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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

The Atom - 2003 Convention Season Exclusive

Reviewed 02.04.04

Rank Unique
Point Value  50
Collector's Number  221
Rarity  LE

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Atom LE

One of the coolest things that WK did for Hypertime was issue a couple of convention only pieces, and the first one was the Atom. Much like the Ant-Man figure from the Infinity Challenge set, Atom is just a base, because, well, in miniature form, heíd be microscopic. Works for me. BTW, theyíre doing the same thing with the new Invisible Woman LE this summer.

Anyway, the Silver-Age Atom is scientist Ray Palmer who actually invented a device that could miniaturize him. Heís had his own title a few times, though heís always been a bit of a second-stringer. Still, heís good in a fight, after all, he can shrink down and enter someoneís blood stream and mess with them from the inside. Or he can perform microscopic surgery. Whatever you want.

Cost: 50. Health: 7. Team: JLA
SSADD 8/9/20/1. Powers: Stealth, Phasing, Perplex, Outwit.

Hereís my review. If you have one, play him. Period. I donít care what it takes, that 20 defense is perfect for turtleing, plus Outwit and Perplex? What are you waiting for.

Oh yeah, the price. Originally trading in the $100 range (since thatís how much you had to spend at the WK booth to get one) heís dropped in value to between $28 and $50. Not too shabby for a dial. Yes, thatís right, there is no sculpt, only a dot. Nifty.

My Ratings:
Playability 4.5 of 5
Collectability 5 of 5.
Crit Happens... U. The Atom

Okay, first time up to bat for Pojoís and we have the Limited Edition The Atom. This is by far one of the most sought after pieces of all of Heroclix. He has the highest defense out there, making good attack pieces like even Batman throwing batarangs at thin air. If that wasnít enough, he starts with stealth, changing to phasing, so you wonít even be trying to shoot him. Whatís more, he has perplex for two clicks and regeneration at the end of the dial, so this microscopic superhero isnít going anywhere.

On the downside, he doesnít have any real attack potential; he serves only as an exceptional support piece, making him obsolete for 100pt games. Even with his perplex, heíll never get through invulnerability, so his perplex is best used for decreasing the enemies defense or enhancing friendly figure damage.

Collectability: 5/5 (very hard to find)
Sculpt: N/A
100pt: 1/5
200pt: 3/5 (lower point value support is still better here)
300pt +: 5/5 (if you actually have him, why arenít you using him here?)
 The Atom:

I love this figure. Seriously, what could be better than a 20 defense. That's right, 20 defense! How about STEALTH and PERPLEX to go with it? Oh, and not to mention that he gains phasing and outwit! It's ok, you can go change your pants now, I won't make you gasp anymore. Oh, one more thing before you go. He has the Justice Leauge free move and only costs 50 points. You know, this is the only stealth figure that makes sense being able to hide from everyone mon some of these objects (like a light post or a rock) >_<

100: Just a tad too expensive.--- 1/5

200: Nice. It'll be hard to make a supporting team, but still nice. 2.5/5

300+: Awesome. The bigger the game, the more useful he is.--- 4/5

Sealed Box: N/A

The Bottom Line: 2.5/5
 Wizkids copped out by now having a sculpt for good ol' Ray Palmer, but they did provide a pretty decent base for the college professor.

The main attraction for The Atom is his defense (20). Just to provide some perspective, that's two points higher than the nearest DC character, V Flash, who only gets it for ranged attacks (16 defense plus Deflection).
Yes, Marvel has numerous with 18 to 20 defense, but true believers will notice that Wizkids tried to temper that over the sets. After putting out 29 figures in the first two sets with 18 defense or more, they did none for Xplosion and just two (V Spider Man and Silver Surfer) for Critical Mass.
Unless Wizkids gives some high defenses for Unleashed, The Atom's 20 DV should remain unique for DC.

Wizkids manages to fit The Atom's shrinking ability in pretty well with the Heroclix powers. Outside of double six rolls, he's unhittable on his first click for anyone with an 8 or less attack value. And he's still tough to hit even for the handful of DC characters with an 11 or 12 AV.

The Atom gets stealth on his first click, which is probably where you want him anyhow if he's in range to perplex someone. Something just doesn't seem right that he'll suffer from reduced speed if you place him in hindering terrain. But you can push him to drop stealth and gain phasing, which represents his abilities nicely. To boot, you gain unlimited mobility and STILL maintain the 20 defense if you relocate to another hindering space.

Ultimately, though, The Atom serves two primary purposes: he's a support piece, and if you're playing for points, he's 50 points that you should be able to count on keeping at the end of the game. A small guy who should make a big difference in any game.


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