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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Electra - Critical Mass

Reviewed 02.16.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  26
Collector's Number  33
Rarity  3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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   Elektra Veteran

Coming in with a whopping 13 different figures spread across four sets, the Queen of Marvel Heroclix – ELEKTRA! Yes, that’s right 13 different figures. Want a list? I knew you did:

Infinity Challenge (4)
#31 Elektra Rookie
#32 Elektra Experienced
#33 Elektra Veteran
#144 Elektra Unique

Clobberin’ Time (4)
40 Elektra Rookie
41 Elektra Experienced
42 Elektra Veteran
114 Elektra Natchios Limited Edition

X-Plosion (1)
86 Elektra Assassin Unique

Critical Mass (4)
31 Elektra Rookie
32 Elektra Experienced
33 Elektra Veteran
211 Elektra Natchios Limited Edition

So there you go..13 different figures. Don’t know why? There’s speculation that there’s a clause in the contract with Marvel that says they have to have certain characters in each set, but that seems pretty silly, because if you look at who has the most figures out of Marvel, you get Elektra on top with 13, Wolverine next with 12, Daredevil is tied with Spider-Man and they both have 10, and Hulk rounds out the top five with 7 different figures. Then again, if you look at that list there’s also something else they have in common…each character was recently featured in a feature film. So maybe Wiz Kids isn’t that dumb after all. It’s called Marketing 101. They obviously got A’s.

Anyway, enough with the business, let’s look at the figure itself.

Cost: 33. Health: 7.
SSADD: 8/10/16/3. Powers: Stealth, Flurry, Stealth again & Willpower.

Lord know why this version was necessary. Honestly, there isn’t enough here to make me want to use her. Stealth is nice, but she has no ranged attacks. Willpower is always excellent, but that 3 damage only lasts one click. I can think of better uses for 33 points, I really can. This figure was completely unnecessary.

She’s a level 3 uncommon, and thus won’t command much on the secondary market. This sculpt is very generic too, the best Elektra is either the version with the glaive, or the Elektra Assassin Unique. Meh.

My Ratings:
Playability 1 of 5
Collectability 2 of 5.

Next week:
Hmm…another theme perhaps?
Monger  Veteran Elektra
Critical Mass #033

A 26 point figure that can deal 3 clicks of damage in 2 consecutive turns is never a terrible thing. Although she lacks range, Willpower allows her to get into hostile territory rather quickly. Combine this with stealth and she travels about the board without much trouble.

Elektra begins her day with a solid but not to impressive 10 attack value. While this may seem a little low and not get much attention, you have to keep in mind, most Elektra’s weren’t designed to go toe-to-toe with a fresh 100+ point figure. The cool thing about this Elektra is though, she has a fighting chance!

Walk her across the board, not being to greedy, and not using the willpower every chance you get. The willpower isn’t all about being fast, its about making 2 consecutive attacks when most others figures require a push and receive damage! In order for an opposing figure to even battle you, it usually requires them to get base-to-base (since she has stealth). This gives your Elektra an advantage – using her willpower, she has the first attack! Deal a quick 3 damage on the next turn and most opposing figures are flat on their face (ability wise).

She is a solid figure for her points and is well worth putting on a lot of teams! She deals some decent damage, but…her lack of range can be a problem for early game fighting.

Point Cost – 3/5
Playability – 3/5
Attack – 3/5
Defense – 2/5
Damage – 3/5

Havokclix  V. Elektra
Now talk about an overlooked piece. Stealth, flurry, and willpower for 26pts? Oh, her stats must be dreadful. Wrong. She has that beginning click of stealth, two clicks of flurry, and then finishes with stealth again. Sneak, hit-hit-hit-hit, escape. She has a 10 attack, which will hit most anything, and a 16 defense with willpower. Willpower and flurry!
Willpower and flurry! 4 attacks in 2 turns! She starts with a 3 damage then a 2 for three clicks. This piece and the V. Daredevil are just asking to be on a perplexalot team.

Collectability: 2/5
Sculpt: 2/5
100: 4/5
200: 3/5
300: 3/5
400+: 2/5

Crit happens
Shooter  Elektra
26 points
Range 0; 1 Target
6 clix of life

Stealth (4 clix); Flurry (2 clix); Willpower (4 clix)

Oh look, another Elektra. So this R/E/V plus her IC R/E/V plus her CT R/E/V plus here LE is all four sets plus her U from Xplosion, ugh too many Elektra’s to count (actually, its 14 altogether, but I’m sure you knew that). First, lets get this out of the way about her sculpt – uhuh…she kicks high. Anyway, this CM version of Elektra appears to be the no weapons, foot to head combat Elektra.

I actually really like this figure. Lets look at the opening stats. 8 speed, a great 10 attack, a decent 16 defense, and 3 starting damage. If you really think about it, for 26 points, this is a steal. She has stealth to let her get close without being picked off. Willpower to let her continually move (or attack if you’re there), and an outstanding attack for such a cheap character. She is absolutely amazing in a 100 points game. With her willpower, you can run from hindering to hindering until they base you, or you’re close enough to get them. In higher point games, she can be used as an effective throw away attacker. Her biggest weakness is the fact that she drops like a stone. Her attack, speed, and defense drop 1 point with almost every click she takes. So once you get her down to those last two clicks, she’s pretty much as good as done, unless you can scurry her into hindering and stay there until she can be healed WITHOUT being based first (trust me, it’s really unlikely).

100 points: 4.5 out of 5 (used effectively, she’s really that good)
200 points: 2.5 out of 5 (you can’t quite throw away 26 points in this range, and she’s no primary attacker)
300 points: 3 out of 5
400+ points: 4 out of 5 (run her up quickly and do some quick initial damage before your back up arrives)

Aeril Blade  Elektra
Wow. She's so disgusting. Wow.
(R): 0
(T): 1
(L): 6
(S): 8
(A): 10
(D): 16
(D): 3
26 points. That's it. 26 points, and that gives you Stealth, Flurry, and Willpower. With a 10 Attack, Elektra can hit pretty much anyone, and they'll feel that 3 Damage. Not to mention that pushing does NOTHING for as long as she's alive! 16 Defense, that's Batman's. At 26 points, she can fit on any team you can think of. She's so broken, it's gross. You might want to use the Rookie verson of her with the Experienced Moon Knight and a few supporters for a great 100 point team.
100 Pnt: 4/5
200 Pnt: 5/5
300 Pnt: 4/5
400+ Pnt: 3/5


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