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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Umar - Critical Mass

Reviewed 08.12.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  80
Collector's Number  078
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Umar REV

Marvel Critical Mass #078

            All three versions of Umar are strong figures.  Iíve picked up a few of the experienced and veteran versions, but they do not see as much play as my veteran Bullseye.  Although the dials on all three versions are strong, there are better figures in the Marvel universe.  If you really want to give Umar a try though, I would definitely suggest using the experienced or veteran versions.  The rookie is a tad steep on her points, and the actual stats are somewhat low.  All three versions have a huge range of abilities and they are all capable of great things.


The Rookie:


            Speed / Range:  A rookie figure with 10 range is hard to come by.  Her movement cannot be considered the greatest thing in the world, but her phasing ability gives her access to almost any square on the board.  Overall, her range is well above average for a 50-55 point figure, but the speed could use a little help Ė itís low!


            Attack:  Iím never impressed with any figure that doesnít show a double digit attack value.  Her beginning click of incapacitate allows her to slow down opposing figures, but most of the time youíll need a high roll to do so.  I keep finding myself comparing this figure to the veteran Bullseye, and right now, she is loosing badly!


            Defense:  Energy deflection is a great ability Ė when it sets on top of a decent number.  Unfortunately for Umar, her defensive stats are very low on this version.  Any figures who make it adjacent to this figure will find it extremely easy to deal damage to this figure on her first two clicks.  The next four clicks have mastermind, but a good player will make sure there are no adjacent figures for her to throw the damage onto.


            Damage:  Her first click is very impressive with a base 2 damage combined with ranged combat expert.  From this click, it goes downhill in a hurry.  The second and third clicks have a base two damage with no abilities and the 4th thru 6th click are a miserable 1 damage.  Once this figure gets close to her last few clicks, sheís in serious trouble!


            Overall:  Not what I would consider a tournament worthy figure.  The attack values are low, the defense is low and the damage drops fast.  The only thing this version has going for it is the high starting click of damage and the 10 range.


The Experienced:


            Speed / Range:  Her speed and range are almost identical to the rookie version.  You will find one more click of life on this one, but they filled that space with an extra click of phasing.  The range is high, but it is about normal for an offensive minded figure in her point range.  The actual speed is still a little low for my liking, starting out at seven and dropping slowly from there.


            Attack:  With this version we finally get a double digit attack value of ten.  Even though there is only one click of this, it does make a large difference when making attack rolls.  Iím sure you all know how important that one extra number is!  The difference between needing a 7 and needing an 8 to make a successful attack in some games can be HUGE!  Umar still provides us with incapacitate, which allows her to slow down opposing figures with impervious or invulnerability, even when her RCE ability has been outwitted.  This versions attack is much better then the rookie version and is almost worth her point value.


            Defense:  The energy deflection is still there, but the numbers havenít changed much.  They are still somewhat low and drop extremely fast.  If you use this figure, make sure you stay on hindering terrain as much as possible.  That one extra point to your defense is a much needed thing!


            Damage:  Exactly the same as the rookie, only we are given two straight clicks of a base two damage with ranged combat expert.  This version can deal more damage and doesnít have to fear being pushed!  From there, the stats drop quickly and she looses all her damage abilities completely.


            Overall:  A decent figure for her points.  Iíve given her a couple test runs in teams Iíve built, and Iíve had mild success with her.  The low defense seems to be a problem when she is fighting high attack value figures or pieces with outwit.


The Veteran:


            Speed / Range:  We are finally starting to get decent speed values with this piece.  Her 8 speed gives her a chance to run about the board and keep everyone in check when needed.


            Attack:  Two straight clicks of double digit attack values.  This is much better then the first two versions combined!  The eleven attack gives her the ability to make successful attacks against anyone on the board who faces her.


            Defense:  Ahhh, a 16 defense with energy deflection.  This is exactly what this piece needed, a solid defense with a great ability tacked on top.  This version will be tough to hit and provide a serious threat to everyone who opposes her.


            Damage:  Three straight clicks of a base two damage with ranged combat expert.  She can deal massive amounts of damage and combined with her high attack value Ė its easy!


            Overall:  By far the best version!  This piece has everything it takes to be involved in serious tournament play.  Iím a huge fan of this particular piece and Iím sure everyone who uses her will be the same.



Run Down:

Umar is a walking Phaser that has a long range of 10 but only has one ranged targets. She has Incapacitate during her prime offensive dials, loses it for a couple clix of Telekinesis and gains it again when she is winding down. Her defensive capabilities start out with Energy Shield and then after a few clix she gain barrier instead. Her damage is increased with RCE but only for a brief time.


