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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Matt Murdock - Critical Mass

Reviewed 02.09.2004

Rank Critical Mass
Point Value  37
Collector's Number  212
Rarity  LE-5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Matt Murdock LE

According to PojoBill, itís Daredevil Critical Mass Week here at Pojo.com. I like theme weeks. Makes it easier to write these little things. Itís too bad that the ďdirectorís cutĒ DVD of last yearís film version was just delayed an entire year, that would have been a nifty little synergetic moment for Pojo.com.

Itís only appropriate that we start the week off with olí Hornhead himself, so today weíre looking at Matt Murdock, the LE Secret Identity version of this setís REV DD. So far through four sets weíve gotten three different REVís, and now FINALLY an LE. No Unique thus far, and thatís kind of strangeÖbut who knows, perhaps weíll see a yellow and black costumed version in the future.

Cost: 37. Health: 6 Clicks.
SSADD 8/8/15/2. Powers: Stealth (1 click), Leap/Climb, Super Senses & Outwit (1 click).

If you compare this LE with the Rookie version of the same figure, youíre going to do a double take. The Rookie costs 10 points less, doesnít have the click of outwit, but DOES have one ranged 4 attack. All the other attributes are exactly the same.

Ranged attackers who can stealth are pretty nifty, since they can hit you, but if theyíre on top of hindering terrain, you canít hit them. I donít know that Iím willing to trade a ranged attack for 10 points and one click of outwit that I wouldnít really use anyway. In short, this is a very poor LE. I wouldnít use it at all, why bother going through the rigmarole of obtaining this piece either online or by winning a tournament, just to find out that the Rookie version is better.

Almost every LE is worth something on the secondary market, simply because you cannot get them in any old store. They range from Level 3 to Level 6 in rarity, and I believe, with the higher level, the rarer the figure. Murdock is a Level 5, meaning heís pretty darn rare. One way to get him was to win a tournament at the Midwest Regionals last month at Clixcon. I think itís safe to say that he was a mite difficult to get. Heís currently trading on Ebay from between $28 and $80, with an average sale of $47. Thatís a nice sum, that probably isnít going down any time soon, unless heís coming up in marquee tournaments, which I donít see that he is.

My Ratings:
Playability 2 of 5
Collectability 5 of 5.

Next Clix Ė Someone who looks VERY similar to this figureÖ
Havokclix  Matt Murdock
First up for Daredevil Critical Mass week, we have the LE Matt Murdock. First off, I would hate to receive this figure for winning a tournament. His movement is very Daredevil-like, but he loses stealth after only one click, moving to leap/climb. His attack value is horrendous. His 8 against any decent defensive value
(16 and higher) is going to be an uphill climb. His defense may feature super senses, but the 15 is only mediocre at best, though at least it doesn t drop of too quickly. His final click features outwit, right at the time you are running at break-neck speed for the medic yeah, that s helpful.

Collectability: 4/5
Sculpt: 3/5 (as dynamic as you can get for dressing in a red jump suit)
100: 3/5
200: 2/5
300+: 1/5 (there are way better support killer pieces
out there at this level)

Crit happens
  I'll try to keep this rant short: WizKids bogged down Critical Mass with these new versions of Daredevil and other repeat performers. Coupled with the Starjammers and the obscure foes of Dr. Strange and Thor, the expansion just didn't seem to offer much.

On to Matt. This limited edition is basically the Veteran version (which we'll review soon) taking away the double range, 22 points and his business card sporting his Spider-Man Team membership. The problem with the Daredevil figures is that one rarely ofers anything different from another. With Murdock, you've got your full slate of super senses, opening click of stealth, a couple of slots for Leap and Climb, and late Outwit. No surprises. It's not like Daredevil really offers a lot of alternatate versions, like Vampire Daredevil or Son of Thanos Daredevil. Well, there's always the Earth X Daredevil, but Wizkids hasn't tapped that series yet.

For now, people ought to look elsewhere for the 37 points they would spend on Murdock, unless he's your favorite character. The real shame is that this is a tournament prize that probably won't feel like a real prize for anyone outside the completists.

Aeril Blade  Matt Murdock
So, let's see. 37 points gets you Stealth, Leap/Climb, Super Senses, and Outwit, but you also get...
(R)ange: 0
(T)argets: 1
(L)ife: 5
(S)peed: 8
(A)ttack: 8
(D)efense: 15
(D)amage: 2
What the heck? No Incapacitate? No Range? 15 Defense! Apparently, when Daredevil's not wearing the red tights he sucks. This is not cool. He is just not worth the 37 points. Yeah, he get's Outwit, but it's only for 1 click, and it's his last click. How many times does that actually happen in a game. Not to mention he's easy to hit. The Super Senses is supposed to make up for the low Defense, but I'd rather have a 17 Defense with no Super Senses than this junk.
100 Pnt: 2/5
200 Pnt: 1/5
300 Pnt: 1/5
400+ Pnt: 1/5


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