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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Terrax - Critical Mass

Reviewed 08.31.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  172
Collector's Number  091
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Monger Terrax Unique
Marvel Critical Mass #091

Terrax is 172 points of pure brut. From the opening click to the ending click, this guy has the power to devastate HeroClix games. Packed with a nice assortment of offensive powers and all the damage reducing abilities in the book, Terrax is a nightmare for your opponents.

Speed / Range: Ten speed combined with ten movement is a hard combo to match. Throw a click of running shot in there and you have a figure that can threaten the entire board. I would have liked to of seen a few more clicks of running shot, but I believe this figure was designed as a hand-to-hand combatant and not a long ranged attacker.

Attack: Nine straight clicks of blades/claws/fangs! That’s a lot of red and that’s A LOT of possible damage to opposing figures! The actual attack numbers are high enough to break through any high defensive number and with relative ease, then again – any number under 12 would have been a disappointment for a 172 point figure. If there is a weak point to this figure though, it’s the drop of his attack values after his 6th click. After this point, you are working with a poorly placed seven and eight attack value for the rest of the dial. This takes a lot of the punch away that was given at the front of his dial and a lot of players see this as a serious problem.

Defense: As I said above, this dial is packed with all the damage reducing abilities possible. Not only this, but his numbers are high and stay high thru the majority of his dial. Nine out of his eleven clicks of life have either impervious, invulnerability or toughness and none of those powers have a number lower then 15.

Damage: This area will be overlooked for the majority of his games played. About the only time you’ll be focusing on this area is when you are not base-to-base with a figure or you are on your way into battle. The base three damage value is high enough to give everyone problems, regardless of their defensive abilities, so no worries here!

Overall: A great piece and he demands respect in early game situations, but I have a slight problem with his drop in attack value. A figure that costs 172 points to field should retain a high attack value, defense value, damage value or all three if possible. Because of the drop in the attack, the rest of the dial suffers and this piece goes from being a serious threat to nothing more then a crippled bystander. Not something you should have to deal with on a figure over 150 points. If you find yourself playing a few games with Terrax, keep a medic handy. If you are capable of keeping this figure in the first four or five clicks of life, then you should have no problems and will enjoy this piece immensely.
Godwin Terrax is one of the Uniques from the Marvel Critical Mass expansion set and should have a foot note as the first ever Marvel figure to have Impervious (at least I think so). Terrax comes in at 172 points and for that price you expect this guy to be a pure tank with the ability to inflict a lot of damage as well as take a lot of damage. Well he is that, but with a slight twist.

His starting Speed of 10 is nice, but add Flight and Running Shot and it really rounds it out well. He loses Running Shot after his first click, but keeps the Speed of 10 for 2 clicks. I love Running Shot, but sometimes its limited by either a slow Speed or a short range. Well Terrax isn’t limited by either because he also has a Range of 10. So his effective range with Running Shot is 15 squares. Zoinkers!

His starting Attack of 12 is just sweet. This means he has the same starting attack as Veteran Thor, but he has quicker Speed and longer Range. His Attack does slowly dwindle down, but he still has at least an Attack of 9 through his 6th click.

So what about Damage? Well he has a natural 3 Damage for 6 clicks and then 2 throughout the rest of his dial. This gives him some bite to his Running Shot, but not as much as Thor with his ability to do 4 Damage. What makes Terrax interesting is that unlike most heavy hitters he doesn’t have Super Strength, or Close Combat Expert. Instead he gets Blades/Claws/Fangs, which in my opinion just doesn’t seem to be as effective on larger point figures. With BCF I have a 50 – 50 chance of doing the same as or less damage then his normal Damage of 3. Plus you can’t Perplex BCF. Without Probability Control I would be hesitant to use it. But if you can roll those 5s, and 6s then he can do a wail of amount of damage.

Terrax does play the part of the tank very well when it comes to survivability. Like I said he is the first Marvel figure to be given Impervious and he gets it for 2 clicks, followed by 2 of Invulnerability, and then 5 of Toughness. His Defense flips flops between 17 and 16 for 6 clicks before dropping off so he still stays tough to hit even after taking damage. Plus he has 11 clicks of life so it will take a lot of damage to KO him.

Overall Terrax is definitely a beast of a figure, but I’m not sure you would get your 172 points out of him on a regular basis. I’ve never played with him or against him so I might be wrong. I would use Running Shot until he takes damage and then move in for the kill. Use BCF if you feel lucky with your dice, or if you absolutely need to try to do as much damage as possible. Otherwise Perplex up that 3 Damage to a 4 or 5 and he can do enough damage that way.

Overall Score: (Out of 10. Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)

Unique Terrax – 7.21


Name:  Terrax

Set: Critical Mass

Number: 91

Rarities: 6 - Unique

Cost: 172

Health: 12 (Full Dial)

SSADD: 10/12/17/3

Powers: Running Shot, BCF, Impervious, Invulnerability, and Toughness

Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 10

Team: None


Terrax the Tamer was another in the LONG line of Galactus’ heralds, though the former planetary ruler was a bit…how can you say it, ruthless in his quest for power.  He took Galactus’ power cosmic and used it to basically subjugate planets he came across.  Galactus doesn’t rule planets, he eats them.  So, he got mad and stripped Terrax of his powers.  Didn’t stop him though, he became a “pawn” of Dr. Doom, and got more powers.  Then he tried to have the FF kill Galactus.  But Galactus survived and once again Terrax got stripped of his powers.  He’s still alive, hiding somewhere in the deep dark corners of the Marvel U, waiting for some intrepid writer to utilize him again.


So like the other guys said (I’m writing a LITTLE later in the day), Terrax is a tank.  Not a great tank, because even though he has a range 10 attack and one click of running shot, he’s not really a ranged thread.   This is a guy that you want to be using to base other characters, and since he’s a flyer, well, you can’t really do that either.  Oh well, swoop in, use BCF, take no damage from your opponent’s meaningless retaliatory strikes and swoop off.  Simple enough.  If you can afford the 172 points he costs. 


Terrax Completed Auction Review – 8-31-04

# of Full Set Auctions: 14

High Amount: $19.00

Low Amount:  $10.50

Average Amount $13.43

# Auctions Above Avg: 8

# Auctions Below Avg.: 6

 # Auctions with no bids: 2

Price range of no bid Auctions: $9.99


Pricing Commentary:  I guess since Critical Mass is getting fairly old, there’s no real collector’s value to this once VERY sought after piece.  I always maintain that if your average cost is under the price of two boosters, buy the boosters instead and trade. 


My Ratings

Playability 3

Collectability 3


Next time:  Villain Week continues…bringing back an oldie but a goodie…someone we’ve never reviewed from one of the original sets…who could it be?  I’ll give you a hint…Best Sculpt from it’s set.




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