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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Cyclops - Ultimates

Reviewed 08.17.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  69
Collector's Number  063
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Cyclops
Set: Ultimates
Number: 61-63
Rarities: 3-5
Cost: 43, 55, 69
Health: 6, 7, 7
SSADD: 6/9/15/3, 6/10/15/4, 8/10/15/4
Powers: Running Shot, Energy Explosion, RCE
Exp and Vet add Force Blast
Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 6, 1 Range 6, 2 Range 8
Team: Ultimate X-men, Brotherhood, Ultimate X-men

Another Uitimate character. Oh boy. But for some reason, you all wanted us to review him, well, here you go.

Again, I donít know squat about the Ultimate universe, and donít really want to start learning. Iíve read a few issues of Ultimate Spidey, and Iím not impressed. I guess Iím just old-fashioned that way.

So did we really need another Cyclops? Probably not, but since his only other versions are from WAY back in the IC days, I guess WK wanted to make all their fans happy, so instead of a different character that the fans have been clamoring for (though I canít think of one off the top of my headÖoh wait, Namor would be nice) we get another dupe. Joy.

And Iím not impressed. The only version here that I see as playable is the Veteran, and at 69 points, heís over-priced. The 10 attack with two range 8 targets is nice, especially with RCE, but thatís about ALL you getÖunless you count Energy Explosion and Force Blast as great powers, and I donít. The first click of health is where Cyke is the most powerful, since heís got that 10 attack and Running Shot, but after that, itís either blast a whole bunch of clix for 1 each (I guess you can RO3 that up to 4) or one clix for 2+2. Whoopee. Like we canít do that we a bunch of other clix.


And now we come to the part I know youíve all been waiting forÖWildwillís Patented Price Guide!

Cyclops Completed Auction Review Ė 8-16-04
# of Full Set Auctions: 26
High Amount: $6.19
Low Amount: $0.99
Average Amount $2.65
# Auctions Above Avg.: 11
# Auctions Below Avg.: 15
# Auctions with no bids: 6
Price range of no bid Auctions: $3 Ė $3.75

Pricing Commentary: Seems about right for an REV that includes a Rare, if a little low. Perhaps thatís because we ALREADY HAVE a Cyclops REV set. Again, Meh.

My Ratings
Playability first then Collectability

Rookie Ė 2,2
Exp. Ė 2,3
Vet. Ė 3,3

Next time: Thereís a theme this week, but itís kind of lame. I chose one character from each universe that we havenít done a review of. Next time, itís Indy Clix turn. I know, youíre anxiously waiting to see who it isÖIíll give you a hint, itís a female and she wearsÖred.

Run down:
Ultimate Cyclops is a relatively low cost, ranged attacker with Running Shot and Energy Explosion during its prime offensive clix and has a hefty 4 unmodified damage to go along with his Running Shot clix. Unfortunately he loses these clix rather quickly and gains Force blast and Ranged Combat Expert. Depending on what version, Cyclops can have free movement through the Brotherhood Team ability [exp only] or +1 attack against a certain opposing figure or Team [superman ally, bat enemy, ect ect] in his rookie and veteran versions. In his veteran version he is at his prime with 8 range and 2 targets but still has a glass jaw combined with an extremely shallow dial. [6]

Ideal Combo:

Cyclops is adjacent to Marvel Girl, Jean Grey or any figure with Telekinesis while at the same time 5 spaces away from 3 Rookie conartist with line of sight to Cyclops and adjacent to a Veteran Blizzard. Also Veteran Pyro is 8 spaces ahead from the rest of a team, hiding in a bush with 18 defenses against ranged attacks.
Blizzard uses Pulse wave and in turn hurts the 3-rookie conartsit who then have Perplex. The conartist pump up Cyclopsís damage to 7. Cyclops uses his Ultimate x-Men team ability and targets the Ultimate team gaining 11 attacks against them. Jean grey then uses telekinesis to move Cyclops 10 spaces towards the enemy, once he lands, he uses running shot and targets 1 of 2 Veteran Ultimate Hawkeyeís his opposing team has. He successfully rolls a 5 and KOís Hawkeye. Pyro Surrounds Cyclops with Barrier to keep him safe during his opponentís turn. Then the next turn, repeat against Hawkeye #2 but without Blizzardís pulse wave or Jeanís Telekinesis. [note: this combo is extreamly costly and is only provided as an example on how to use said figureís potential]

