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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Starman - Cosmic Justice
Reviewed 2.2.04

Rank Veteran
Point Value  63
Collector's Number  66
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Starman Veteran

OK, this one I don’t have to look up on Whoclix.  I’ve got the entire run of James Robinson’s Starman, and what a fantastic run it is.  Robinson started out with a beginning, middle and end for Starman, and over the course of 80 some odd issues he revolutionized the way that Super-hero comics were done.  Of course, things are back to normal now, but at least we’ve still got a fantastic run of post-modern heroics to re-read over and over again.

Jack Knight was the younger son of the original Golden Age Starman who took up the mantle when his older brother David was murdered on his first adventure as the bearer of the cosmic rod.  Based out of the beautifully designed Opal City, and always reluctant to get involved in super-heroics, Jack surrounded himself with other heroes and villains, including the reformed Shade, Solomon Grundy and the alien Starman who headlined one issue of DC Comics Presents back in the disco 70’s.  Along the way he clashed with the daughter of his dad’s greatest nemesis The Mist, and actually begat a son by her.  His solo adventures with some real and made up Golden Age characters directly led to the reformation of the Justice Society and paved the way for better post-modern Super-hero stories.  Yeah I guess you could say I kind of liked Starman.

Cost: 66.  Health: 7.  Ranged 10 Attacks: 1.  Flyer.

SSADD: 10/9/16/2.  Powers: Incapacitate, Toughness, Energy Shield Deflection, RCE.

Hmm…low cost, good powers, flyer with RCE, nice.  Don’t know why he’s got Toughness, he’s not really all that tough in the comics, and he has no intrinsic powers, everything derives from the Cosmic Rod, now a huge staff.  Also I think I might disagree with RCE, he’s no sharp-shooter in the comics.  Being one of my favorite comics characters, I’m a little more pre-disposed to liking his clix, and was excited to pull one out of my first boosters.  Still looking forward to making a team with him, because at this low of a cost, you can’t lose.  The only thing missing is the JSA team ability.

I was a little disappointed with the sculpt though.  Not that it’s a bad pose, there aren’t many kneeling characters, no, what I’m disappointed with is the jacket.  In the comics, Jack, who is a collector of rare items such as Bakelite and other odd antiques, has this kick arse appliqué on the back of his jacket.  Check it out on a T-shirt design here:  http://www.hillcity-comics.com/tshirts/starman_II.jpg (Thanks Puni!) In any case, WK didn’t bother to put the appliqué on the back of his miniature; it’s just all black.  I guess if I had any artistic talent whatsoever I could paint one on myself, or just make a sticker that can be placed on his back.  Being a level 5 rare from the Cosmic Justice set used to have some panache, but no longer.  The Vet Starman can be had for a few dollars on line.

My Ratings:

Playability 3.5 of 5.

Collectability 2 of 5.

Shooter Starman
63 points
Range 10; 1 Target

Incapacitate (4 clix); Toughness (1 clix); Energy Shield/Deflection (4 clix); Ranged Combat Expert (4 clix)

Hmmmm….what can I say about Starman. He’s…interesting. A speed of 10 for his first three clix, and then it drops to 8 for his last three. His attack starts at a decent 9, but drops down a couple of points throughout the dial. Defense of 16, damage of 2 (4 with RCE), all pretty standard for a ranged attack flyer of his price.

There are a couple of ways I see of playing Starman: you could use him as a quick tie-up piece, either using his incapacitate to prevent him from being damaged by the tied up piece too badly or using the new flyer rules to tie up one piece while blasting others away with RCE. You could also use him as an early taxi and later as sniper piece. But since his stats are not phenomenal, he might be difficult to use in higher point games (where you would expect to use a figure of his cost) with more powerful figures.

In my opinion, that first click of Toughness is totally wasted on this figure. I would much prefer another click of ES/D. The only thing the toughness could really be used for is if you decide to use him as a tie up piece, especially for lower power figures, like medics. He’d probably be better if he had running shot too.


100 points: 2.5 out of 5 (a slightly expensive centerpiece, but workable)

200 points: 3 out of 5

300 points: 2.5 out of 5

400+ points: 1.5 out of 5 (maybe if you really needed a decent taxi who could double as a way to take out medics)


Not a bad peice at all, folks. For the most part, his numbers stay pretty consistant. He has 4 clicks of RCE, the first two making him able to shot 10 squares for four damage! Also, he has some incapacitate, a power I have a new respect for, and a click of toughtness followed by a healthy dose of Energy Sheild/Deflection. My only gripe is his 9 AV. Make it a 10 and I'd play him. But at 63 points, you can get a Rookie Firelord for only 3 more points. But in an all DC game...

100: Too expensive here:--- 1.5/5

200: Still a bit costy, but may be worth the points:--- 2.5/5

300+: A nice addition to any team:--- 3.25/5

Sealed Box: Now we're verging on brokeness:--- 4/5

The Bottom Line: 2.75/5
Aeril Blade Starman
Starman, Starman, Starman. 63 points of pure hell. Let's break down the stats.
(R)ange: 10
(T)argets: 1
(L)ife: 6
(S)peed: 10
(A)ttack: 9
(D)efense: 16
(D)amage: 2
There are two basic strategies in team building. The star method that has one core character that's the focal point of your team, and the support team that is an ensemble of characters that bring out the best in each other. What we've got here is someone who could work on either. Flyer with 10 speed. Good. Attack of 9. Good. Defense of 16. Good. Damage of 2. Good. He's good on all fronts. Plus he gets Incapacitate, Ranged Combat Expert, Toughness, and Energy Shield. He would butcher in a 100 point game, he's the star. He would dominate in a 200 point game. Use him to carry in anyone and soak the damage with Toughness, then BOOM, Energy Shield. Have a fun time trying to hit him at range. Any higher, and I think he would be a bit out of his league as the star, but would make a good supporter.
100 Pnt: 3/5
200 Pnt: 4/5
300 Pnt: 3/5
400 + Pnt: 2/5


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