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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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LE Magneto - Ultimates

Reviewed 08.10.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value 132
Collector's Number 200
Rarity LE6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Magneto (Xorn)

Set: Marvel Ultimates

Number: 200

Rarity: Mail Away Unique

Cost:  133

Health: 8


Speed 8 8 8 8 6 6 4

Attack 12 11 10 19 9 8 8

Defense 16 16 15 15 14 13 13

Damage 2 3 3 3 3 3 3


Speed - Force Blast first 2 clicks

Attack - Telekinesis first 3 clicks, Energy Explosion next 3

Defense - Invulnerability first 3 clicks, Toughness remainder of dial

Damage - Range Combat Expert first 5 clicks, then Exploit Weakness for 2 clicks

Ranged Attacks: 2 Range 10 Targets

Team: Brotherhood


I let Monger choose this week’s clix to review, in yet a further effort to avoid my responsibilities (just kidding…I’ll be choosing again shortly).  Today we’re looking at Magneto (Xorn).  This figure represents Mags at his most deadly, just after he was revealed to be hiding as Xorn in New X-Men #146-150, where he decimated the city of New York and most of the X-men while on the mutant drug Kick..  I included the exact stats off the figure, since the on-line stats as listed at the WizKids official site are WRONG! 


That 12 attack with 2 range 10 targets is the first thing that grabs my attention, then that 3 damage with RCE is next.  By the time you’re done fooling around with Force Blast and TK, you have RCE and Exploit Weakness…NICE.  He’s a p.o.ed primary attacker here.  Sure that 133 point cost is going to put off a few, but not me…if I were planning a Brotherhood theme team, he’d be my linchpin. 


And now we come to the part I know you’ve all been waiting for…Wildwill’s Patented Price Guide! 


Magneto (Xorn) Mail Away Completed Auction Review – 8-4-04

# of Single Auctions: 116

High Amount: $21.50

Low Amount:  $  5.00

Average Amount $ 10.76

# Auctions Above Avg.: 53

# Auctions Below Avg.: 63

# Auctions with no bids: 73

Price range of no bid Auctions: $0.99-$14.99


Pricing Commentary:

Pricing Mail Away Uniques is quite odd…since the figure was available to pretty much ANYONE who bought an issue of Wizard, Toyfare or Inquest during a specific month and sent in the coupon found inside with $5.00 per figure.  This time they upped the maximum order to 3 figures (or was it 4, can’t remember), instead of the normal 2, which means that the supply probably FAR exceeds the demand at this point.  But, if there’s one thing I’ve noticed, its that those Mail Aways do eventually run out, and people will pay a premium for figures that only cost you $5.00…which is why I ALWAYS order multiples of these guys and hold on to them for awhile.  Eventually you can trade them for something you don’t have.  He may not be worth much right now, though $10 for a $5 figure isn’t bad…just hold on to your extras for a little while, some new player who didn’t get in on the Mail Away will want one eventually.  Tell me new players, how much do you want Phasing GL, or OWAW Supes?  Or Bezerker Wolvie for that matter?


My Ratings:


Playabilty 4 of 5

Collectability 4 of 5.


Next time on Monger’s week – Attack of the villains continues…but don’t worry, I had never heard of the next character either.



LE Magneto

Marvel Ultimates Mail-Away #200


When I saw the stats on the Wizkids web site for this figure, I was somewhat impressed.  He looked like a solid piece both offensively and defensively for a decent price.  Once my order came in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised…  Not only had the stats changed, but they were even better then what was shown!  This version of Magneto went from partially playable to tournament worthy!  That means a lot coming from mouth too!


Speed / Range:  The speed and range are excellent.  I love the addition of the 10 range and dual targets.  Double Energy explosion is a great tool to have and we have the capability with this figure!  The addition of force blast was odd, but it does help when you are surrounded by opposing figures.  Altogether the speed and range of this figure fit his point value nicely.


Attack:  MUCH MUCH MUCH better then what we were shown on the web site.  The 12 attack on his first click is what really caught my eye.  Not only this, but it drops extremely slow and doesn’t get any lower then 8 before his KO clicks.  Like every good Magneto, we have the starting three clicks of telekinesis, which we all expected, but it’s the next three clicks that I loved.  The three strong clicks of energy explosion!  His 9 attack combined with this power and his dual attack can wreck a lot of havoc and deal a lot of damage to opposing figures who like to group up.


