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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Maxima - Unleashed

Reviewed 08.20.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  160
Collector's Number  075
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Maxima

Set: Unleashed

Number: 73-75, 217

Rarities: 3-5, LE6

Cost: 128, 138, 160, 170

Health: 9, 10, 10, 10

SSADD: 9/9/15/3, 9/10/15/3, 10/10/15/4, 10/10/15/2

Powers: Force Blast, TK, Invulnerability, Toughness

Exp and Vet add Incapacitate

LE adds Charge & CCE

Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 4, 1 Range 6, 1 Range 6, 1 Range 6

Team: Superman Enemy, Justice League, Superman Ally, Superman Enemy


Maxima started out life in the DCU as a villain, hellbent on marrying Superman, the only man she in the universe she considered macho enough to marry into the royal family of Alderac.  Of course, Clark had his sights set on someone else, and spurned her love and attention.  Ultimately she ended up in one of the versions of the JLA pre-Grant Morrison, and finally she fought right along side Supes, and mourned him during the Funeral for a Friend.  An interesting gal, she’s always been one of the stronger females in the DCU.


And she’s a great Heroclix too.  Unfortunately she’s too expensive to be tournament worthy, but she’s really nifty to play on a theme team, especially that Veteran, with the Supes TA.  The LE is nice too, if not tournament worthy either.  It’s the 10 attack and 15 defense that does her in.  For the point cost, it’s too low.  Too bad too, because I was really hoping that she’d be more playable.


Maxima REV Set Completed Auction Review – 8-16-04

# of Full Set Auctions: 6

High Amount: $2.99

Low Amount:  $0.99

Average Amount $2.37

# Auctions Above Avg: 4

# Auctions Below Avg.: 2

 # Auctions with no bids: 3

Price range of no bid Auctions: $.99-2.29


Maxima LE Completed Auction Review – 8-16-04

# of Full Set Auctions: 6

High Amount: $23.05

Low Amount:  $07.50

Average Amount $13.41

# Auctions Above Avg: 2

# Auctions Below Avg.: 4

 # Auctions with no bids: 1

Price range of no bid Auctions: $9.99


Pricing Commentary:  Her REV set is AWFULLY low for one that contains a rare, and that’s probably because her name has no cachet value to it at all.  If you can snap on up for these prices, you should.


The LE is also low, which is even more surprising, since she’s a Level 6 LE, meaning you can only get her by WINNING a tournament, but since she was one of the first prizes, and she’s been available since the first Unleashed tournaments, she’s plentiful enough I suppose.


My Ratings

Playability first then Collectability


Rookie – 2,2

Exp. – 3,2

Vet. – 3,3

LE – 3,4


Next week – Dunno what’s going to happen…maybe I’ll give up the choices, maybe I won’t.


Godwin Our next review comes from the DC Unleashed expansion set. Unleashed literally unleashed a wave of new heavy hitters, and mega-point characters to the game and Maxima was one of those. Each one of her REVs is over 100 points.

Rookie Maxima weighs in at 128 points. This prices her out of 200-point games, but she is still cheap enough to fit on a 300-point team. She has several ways to control movement on the board. Her starting Speed of 9 with Flight helps her move around with relative ease. She has 4 clicks of Telekinesis to move figures forward to start the game. Telekinesis (TK) has overtaken Flyers acting as taxis as the action of choice to move figures forward since you can still take an action with your figure after being moved forward with TK. With a Flyer the figure carried cannot take an action on the same turn, which makes a big difference. Other then TK she also has Force Blast for 2 clicks. This power can be handy, but I don’t use it a lot since it takes an action to use. It really limits what you can do with it, but its nice to shove a figure off of a building and automatically hit them for 2 damage. From the offensive side Maxima has a lower then average Attack of 9. She does keep it for 3 clicks so even after she takes damage her Attack doesn’t drop as fast as other characters. Her Damage is solid, but not great at 3. Her Defense starts low at 15 with Invulnerability, but on the second click she loses Invulnerability and suddenly her Defense jumps up to 16 for 3 clicks. I don’t like hiding weak Defenses with Invulnerability or Impervious because it just beckons Outwitters, but having a Defense of 16 into the 4th click is digestible. Rookie Maxima is also a member of the Superman Enemy team. This is good if you have another Superman Enemy team member, or wild card because she then gets Outwit. Otherwise it’s added points for nothing. Overall I’m not impressed with the Rookie. She is basically a glorified TK and there are better for cheaper.

The Experienced Maxima only goes up 10 points to 138 points. She becomes a member of the JLA and so gets a free move action. Her starting Speed, Defense, and Damage all stay the same, but she gets a deeper dial of Force Blast and Telekinesis. Her starting Attack goes up to 10, which is right at the average for a figure of this point cost and her range goes up to 6 (still not that great). She gains an additional click of Invulnerability (still with a 15 Defense) and does gain Leadership on her first click and Incapacitate later in her dial. For the extra 10 points I see a big improvement over the Rookie. She is still not a spectacular figure, but I like using her. I want my expensive figures to be able to do damage to figures with Invulnerability or Impervious down most of their dial. With her gaining Incapacitate she can still damage them through pushing, which I like. Mainly I like her in friendly games of 400 points or more. She can shuffle my team forward and then come in later as a reinforcement and be able to do some damage. I don’t think I would build a team around her, but she does have some good points that would make it attractive.

The Veteran jumps up to 160 points and is only 5 points cheaper then the Veteran Hal Jordan Green Lantern. Only her Speed and Damage increase by 1 on her first click. The Damage of 4 is nice, but without her Attack or Range increasing it’s not as effective on a 160-point character. Otherwise the only major differences over her Experienced is that her dial becomes more rounded out with 3 clicks of Invulnerability (still all at 15 Defense), 2 clicks of Leadership and a deeper dial of TK. Her last difference is that she gains the Superman Ally team ability. This is nice because now you can go after figures with Stealth, but her Range of 6 means she has to be fairly close to do that.

Overall I think Maxima is a good addition to Heroclix, but I’m not sure she is a tourney worthy figure. Perhaps there is a team combo out there that makes her dynamite, but I don’t play her that much. Out of all the REVs I think the Experienced is my favorite. She seems to get the most for her point cost. The Veteran is solid, but a tad pricey at 160 points, and I am just disappointed with the Rookie. If you have her she must be played with another Superman Enemy figure or Wild Card or else don’t waste your time. I only have the Experienced and I’ve only played her in large point games. I like her when she is not the primary focus of my team and that makes her difficult to field on anything below 400 points.

Overall Score: (Out of 10. Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)

Rookie Maxima –5.42
Experienced Maxima– 6.89
Veteran Maxima – 6.90


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