrong with that. He combines all the strengths of all the other versions of the Hulk, and none of the weaknesses. His starting numbers are deceiving too, since like other Hulks, they go up in the middle of the dial. At one point, he gets a 4 damage. YIKES! This is definitely the ultimate version of the Hulk, though I'm sure at some point we'll get Ultimate Hulk. Get it?

The Critical Mass Unique Hulk is one of the largest figures WK has made available in boosters. He's so big, in fact, if you search through boosters, you can probably find one. The sculpt is amazing, you have to see it to believe it. He's also one of the more sought after Uniques from this set, singles selling for between $10 and $30 online, though I've seen one sell for $50 in person.

My Ratings:

Playability 4.5 of 5
Collectability 4 of 5.

Next time, new year, new clix. Requests? Let us know!
The Antman
Hulk(Critical Mass)- Unique
Hey peoples, sorry I haven't done a review in a while, and I know that Bill has had some trouble with getting reviews in, but school was just killing me =( anyways im back and I will be doing more for now on (at least until school starts who knows what awaits me...) so now the review...
Today we are doing the most Unique Hulk there is so far in the game of Heroclix, but before we start the statistics, here is a little history lesson about this figure (or at least all that I know about him...). this Hulk is suppose to be hulk when Bruce Banner took over, so that makes him smart Hulk, and the cannon thing on his shoulder is suppose to be a cannon from a tank that he destroyed.  that is all that I know so don't come to me for more info.
this version of the Hulk is the weakest and at a sort of high 194 points but it is also the only one with a range, and it isn't to bad (8), probably the biggest down side of this Hulk, though, is the fact that he has the worst defense of all the Hulks.  he starts off with a toughness, as do most of the Hulks (or some other small status) and with 7 speed and 11 attack 16 defense with 2 dmg, the super powers he starts off with are leap climb, super strength, toughness, and leadership(don't ask me why).  pretty much the same till his 3rd click where he gets invariability and loses leadership, at click 5 he gains battle fury and at 8 he loses battle fury and he gains toughness for his last two clicks. 
200 point- 1/5 to weak and expensive for this format
300 point- 3/5 since you have some more points for other figures, I would give him a try
400 point- 4/5 if you add some other heavy hitters like Hellboy with a few medics and perplexers you can have a pretty good team
draft- 2/5 once I played against a guy who used the explosion Hulk against me in a draft... he lost
trade bait- 4/5 I gave him this rating just because he is a Hulk
final thought- for his point value of 149 and him only having 9 clicks of life he doesn't look like much of a character, but looking at his range and his super strength all through his dial, I say why not try him out? you never know, he might be a hidden gem in this set.
until next time- peace out
The Antman
RFS101  Hulk

Hulk. Awesome. Guns. Awesome. Hulk with guns. Not so awesome. The very benefit of Hulk in Heroclix is that when all other clix are hurting and their stats are lowered, Hulk is at his prime. I see the same mistake every game my friend Kaleb plays. He pushes Savage Hulk to his prime and then attacks instead of attacking right away. Then Black Panther destroys Savage Hulk. But mistakes or not, when playing with a Hulk, you don't worry about pushing. Maybe with this Hulk. His stats are pretty basic.
(R)ange: 8
(T)argets: 1
(L)ife: 9
(S)peed: 7
(A)ttack: 11
(D)efense: 16
(D)amage: 2
2 Damage with a Hulk! That's not right. The range is supposed to make up for it, but it doesn't. He gets the basic Hulk powers: Leap/Climb, Super Strength, Toughness then Invulnerability, Battle Fury, but wait, he also gets Leadership. At 149 points, in any games where you would actually use Hulk, you would have all the actions you would need. Not to mention this is the only Hulk I know of, including PSM Leaping Hulk, that doesn't have a 17 Defense at least once. So far, the only redeeming quality this Hulk has would be the Spider-Man team ability. Team him up with a Robin, or a Skrull meat shield, and you've got a Hulk with Stealth or Shape Change that never needs to break away. But that's about it.


200 Point: 1/5
300 Point: 1/5
400+ Point: 3/5


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