Solid attack
Great range
Good movement [Running shot]
Great Attack

Shallow dial
Useful only in first 2 clicks
Still has a stupid pose
Low defense

Rating in a scale of 1-5 [in bold]

1.) Broken
2.) Playable
3.) Okay
4.) Not worth using
5.) Good luck champ

Final Verdict: Cyclops seems like a playable figure but his low defense, shallow dial and glass jaw combination makes him unworthy of serious tourney play, although he is a beast during a draft.
Godwin Ah Cyclops. The superhero that nobody really ever liked. Heís like the kid in school who you always wanted to smack around because he always wanted to be the leader on the kick ball team. He was somewhat of a weenie in the original X-Men and itís no different in the Ultimate universe. Still he is the ultimate team guy (no pun intended) and if I wanted someone to have my back it would be him. So what about his newest heroclix version?

The Rookie Cyclops is a member of the Ultimate X-Men team. No surprise there. His Rookie version comes in at 43 points, which is about 12 points lower then his original X-Men variation. He is very similar in that he relies on ranged shots with Running Shot or Ranged Combat Expert to do his damage. The difference is I always used Running Shot on the original to move him up to sit and use his RCE. With the new version Running Shot becomes his primary weapon. On the Rookie his Running Shot is only on his first click. His pedestrian Speed of 6 is only going to allow you to move 3 squares before firing. Combine this with a Range of 6 and his effective Range of 9 is not that great. What rounds out the Rookie is that his Attack of 9 is good for a 43 point figure and with the Ultimate X-Men team ability that can go up to 10 against a single opponent, or team. What also is nice is his natural 3 Damage means he can do 3 clicks of Damage with Running Shot. He doesnít have to choose between that or using RCE. Overall though the Rookie has some weaknesses that limit his playability. His Defense is average, and with his Attack dropping to 7 and losing Running Shot on his 2nd click his usefulness plummets after his first click.

The Experienced version of Cyclops gets bumped up to 55 points (identical to the IC / Universe Rookie Cyclops). He becomes a member of the Brotherhood representing when he was pretending to be a member of the Brotherhood to spy on Magneto. From the Rookie version to the Experienced version his Range doesnít change, and his starting Speed doesnít change so he canít stretch his shots over any further distance. His attack goes up to 10, but he doesnít have the Ultimate X-Men team ability. Oh and his Defense is still mundane at 15 with no modifiers to it. So why do I like this guy? Because he has a Damage of 4 and I donít mean with RCE included. He can do 4 damage with Running Shot and that is just deadly. I used him in my Ultimate marquee and he did about half of the overall damage done by my team. With an Attack of 10 he will miss a shot or two, but he will also land a lot. Only Thor, that Iím aware of, can do 4 clicks of damage with Running Shot. Push him only if you need to because even though he has Running Shot on his second click he gains RCE and his natural Damage drops to 2.

The Veteran version simply takes what the Experienced does well and heightens it with his 69-point cost. Keep the same Attack of 10, but add back the Ultimate X-Men and now he can target an opponent or team with an Attack of 11. His Damage stays at 4, but now its like that for 2 clicks so if necessary pushing him might be a good strategic move. His Speed on his first click now goes up to 8 so you can an extra square of movement. Oh and his Range goes to 8 with 2 Ranged Attacks if needed for flexibility. So his effective Range for Running Shot is now 12. That is nice, very nice! His Defense is still suspect, but try to keep him away from close combat.

Overall I have the Experienced and he almost single handily one me my Frank Castle LE. His Range is a little shorter then I like, but I will never, ever complain about Running Shot with a Damage of 4. On a 55 point character nonetheless. I donít have the Rookie, but I feel that he isnít quite well rounded enough to be worth his 43 points. The Veteran is a very, very nice piece for his point cost. I happen to be a big fan of Running Shot and like figures who can use it with high damage values. He is just insane and should always do enough damage to warrant his 69-point cost. I donít have him, but would love to get ahold of him. If you play smart and know how to use him and keep him out of close combat he should be a monster on your team. Cyclops is one weenie who can play on my team anytime!

Overall Score: (Out of 10. Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)

Rookie Cyclops Ė 5.97
Experienced Cyclops Ė 6.93
Veteran Cyclops Ė 7.50


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