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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Judge Fire - Indyclix

Reviewed 08.25.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  84
Collector's Number  114
Rarity  4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Judge Fire

Set: Indyclix

Number: 112-114

Rarities: 2-4

Cost: 60, 72, 84

Health: 6, 7, 7

SSADD: 8/8/14/3, 8/8/14/3, 10/9/15/3

Powers: Running Shot, Energy Explosion, Invulnerability, Toughness

Exp and Vet add no new powers

Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 6, 2 Range 6, 2 Range 6

Team: 2000AD (All versions)


Judge Fire is one of the Dark Judges that constantly get beat up by Judge Dredd over in the 2000AD Universe, which is soon to be hitting your comic book store in a much bigger way, by being distributed by DC Comics.  He’s a living flame, what more do you need to know?


Well, for starters, why this figure is so freaking pretty to look at, but horrible to play.  Actually that’s going to be a running theme this week, as these three figures are all sculpted very well, but have little to no actual playing value, which is unfortunate being that they were European Exclusives. 


Their biggest problem is that their point costs are FAR too high for what you get, and while Running Shot and Energy Explosion are nice, they don’t actually do a heck of a lot for you at that price.  Those attack values are FAR too low for the point total, and a lack of meaningful powers won’t put any of his versions on very many teams.


And now we come to the part I know you’ve all been waiting for…Wildwill’s Patented Price Guide! 


Pricing Commentary:  Unfortunately there just aren’t enough Ebay auctions for these guys to do a full Price Guide.  As I said, they’re European Exclusives, which means that during the initial release of Indyclix in October of last year, you had to live in freakin’ EUROPE to get these guys (but then you couldn’t get some of the American only figures either).  One REV set of this guy sold for ₤7.50 (which is roughly $13.50) and the Veteran sold by it self for ₤2.19 (roughly $4.00).  One REV set didn’t sell for $20.  I think the long-term collectability of this guy is questionable, because even though he’s REALLY freakin’ hard to get, not that many people want him.


My Ratings

Playability first then Collectability


Rookie – 2,3

Exp. – 2,3

Vet. – 2,3


Next time:  More Dark Judges…aren’t you afraid yet?  I know I am.



Monger Judge Fire REV
Indy HeroClix #112, 113, 114

Honestly, I’ve never heard of this figure until now. When I first saw his sculpt, I was impressed with the design. His appearance gave me a sense of power and possible explosive offense, but looks can definitely be deceiving.

The Rookie:

Speed / Range: A 60 point figure with running shot and six range is decent. He can work his way around the board without much problem. This is about what I expected and makes me anxious to see the rest of the dial.

Attack: Well… Did I say I was anxious? That’s ended at this point. The attack values of this figure are very low and drop extremely fast. The only thing this figure has going for him in this area is the entire dial of energy explosion. Even then, he still requires successful attack rolls, which will be serious problem for this figure.

Defense: Invulnerability is a great ability, but its not as impressive when it its placed on a 14 defensive number. This figure may be able to reduce a lot of damage in the first three clicks, but a single outwitter on the opposing team can spell a quick KO for this little guy. This area is almost as disappointing as the attack, but not quite.

Damage: Possibly the best stat on the figure. His base three damage is nice and enables him to deal damage to anyone (as long as they don’t succeed on any special ability rolls). I see this figure as having normal damage dealing capabilities but there is nothing special.

Overall: The low attack values and low defense values of this figure ruin it altogether. I do not suggest picking up this figure unless you are a collector. There are FAR better pieces when it comes to playability.

The Experienced:

Speed / Range: Exactly like the rookie version, only this one has one extra click of running shot.

Attack: For 72 points, I would expect nothing less then a 9 or 10 attack value. His 8 attack is horrendous and ruins the piece as a whole. I would not suggest to anyone that they use this piece simply because of this area alone.

Defense: This one has an additional click of toughness, but once again, the actual base values are so low they are almost a joke. Just like the rookie version, a single outwitter on the opposing team can ruin this figures day.

Damage: Still the best area of the dial. Two straight clicks of a base three damage cannot be complained about or nit-picked. I just wish the other areas of this clicks arsenal were as strong as his damage.

