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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Shi - Indyclix

Reviewed 08.19.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  61
Collector's Number  089
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Shi
Set: Indyclix
Number: 89
Rarities: 6 - Unique
Cost: 61
Health: 7
Powers: BCF, Toughness
Ranged Attacks: None
Team: Crusade

I know Billy Tucci will hate me for saying this, but Shi was one of the BEST of the “Bad Girls” that came out of the early 90’s. (I know this, because he told me so at Wizard World). Well drawn, and decently written, Shi has survived where a lot of others haven’t, and Billy, the creator, is a really, REALLY nice guy. He’s even branched out into movie directing.

The one thing he told me (and I know, I’ve repeated this a lot), is that when WK came to him to license the character as a clix, all he said was “don’t make her suck”. Well, she doesn’t. CHEAP BCF is what you get here. Not primary attacker, but a NASTY secondary attacker, with that 11 attack and 16 defense. Sure, you MIGHT forgo the 3 damage for BCF, and I know I’d be tempted to…but come on, you can perplex that 3 up to 6, and make SURE you do that…She’s a cuisinart on wheels, what more do you need?

Shi Completed Auction Review – 8-16-04
# of Full Set Auctions: 5
High Amount: $8.01
Low Amount: $4.25
Average Amount $6.85
# Auctions Above Avg: 4
# Auctions Below Avg.: 1
# Auctions with no bids: 6
Price range of no bid Auctions: $6 – $12.99

Pricing Commentary: Wow, times HAVE changed in the almost YEAR since IndyClix was released (Heh, I still remember my first Starter, my fiancée bought it for me the day before we got married!). Unfortunately for Shi, that means a BIG drop in price. It also may have something to do with the fact that there’s an REV set too, but I forgot that, and we’re not reviewing that today. Pricing on Indyclix figures may also have something to do with the FLOOD of unopened boosters and starters still on the market and marked down at several stores, including Gamekeepers and WOTC stores that went out of business. Too bad too…but at least you can get a fully playable figure for cheap!

My Ratings
Playability - 4
Collectability - 2

Next time – We end the week with a DC Character who’s been both Hero and Villain, and she ain’t too shabby at either.

Monger Shi Unique
Indy Clix #089

I’ll be honest with everyone; I do not like this figure. The veteran version of Shi is one of the best HeroClix ever printed, yet the unique is one of the worst. When it comes to Indy Clix, if you do not have stealth, you are not a playable figure. All of the teams that were playing in the last regional I attended where based on TK, stealth, Blades/Claws and lots of range. If you left a figure out in the open, they were ripped apart within a matter of seconds. This figure, having no form of range or stealth, is nothing more then a HUGE target and in my opinion, a waste of 61 points.

Speed / Range: No abilities, no range – nothing. This figure will not be playable in any Indy Clix tournaments simply because of this. The actual speed is nice, but you’ll need a high speed when your running back to the medic. And, unless you’re playing in an open tournament or you place the overpriced Samandahl Rey on your team, there is no medic to run to.

Attack: This figure has a great attack dial. The stats are high she has blades/claws/fangs on every click. It’s just a shame she’ll never be able to use any of these great attack values, as she’ll be taking a lot of damage throughout the game until she is KO’ed.

Defense: The defense is decent. Every click has toughness and the actual defensive numbers are adequate. However, without any stealth, and the high attack values most of the Indy Clix figure were given, this figure will still take loads of damage. You will not find her in the heavy battles as she cannot protect herself.

Damage: The damage is high for a 61 pt figure. She has two clicks with a base three damage, two clicks with a base two damage and a base one damage on her last two clicks. With all of her blades/claws/fangs attacks, she’ll never end up using the base damage values. Most of the time, these stats are overlooked.

Overall: This figure is nowhere near playable. The veteran version of Shi is 1000x times stronger and 1000x better – for a cheaper point cost. I see absolutely NO reason to ever consider this piece for any form of HeroClix play, even casual.


Run Down:
Shi is a low cost, can cause a massive 3 damage from 8 spaces away rather easily but cannot be attacked herself by ordinary means ranged attacks because of her Stealth ability. Although she is primarily a ranged attacker Shi is also dangerous up close in her own right because of her Blades/C/F ability but has a weak defense behind her stealth and has a shallow dial [6].

Ideal Combo:
Attack from a distance while keeping Shi safe from ranged attacks using stealth, thus forcing your opponent to base you with a close combat, use super senses to avoid. Then attack opposing character using B/C/F. Re-roll attack dice roll by using probability control from a friendly Destiny figure. Roll two 3s then roll for B/C/F lets just say you got 6. That would deal 9 damage because of the Crusades Team ability. [Note: this combo is extremely unlikely and is only provided as an example on how to use said figure’s potential]

Great attack
Great range
Solid damage
Protection from close combat
Cheep point cost

Shallow dial
Useful only in first 3 clicks
Low defense
Team ability is hard to use

Rating in a scale of 1-5 [in bold]

1.) Broken
2.) Playable
3.) Okay
4.) Not worth using
5.) Good luck champ

Final Verdict: Shi is one of the best Indy clix to date, Cheep and somewhat versatile Shi is a great addition to many teams. Just think of her as a more powerful psylocke but without Enhancement and a lower defense.


Without Victory, there is no survival...