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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Patch - Critical Mass
Reviewed 1-12.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  64
Collector's Number  63
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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   Patch - AKA Wolverine with an eyepatch.

So when Chris Claremont was writing the X-Men back in the late 80's Marvel tried something different, they gave Wolverine his own series. But rather than give him a storyline that jibed with the rest of the series, Claremont set him up in the asian city of Madripoor as Patch, a nightclub bouncer/cum soldier of fortune, and for awhile all the stories in his own titled revolved around that persona. Yeah, sounds pretty stupid to me too. Well, with Heroclix aching for YET ANOTHER Wolverine to put into the next expansion, they hit on Patch. Why I don't know, but they did. And they made him an REV as well. Double Trouble.

Cost: 64. Health: 9 Clicks. No Ranged Attacks SSADD 8/8/16/2. Powers: Stealth, BCF, Toughness, Regeneration, Stealth and Perplex.

For the life of me I can't figure out why you would actually want this version of Wolverine, instead of any of the other numerous versions available, except for the Perplex. Other than that, there's far better Wolvies available in and around the same point scale.
This was a figure that didn't need to be made in my opinion.

The sculpt doesn't do a darn thing for me, and apparantly it doesn't do much for anyone else either.
Patch Veteran is a Level 5 rare, but since his name isn't VENOM, he ain't worth a whole lot. Couple bucks at best.

My Ratings:
Playability 2.5 of 5 (the extra half point is for
Collectability 2 of 5.
Steelwasp I'm back after a long hiatus from the game because of school and family. I haven't played much with the newer sets(Indy and Critcal Mass) so I'll do my best with each review. I'll start off my comeback with Veteran Patch. He's another incarnation of Wolverine. The starting stats are as follows.
Speed:8 with Stealth
Defense:16 with Toughness
Team Ability(TA):n/a
Hp(clix of life):8

Patch seems to be another one of those 'grow as they get hurt' figures. His attack rises up to 10 and he gains BCF to inflict serious damage. His damage value also increases to 3 but in most cases, you'll be using BCF. He gains perplex at the end of the dial which is nice to have as the game progresses to insure you stil have some firepower when everyone else is hurt. One thing that really shines on Patch, and any Wolvie reincarnation, is his regeneration. He isn't able to heal all the way back to his first but that's ok. The most he can heal is back to his first BCF click, which is the best click on his dial. I personally like him but his attack and defense values are a bit low. With the right support, though(like some perplexers and Probability control(PC) figs), he can become a powerhouse. All in all, he's certainly not the greatest fig in the world but he surely isn't bad at all.

200-: 3/5
Booster Draft/sealed:4.5/5(very powerful because of BCF and low point value)
Collectability: He's a level 5 rare. It might cost you a few bucks(like 4-5)


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