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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Captain Marvel - Critical Mass
Reviewed 1.15.04

Rank Veteran
Point Value  158
Collector's Number  86
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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   Captain Marvel

Mar-vell was a Kree warrior who got himself granted cosmic powers by the Kree Supreme Intelligence. After a bunch of cosmic adventures, mostly involving the Avengers, Captain Marvel discovered he had cancer, and died in the very first Marvel Graphic Novel, WAAAAY back circa 1982. The nice thing though, is he's pretty much stayed dead. Oh sure, there have been other Captain Marvels, but the original is still, and hopefully, forever dead. We comic fans have a saying, when someone dies, they're either coming back (ala Aunt May) or they're Captain Marvel Dead (meaning they stay dead. There's also Bucky dead, because the original Bucky died in the 40's and has never come back).


Cost: 158. Health: 11 Clicks, Ranged 10 Attacks: 1, FLYER.

SSADD: 12/11/17/3
Powers: Running Shot, Super-Strength, Invulnerability, Toughness, RCE, Outwit.

OK Kids, you can basically make a team around CM, and depending on your skill you should be able to win. He's ALMOST a one man army, with the Running Shot/RCE combo delivering 5 clicks of damage! But wait there's more. Outwit! Nice. Super-Strength, gotcha. Long dial, oh yeah, and he has Toughness & Invulnerability. Safe to say he's going to be around at the end of the game. Glad I pulled one already!

Captain Marvel is currently trading in the $12 to $36 range, which is fairly decent for this figure. If the sculpt reminds you a little of Quasar, well, it's because Quasar has a VERY similar costume, in fact if I'm not mistaken, Quasar has part of Marvel's costume.

My Ratings:
Playability 5 of 5
Collectability 4 of 5

I know I don't give many 5 out of 5's, so take that to heart. Grab one if you can!
Steelwasp  Captain Marvel-Critical Mass
Starting Stats:
158 pts.
HP:10 clicks
Range/Attacks: 10/1
Speed:12 with Running Shot for first 3 clicks
Attack:11 with Super Strength for first 7 clicks
Defense:17 with Invulnerability for first 3 clicks, Toughness for next 7
Damage:3 with RCE(Range Combat Expert) for first 4 clicks and Outwit for next 3

First thing's first. Captain Marvel is worth every bit of those 158 points you need to spend on him. All of his combat values are above average and his powers are amazing. I really like the running shot though. Move 6 spaces, shoot somebody for 3 damage every other turn is really nice. Also, RCE is nice when he's concentrating on hitting one character. One thing that really shines are those 3 clicks of outwit later on. This allows you to control the late game after everyone is damaged and running back to their medics. You can outwit support from the medic so they can't heal, or outwit a defense power and finish a character off. This guy is really nice in every point game except 200-. He's also broken in sealed because there aren't many CM charcters that can take him down. All in all, a great piece and a fine addition to a team that has the points to spare.

Sculpt:Meh, not so great. Probably the only real downfall to this guy is his sculpt.

end review


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