Overall: Once again, I do not suggest that any gamers pick this piece up. A collector might find him interesting but he is definitely not playable by any means.

The Veteran:

Speed / Range: This version has an exceptional speed and range combination. He can strike opposing figures from a moderate range and his two clicks of running shot can be helpful with indoor play.

Attack: The attack values are still a little low for my liking. The 2000AD team ability helps a little, but only against a certain opposing figure, not against the entire team. Just like the rookie and the experienced versions, his entire dial is packed full of energy explosion, but his low attack value will give you a headache.

Defense: The stats were raised slightly on this version and they even included a few more clicks of toughness. This version is not as susceptible to an outwitter as the experienced or rookie, but you still want to keep him away from them whenever possible.

Damage: Exactly the same as the experienced version only he was given one extra click of a base two damage.

Overall: By far the strongest figure of the three, yet I still consider him overpriced and unplayable in tournaments. There are FAR better pieces for this price and I would definitely reach for a different figure when building a team.
Godwin Today we review one of the figures found only in the European Indy Set. They would have to pick this week to review Euro only figures since I am suppose to be in the Netherlands as we speak where I could be picking up some European Indy Boosters. But no, I had to turn down a free business trip to Europe because out of the past 3 months they had to pick the one week that I couldn’t go. I curse them all. Curse them!

Sorry. I am trying not to rant. Today we look at Judge Fire a member of the 2000AD. The Rookie Judge Fire comes in at 60 points. He is basically a Running Shot figure much like Cyclops, or Dead Shot. His starting Speed of 8 gives him a decent move distance, but with a Range of 6 he can only reach 10 with Running Shot. Even though some figures have a range of 10 without needing Running Shot this power still gives you flexibility to move and then fire positioning your figure as you go. His Starting Attack is only an 8, which means he is going to be hard pressed to hit anyone with a higher then mundane Defense of 15. The 2000AD will help, but only against a specific figure or team. Other than that your stuck with that 8 unless you Perplex. If you can hit though his Damage of 3 will come in handy. You don’t have choose between Running Shot and Ranged Combat Expert since he doesn’t have RCE. So you can do his full damage on the run. To round out Rookie Judge Fear he has Invulnerability on his first click followed by 2 clicks of Toughness. To bad starting Defense of 14 is pretty weak. This makes him very vulnerable to Outwitters and even figures with low Attacks.

The Experienced Judge Fire goes up 12 points to 72. Here is the simplest way to explain the Experienced Judge Fire. Take the exact same first click on the Rookie and now give it to the Experienced for his first 2 clicks. The only difference is he still only keeps Invulnerability for 1 click. Basically you get the same figure, but you can push him once and still keep your same offensive capabilities even though you sacrifice Invulnerability for Toughness. Otherwise he is almost an identical figure as the Rookie.

The Veteran Judge Fire goes up another 12 points to 84 and we see some improvements to this figure. Starting Speed goes to 10, Attack to 9, and Defense to 15. Damage stays at 3. The second click is almost identical to the second click on the Experienced except the Defense is 15 instead of 14, but he still doesn’t get an extra click of Invulnerability. The only other major difference is he gets two Ranged attacks instead of 1. This may not seem like a major deal, but with the new rules on multiple ranged attacks it can make a big difference. If you can target two figures in his range then you can attack both and assign the damage after your roll. So if you aim for a figure with a high defense and miss hopefully you can target a figure with a low defense and not waste your shot.

Overall Judge Fire is a pretty so-so figure in my book. I would love to have at least one simply because his sculpt is pretty cool, and he is only available in Europe (or Ebay). His playability though is not anything great. I actually think the Experienced is the worst of all of them. You basically don’t get anything for an extra 12 points. The Veteran looks like he could be useful, but 84 points is a little much to digest for since his Defense means he won’t be around long. Also use the 2000AD ability carefully. It’s not like the Ultimate X-Men. Once you select a target figure or team then all of your 2000AD team members get +1 only against that target. You don’t get to choose separately for each figure like the Ultimate X-Men.

Overall Score: (Out of 10. Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)

Rookie Judge Fire – 6.26
Experienced Judge Fire – 6.21
Veteran Judge Fire – 6.55


Without Victory, there is no survival...