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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Doctor Octopus - Clobberin' Time



Reviewed 02.24.2004

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Today s review is Dr. Octopus. Appropriate since he s the villain in this summer s highly anticipated Spider-Man 2. Heh I already reviewed him way back when, and just as a blast to the past, I ll reprint my review below:

Doctor Otto Octavius was a simple scientist searching for a way to tap into the hidden strength that all humans have, then an accidental dose of gamma radiation (oh whoops, that's Hulk, from the TV show)...sorry...Anyway, the good doctor was working on these mechanical tentacles that fused to his body in an accident, which also drove him nuts. He then became the villainous Doctor Octopus, fighting time and time again with Spider-Man, who nicknamed him "Doc Ock". He should get a higher profile next year after the Spider-Man movie sequel (called simply "The Amazing
Spider-Man") when he's portrayed on the silver screen by Alfred Molina.

The miniature version of Doc Ock comes in REV versions from the Clobberin' Time set. The vet version is really cheap, costing only 66 points, which doesn't put him out of any games. Because of those mentally commanded tentacles, he gets two range attacks at a range of six. His attack starts low at 11, but he gets Super Strength after the first click. A speed of 10 with leap/climb for most of the dial lets you escape without breaking away. Doc Ock is incredibly tough to hit though, with a 17 Defense with Willpower for two clicks, then Energy Shield for most of the rest of the dial. He's great for first strikes because with Willpower, he takes no damage for a push. A damage of 2 to start with Perplex doesn't make him a heavy hitter, but it does put him in powerful company.

Doc Ock is a great mid-level character, and in a villain team, he's perfect, especially if you've got Spidey on the opposing team, and at 66 points he won't break the bank. Drawbacks are few, but he does only have seven clicks of damage, and he may not make it to the end of the game.

Scuplt wise, Doc is fantastic, and not in a Four kind of way. The tentacles are posed both wrapped around his body, and poised to strike the hapless Spider.

Collectability wise, Doc Ock is an REV, with the Veteran version being a rare. This isn't all that collectable, as REV's can be found for a couple of bucks. He's a nice pull from a booster though.

My Ratings:
Playability 3 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5.

Kay so now here s my current review:

Name: Dr. Octopus
Set: Clobberin Time
Numbers: 76-78
Rarities: 3-5
Costs: 22, 44, 66
Health: 6, 7, 8
SSADD: 8/9/15/2, 9/10/16/2, 10/11/17/2
Powers: Rookie - Leap/Climb, Energy Explosion, Willpower, Energy Shield/Deflection Experienced adds Super Strength, Leadership, subtracts Energy Explosion Veteran adds Perplex, subtracts Leadership Ranged Attacks: Rook - 1 range 4, Exp. & Vet. 2 range 4,
Team: None, Sinister Syndicate, None.
Arch-Enemy: None.

The Rookie is cheap, cheap, cheap, and it shows. He does get Willpower to start, and that never sucks.
There just isn t a whole lot to get excited about with the rookie.

The Experienced on the other hand is hella-cool. I love the Sinister Syndicate ability, especially when using a wild-card such as Taskmaster. You lose Energy Explosion, but that s not a great loss, because you get Super-Strength and Leadership. 44 points is still a tad high though.

The Vet is almost a house, Willpower and Perplex are a nice combo, and an 11 attack to start is excellent. I stand by the rest of my review though, he s too expensive for what you get.

REV Sets of Doc. Ock have sold recently for as low as
$4.76 ($6.01 after shipping) and as high as $15.50 (at
least $18.25) after shipping. His Veteran is a rare,
and he s from Clobberin Time, so demand will always remain high. There is a new version of Doc. Ock coming in Marvel Ultimates, but that s the Ultimate Universe version I would expect that his value is on the rise.

My Ratings: (Playability First, then Collectability.
Out of 5)

Rookie 3, 3
Exp 4, 3
Vet 3,4

Dang looks like the linear equations I had to do for my Finite Math Class. Solve the equation .no .make it stop!!!!!

Next time um someone else!
Monger Doctor Octopus
Clobberin’ Time #076, 077, 078

No matter what version of the figure you play, you will be happy with his performance! He’s amazingly cheap and has an awesome mixture of abilities. Although he has a low range in his first 2 versions (4 range) he has several different ways to make up for it!

The Rookie: 22 points of shear madness. You will be hard pressed to find a figure as battle effective as this one for 22 points or under. His speed starts off at an 8 with Leap/Climb, which allows this guy to get anywhere he wants on any outdoor map. A 9 attack value for a 22 point figure is amazing, not only this, but after 1 click of damage, this guy gains a HUGELY popular ability – energy explosion. A little bit of enhancement in an adjacent square and this guy deals alot of damage! Now on to this guys Defense, where you’ll find my favorite defensive ability of all time – Willpower! This guy can either move fast or hit 2 turns in a row, you choose. 2 clicks of damage in 2 consecutive turns; this is unreal for such a cheap figure!

The Experienced: Tack on 22 more points and you have a figure that is more of team leader then a cheap brawler. He gains +1 to his speed and retains his Leap/Climb ability. His attack value has been increased +1 but you’ll soon notice, this guy doesn’t offer energy explosion anymore, he’s now a super strong combatant. Picking up an object and bashing people over the head is never a bad tactic. Along with his new strength, he’s also figured out how to attack 2 separate figures at one (2 ranged attacks). Rounding out this figures huge arsenal is his also newly acquired team ability – Sinister Syndicate. Not you can couple this Doctor with a vet. Bullseye and share the Bullseye’s 11 attack value. The exp. version still sports the willpower on his defense, but to the right of this stat, you’ll see that he now offers leadership on his damage. In a 200 pt. game, this guy can be a serious threat and super ally. Well worth the 44 points!

The Veteran: Tack on another 22 points from the exp. version and we come across a figure who wins you games! They added +2 to his range, giving him 6 now and they also felt he needed a higher attack value too, +1 to that as well (now up to an 11)! He’s gained a little speed and still has leap/climb for 6 clicks. Willpower is seen again in this version and when coupled with a base 17 defense, he is hard to hit. The thru beauty behind this figure is though, his damage ability – perplex! Now it is possible to give this Doctor a 12 attack, 7 range, 11 speed or even a 3 damage. This figure will stay on the board and hassle your opponents all the way to victory. He is a very solid figure and well worth placing on any 200+ pt. teams.



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