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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Spiderman - Critical Mass

Reviewed 02.25.2004

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Critical Mass Spider-Man

Gonna try something new this week. I'm going to review all three REV's of a character. This will either work, or suck, one of the two.

Since today's is Spider-man, I'll forgo the obligatory introductory paragraph and jump straight into the review.

Name: Spider-Man
Set: Critical Mass
Numbers: 67-69
Rarities: 3-5
Costs: 57,71,88
Health: 8,9,10
SSADD: 8/9/15/2, 9/10/16/2, 10/11/16/2
Powers: Rookie - Leap/Climb, Super-Strength, Incapacitate, Super-Senses, Defend, Outwit.
Experienced adds Flurry. Veteran adds no new powers.
Ranged Attacks: All three have 1 ranged 4 attack.
Arch-Enemy: Critical Mass Venom

Whoo...that was hard. Anyway, I've always felt that old Web-head doesn't really translate well in the Heroclix game, and I'm sticking by that assessment.
These three versions of him are the best (and the best sculpted too), but they still fall far short of the mark set in the comics. Maybe with some nifty 3D buildings and some double stick tape he'd work a little better (stick him on the side of the building?)

After you lose Super-Senses (not that I've ever been enamored of that power, for some reason I've NEVER actually been able to successfully use it) Spidey's defense goes up to 17, which is nice, and you gain Defend, so you can turtle him if you like. Outwit may look great on paper, but you don't get it until your last few clicks, so to me, it's virtually worthless.
Though with the rookie version, it's a nice indicator that you need to be healed.

Still and all, I can't find a reason why I would want to use Spider-Man on a team. He's too expensive for what you get, and outside of the turtle power he doesn't give me anything I can get somewhere else.
Cheaper. Maybe if he had Outwit earlier on his dial.


I mentioned that this Spidey has one of the best sculpts, and if you put him together with Venom, you get a mini-diorama! Fantastic sculpting work WizKids!
Since Spidey isn't a Unique, and he isn't a "must-have" figure his collectable value lies somewhere between "nice pull" and "maybe I can get a couple bucks for him on Ebay". Whole REV sets can be had for $5 or so.

My ratings: (Playabilty, then Collectability - out of

Rookie: 3, 3
Experienced: 2.5, 2.5
Veteran: 3, 4
Monger  Spider-Man
Critical Mass #067, 068, 069

Wizkids has offered us nine different versions of Spider-Man now and they have yet to make a single one that is tournament worthy! So far they have all been over priced and offer no special stats or combined abilities that make him worthwhile. All three of these versions (rookie, experienced and veteran) are no more then collector items or casual play figures.

The Rookie: A 59 point Spider-Man that doesnít even offer his own team ability. How sad is this? His attack value starts at a minuet 9 with super strength. A bit low for a 59 point figure, but he is capable of getting hits, no doubt. Later he gains incapacitate but his attack is so low at this time (8, 7, 7, 6) that you would rather take the chance of dealing 2 damage. His 8 speed with Leap/Climb is probably the best stat he offers, but youíre going to need his lengthy movement when you see that he only offers 4 range. About the only time Spider-Man is worth his keep is after he takes 3 clicks of damage. He then gains defend (a much underrated ability IMO) with a 17 defense. There are better figures in Critical Mass for the points and VASTLY superior figures in other sets for the points.

The Experienced: Another Spider-Man that doesnít offer his own team ability. For another 12 points, you gain 1 click of life, +1 on the attack value and +1 to his speed. He has all the same abilities as the rookie but his overall stats suffer from low numbers. This figure is not worth 71 points and will not see any form of serious play at venues in my area at least. The biggest problem I see with this Spider-Man right now is, he suffers from low range values, low damage values and no Spider-Man team ability. If this figure offered 6 range, 3 damage and his own team ability, he might find his way onto a few teams here and there.

The Veteran: Finally, after giving up 88 points, we stumble across a Spider-Man with Spider-Man team ability. The rookie and exp. version not offering this is a complete mystery to me (maybe Will knows why). Anyhow, for another 17 points, he offers +1 to his attack value, +1 to his speed, an extra click of life and a 4 RANGE!! How is it that Spider-Man can swing from building to building with his webs yet he cannot hit a figure from 6-8 spaces away? A nice touch though, is that this Spider-Man has a nice 18 defense after 4 clicks, and not only that, is has defend with it! When this guy needs to, he comes swooping in to protect his teammates, but itís not worth 88 points for this luxury item! Give this figure 3 damage and 8 range, he would be worth playing. Until then, I still feel there are FAR better figures for the points.

Hopefully one of these days, Wizkids will realize that Spider-Man needs more range and a higher damage value in order to be playable. The Exp. And Vet. versions gain higher speed as they grow, but I would rather see an increase in the range category where it is needed. Having low damage, low defense and low range will mean Spider-Man is nothing more then a high priced target. As long as Wizkids keeps producing overpriced figures of this popular hero, he will never see serious play, and that is unfortunate.



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