Defense:  Asking for impervious would have been a little to much, but we got the next best thing as far as damage reducing is concerned – invulnerability.  Three straight clicks of this ability at that too.  The actual defensive numbers are that impressive, but as long as you keep him away from any outwitters, he’ll do just fine!


Damage:  What a monster…  This guy can deal damage is bulk!  All he needs is one little con artist and this guy is dealing 6 clicks of damage with ease.  The first five clicks have ranged combat expert and are followed by exploit weakness.  The base 3 damage assures he can get past any defense, even when his RCE ability is outwitted.  I love the offensive capabilities of this piece!  Absolute monster…


Overall:  I love this figure!  Great range, great offense, great defense, he’s just amazing!  I expected his point value to be a lot higher then it was, I’m extremely impressed.  The defensive numbers are just a tad low, but his abilities make up for it, plus the medics find those low numbers nice when it comes to making support rolls!


Well for those of you who read the reviews of Xorn, or know the comic book history of Xorn you know that he was a member of the X-men with healing powers and the ability to control gravity.  As it turns out he was actually Magneto in disguise and caused mayhem for the X-Men when he revealed his true nature.   Wizkids in conjunction with   Wizard Entertainment brought us a Limited Edition Magneto still in his Xorn costume.  This Magneto comes in at 133 points and for those of you who have him yet his stats on the Wizkids website are wrong.  Obviously before they mailed him out they changed around his stats and powers a little.


To start Magneto gains flight over his Xorn form.  His Speed will not blow you away starting at 8, but it stays consistent at 8 for 4 clicks.  After 4 clicks it does plummets to 6 for 2 clicks and then a measly 4 on his last click.   He has 3 clicks of Telekinesis that no version of Magneto would be complete without. He also starts with 2 clicks of Force Blast which can be helpful to keep opponents at a distance, but it takes an action to use so its not always the best course of action.


His Attack is also different then originally proposed on the Wizkids website.  He still has a Range of 10 and 2 Ranged Attacks, but his starting Attack goes up to 12, which really helps give this character some kick and a higher starting Attack then the Unique Magneto.  His Attack also levels off a lot quicker then originally proposed. It drops steadily from a 12, but never drops below an 8.   The website showed that after his first click it dropped from an 11 to a 9. Ouch!  Anytime an Attack drops 2 values off of the starting click that is not good.  Having only a 9 on a 133 point figure after 1 click would not be very promising.  As for powers after 3 clicks of Telekinesis he gains 3 click of Energy Explosion.  I’m not sure how much use Energy Explosion will get at this point in his dial.  That’s because his Damage has gone from a 2 on his first click to a natural 3 Damage on all of his other clicks.  And he has Ranged Combat Expert for his first 5 clicks.  So I would be much more tempted to try to do 5 clicks of Damage to one opponent then maybe 1 on a couple of different opponents.  On his last 2 clicks he gains Exploit Weakness, which will come in handy since most likely your opponent will try to get him into close combat. With a not quite hopeless Attack of 8 you have at least a chance to land a blow that your opponent will definitely feel. 


Magneto’s Defense starts at 16 for his first 2 clicks and then drops slowly from there.   He has 3 clicks of Invulnerability followed by 4 clicks of Toughness.   He only has 7 clicks of life though so his dial is not super deep.  An Outwitter could be his downfall if you are not careful. Try to keep him at his Range of 10 and this will limit the number of opponents who will have a chance to hit him.


Overall I’m glad they changed the stats around. I think the original stats would have made him an interesting figure, but his play time would plumment since I think people would find him difficult to use.  For 132 points you would have a good Attack with limited Damage and then as your Damage went up your Attack would go down so you would miss more shots.  I don’t think you would have ever got your full 132 points out of him in most games.  The new stats make him more playable and quite a menace at range.  The Unique Magneto is still superior with his combination of Running Shot, 4 Damage, Impervious, Invulnerability and the same Range with 2 attacks, but any collector of Heroclix should have this figure.  He will be a nice centerpiece on a brotherhood team for those of us who have not pulled the Unique Magneto yet.  After all what Brotherhood team can be complete without the Master of Magnetism!


Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)


LE Magneto - 7.37



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