Ideal Combo:

None really, just use her as an offensive piece during the start, donít push her too much or her Energy shield will be easier to overcome. Once she loses incapacitate and energy shield then use her as a support fig by using Telekinesis to move friendly characters around or use barrier to protect friendly figures or temporarily imprison non flying enemy figures.



Solid starting attack on E and V versions

High starting defense on E and V versions b/c of Energy shield

Phasing-------Allows to move through hindering and/or blocking terrain

RCE on every version-----increases attack

Useful for 75% of health.

Barrier from 10 range

10 range



Not flying-----could be more dangerous if

Only 1 ranged target

Points cost not cheep

Last few clix unnecessary



Rating in a scale of 1-5 [in bold]


1.) Broken

2.) Playable

3.) Okay

4.) Not worth using

5.) Good luck champ


Final Verdict: Umar is a solid piece, both offensive and defensive but her medium high point cost will not be tolerated in competitive tourneys because there are better pieces than her and lets face it sheís a toned down Dr. Strange without enhancement, support or probability control.


Umar comes from the Critical Mass set. I really donít know much about her background in the comics and I currently only have the Rookie Umar in my collection, but lets take a look at her REV today and see what we get.


Rookie Umar starts off at 54 points, which puts her into the category of a support style piece when rounding out your team.  Her Speed is relatively weak starting at 6 and dropping down to a 4.   She does have Phasing for her first 2 and last 2 clicks, which helps her move easily through walls, and other terrain.  This is also handy for giving you a free break away when you get into a close combat fight you donít want.  Where Rookie Umar stands out is her Range of 10, which is rather uncommon for a figure of this point value.   Her Attack of 9 is average for this point cost, but makes it a gamble to hit figures with higher defenses.  Her Attack is accentuated with Incapacitate and Telekinesis on her middle 2 clicks. Telekinesis can be used in a variety of ways, but personally I feel itís more useful on a figure on their starting click where they can use it early in the game.   Her Damage of 2 gets Ranged Combat Expert (RCE) on the first click only.  After her third click her Damage is reduced to 1 so using Incapacitate or even Telekinesis to throw an object seems more attractive.  Her Defense is low at 14 and Energy Shield Deflection (ESD) only helps a little.   Barrier on her last 4 clicks gives her that additional flexibility to still help out the team even after taking some damage.  Overall I like this figure.  A Range of 10 with Incapacitate, RCE, or Barrier on only a 54-point figure gives her some real flexibility and makes her a great support piece.  


Experienced Umar goes up to 69 points. Her starting Speed, Attack, and Defense all go up 1.  She gains an additional click of life and her powers are pretty much identical except she has RCE for 2 clicks and she keeps Phasing and Incapacitate through her third click before gaining both back on her 6th.  Overall Experienced Umar benefits most from the increased Attack.  An Attack of 10 gives her a better chance of landing her long ranged shots.   RCE is still her primary weapon and ESD is to help her avoid damage from ranged shots, and Phasing to avoid close combat confrontations.


Veteran Umar tops out at 80 points.  She now has 8 clicks of life and again her starting Speed, Attack, and Damage all go up one to 8, 11, and 16 respectively.  She keeps Phasing for 4 clicks with the additional 2 at the end, keeps ESD for 4 clicks before gaining Barrier, and keeps RCE for 3 clicks.  She also still switches from Incapacitate to Telekinesis and then back to Incapacitate.  Overall the Veteran Umar is a very capable attack figure with her Attack of 11, Range of 10, and 3 clicks of RCE for a possible 4 damage (5 if you Perplex).  The main drawback to the Veteran is that when you push her up to 80 points she now is expensive enough that you have to consider her as at least a secondary attacker.   She has some weaknesses on the defensive side especially against figures with Charge, or with your opponent using Telekinesis to move someone close. Phasing will easily move you away, but it takes an action to move and soon youíre having her continuously move away and not able to fire back.


Overall I like Umar, but I think I actually prefer the Rookie or Experienced over the Veteran.  I know that their Attack is weaker, but itís all about what you get for the points and I simply feel that Umar is a very good support piece, but not so much as a main attacker.  For 80 points the Veteran prices herself out of this category.  For 54 points or 69 points a figure with a Range of 10 and 4 damage with a decent attack can really be a valuable asset.   Besides there is a better figure with almost the same cost from the same set and that would be Veteran Nebula.   She has the same range, same attack, same damage as Veteran Umar, but with a higher defense. And with Mastermind suddenly she can get more out of starting clicks.  


Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)


Rookie Umar Ė 6.64

Experienced Umar Ė 6.72

Veteran Umar Ė 6.61



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