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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Ulik - Clobberin' Time

Reviewed 02.18.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  147
Collector's Number  75
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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 Ulik Vet:

Ulik is a Rock Troll who led an army of Trolls against Thor and Asgard a while ago. What more can you say about the guy...he's got a hair problem.

Cost: 147, Health 10.
SSADD: 10/11/17/4. Powers: Charge (2),
Super-Strength, Invulnerability, Toughness, CCE.

Ulik is a brick. He's your prototypical heavy hitter.
Sure 147 is a lot, but hey, he's not going ANYWHERE.
CCE deals 6 freakin' damage for a couple turns, HOLY CRUD! TK him in 10 spaces, use charge for another 5 and you've got a 4 damage attack on the first turn.
Use him to base a stealthed character and you win the melee portion of the game. Heck in a timed game I would push him a couple turns too...After you're based you don't need Charge and that's the only power you lose. Ulik is not a supporting character by any stretch, he's the center of your team. Treat him appropriately.

Ulik is a level 5 rare from Critical Mass. Value?
Couple bucks. Whole REV sets of him can be had for under five bucks. Not a great piece collection wise, but really nicely playable, if a tad too expensive.

My Ratings:

Playabilty 4 of 5
Collectability 2 of 5

Thor Villains is the theme on this short week, so next time, look for another Thor villain. No it's not Loki.
Havokclix  V. Ulik
When looking for a good brick to TK into the opponent s face, look no further than Veteran Ulik.
Charge? Check. Super strength? Check. Invulnerability or impervious? Check. Close combat expert? Check.
Great stats? Check and check. He can be TKed out, pick up an object and charge into somebody for 6 damage, then stay on an opponent to keep hitting for 6 damage with his CCE. He begins with an 11 attack that never loses SS, defense of 17 that doesn t go below 13 or lose a defensive power, and a damage of 4 that doesn t go below 2. He s also the same price as V. Juggernaut, 147pt. When looking for a close combat monster, look no further than the Asgardian troll, Ulik.

Collectability: 3/5
Sculpt: 3/5
200pt: 2/5
300pt: 3/5
400pt+: 4/5

Crit happens
Monger  Veteran Ulik
Critical Mass #075

Not only does guy have a large physique, he totes around 9 clicks of MASSIVE damage! Throw a lengthy list of abilities onto the stack and you have yourself 147 points of brutal beat down!

Most of the high priced figures produced today by Wizkids offer Invulnerability or Impervious. The damage reducing abilities are then added to horrible defensive numbers (see Vet. Absorbing Man) which make the character very susceptible to outwit and an attacker sporting an 8 or 9 attack value. Ulik offers both Invulnerability AND a 17 defense. Even if you get close enough to outwit this guy, hes still difficult to hit!

Although Im a firm believer in not running a figure thats over 40% of your team total in points, Ulik could make a good addition to a 400 point team sporting a lot of Telekinesis. TK him 10 spaces and slam around opposing figures for 6 clicks of damage. Having a figure capable of dealing 4+ clicks of damage through 7 slots is no joke!

Ulik is one of the few 150 points and below figures that can hold his own with any other character in the game. He may not be able to fly or reach out and hit from 10 spaces away, but with a little help from Telekinesis, hes able to do as he pleases!

Point Cost 4/5
Playability 3/5
Attack 4/5
Defense 4/5
Damage 5/5
Ulik is the bruiser of bruisers. The monster of monsters. How many clix have an 11 attack with 4 damage and CCE??? That's right: None of them. Well, ok, there's SOD Supes and even then he's 200+ points. This guy's stats are amazing, ending at a 7 and starting at 11. That's a four point drop over nine clicks of life. Wow. His damage is pretty consistent too until the end, where he loses CCE. A little too small for 300 point games, though.

200:??? Not here
300: 2/5
400+:4/5 It's amazing what 100 points will do.


Without Victory, there is no survival...