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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Absorbing Man - Critical Mass

Reviewed 02.20.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  118
Collector's Number  84
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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   Absorbing Man...

Crusher Creel, a two-bit thug, was given the power to change his body into any element that he touched by Thor's brother and nemesis Loki. Embarking on a crime spree, he called himself "The Absorbing Man", and has fought pretty much every hero in the Marvel Universe over the years. He also tends to carry one of those old-style ball and chains as a weapon too. Oh and he's married to Titania, another super-villain.
Together they are a nasty force to be dealt with.

Cost: 118. Health: 12. Range 2 targets: 1.
SSADD: 7/11/14/2. Powers (all start after first
click) Impervious, Invulnerability, Toughness, CCE.

Hello, where's plasticity? Stupid. This one has to be one of the worst translations I've seen. Oh sure, Absorbing Man is a house, no doubt. In fact, he might be better than Ulik, whom we reviewed earlier this week. Don't let that 12 health fool you either, you HAVE to push Crusher to get to his powers. Once you do however, he's a force to be reckoned with. Another heavy hitter in a game full of heavy hitters. BORING.

Sure, AM is a Level 5 Rare, but he still only worth a few dollars. REV sets can be had for under $5.00. A decent sculpt can't save this figure from my wrath.

My Ratings:
Playabilty 3 of 5.
Collectability 2 of 5.
Shooter  Absorbing Man
188 points
Range 2; 1 Target
11 clix of life

Super Strength (9 clix); Impervious (3 clix); Invulnerability (2 clix); Toughness (5 clix); Close Combat Expert (8 clix)

Ah…the good old ball and chain (I apologize, that really wasn’t even that funny). Well let’s take a look around him. 11 clix of life – He’s maxed out in the life department. Nice damage reducing powers on all of his “active” clicks. And by “active” I mean the ones after his activation click (just in case you couldn’t figure that out yourself). I’m not 100% sure why he’d need an activation click, I guess to represent him starting out as normal Carl the Crusher and then using his absorption powers to take on the properties of his ball and chain, but I mean, I’m not sure that it requires an entire click to activate, but whatever. Moving on.

He starts out with a very nice 11 attack value (even on his activation click!). Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay around for long, the whole of 1 activated click, and drops rather quickly, ending up on a 6 on his last click. His defense value is much more constant, only decreasing by 1 from beginning to end. Unfortunately, the starting defense is a mere 14, dropping to 13 on click 8. I guess his 3 clicks of Impervious (followed by other defensive powers) are supposed to balance this out, but that’s just crazy logic that Wizkids tends to use too often in my opinion. The only positive I can find to having such a low defense value, is that he’s easy to heal even when slightly damaged to return to his good clicks. His damage of 3 plus CCE or Super Strength lets him do 5 damage through most of his clicks, making him a very effective power house. His range of 2 is an interesting application of his ball and chain, and can make a nasty surprise if your opponent forgets about it and moves a piece so that they’re within range assuming he’s just a close combat brick, but really other than that, I can’t find too much use for it.

Overall, he’s a decent brick, letting you push him into base contact just to have his Impervious pop up and make him damage proof until he can attack with his high initial attack for 5 dmg (or at least that’s the hope).

100 points: NA
200 points: NA unless you want to use him in a 200 point 1 on 1 or something
300 points: 2 out of 5 (taking up almost 200 of your 300 points makes him a hard to beat piece, but he probably won’t be able to cover the field well by himself)
400+ points: 3.5 out of 5

Havokclix  V. Absorbing Man
When looking for a good brick to TK into the opponent s face, don t look at Veteran Absorbing Man ever. Strike one: he has an activation click.
Strike two: no charge. Strike three: absolutely horrible defensive value. Though Absorbing Man has 11 clicks of health and a low point value for a brick, you ll find him to be worthless in play. Anybody with a decent attack value can hit him with no effort, and an outwitter will make him useless. I used him once and he was taken straight past his impervious and invulnerability on the first turn. Bricks are targets, and Absorbing Man doesn t have what it take to survive as a target.

Collectability: 3/5
Sculpt: 2/5
200pt: 2/5
300pt+: 1/5

Crit happens

3 clix I want to review:
V. Selene
V. Hawk
V. Kraven
Monger  Veteran Absorbing Man
Critical Mass #084

I was a little depressed when I looked upon the Absorbing Man’s dial. 14 defense and no ‘Steal Energy’ for 118 pts., what were the creators thinking?

The Highs:
8 clicks of Close Combat Expert and 11 clicks of life! This guy will stay on the board for along time as long as long as there are no close outwitter’s and you have some sort of support.

The Lows:
From a tournament standpoint, this guy doesn’t make the cut. There are too many outwitter’s running around to be playing with a figure sporting a 14 defense. His point total is too hefty to have a defense that incredibly low.

All-in-all, I feel they wasted what COULD HAVE BEEN a good figure. If you really want to give this guy a try, I suggest playing him along side at least one figure with Telekinesis or turtle an Invisible Girl (other some other figure with Defend) around with him. In my honest opinion, there are FAR better figures in the Marvel Universe for 118 points or less.

Point Cost – 2/5
Playability – 2/5
Attack – 3/5
Defense – 3/5 (when playing against an opposing figure without Outwit)
Defense – 1/5 (when playing against an opposing figure with Outwit)
Damage – 4/5

The first thing I notice about this figure is his cost: an average 118 points. The next thing I notice is his activation click. Not a good thing, but then again, he's got two damage on it, so he's actually useful. The next thing I notice: he's got eleven click of life. OK, ten if you don't count the activation click, but still. A two range doesn't do much for him, but it's better than nothing. And then-oh my goodness, eight friggin clicks of CCE!!!!!!! Only two of those clicks have something lower than 3 damage! I dunno about you, but when I look at this guy, the want to put him on a team is awful. Here's the rating:

200:1/5 Way too small here.
300: 3/5 Much better


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