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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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She-Hulk - Clobberin’ Time

Reviewed 08.03.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  120
Collector's Number  084
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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This week I let one of our intrepid reviewers choose the figures…so if you don’t like them, blame Godwin. If you do, praise Godwin…

Name: She-Hulk
Set: Clobberin’ Time
Numbers: 82-84
Rarities: 3, 4, 5
Cost: 59, 110, 120
Health: 8, 9, 10
SSADD: 8/9/15/3, 8/10/16/4, 10/11/17/4
Powers: Leap/Climb, Super-Strength, Invulnerability, Toughness, Battle Fury
Exp & Vet add Charge
Ranged Attacks: None
Team: None, Fantastic Four, Avengers

Young Jennifer got a blood transfusion from her kindly older cousin Bruce…Bruce BANNER that is…oops…yeah, guess who’s skin turned green? Any guesses? ANYWAY She-Hulk has been a member of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers over the years, and she’s had her own title at least three times that I can think of, notably in the 80’s by John Byrne (remember the cover where she said “Read my book, or I’ll come over and rip up all your X-Men comics?”) She’s great…and she has a new series out.

And she’s not a bad Heroclix either. Sure, she’s not primary attacker material, and as a brick she leaves a little to be desired, but she’s definitely playable, especially the Vet version. Whenever your attack is in the double digits, you’re doing well, and that 3 or 4 damage looks nasty when you perplex that up to 7 with RO3. She’ll last awhile with those high defense stats, and while she doesn’t have the holy trinity of Invulnerability, Impervious and Toughness, she isn’t doing too badly with two of the three (if I’m not mistaken Impervious didn’t come out until AFTER Clobberin’ Time…though I could easily be wrong). Bottom line? You pull Shulkie EXP or VET, try to get her on a team. You won’t be unhappy.

And now we come to the part I know you’ve all been waiting for…Wildwill’s Patented Price Guide!

She-Hulk REV Set Completed Auction Review – 8-2-04
# of Single Auctions: 4
High Amount: $ 10.50
Low Amount: $ 3.24
Average Amount $ 7.25

Pricing Commentary: Don’t let the lack of stats fool you, just because there were only 2 REV sets completed in the last 90 days doesn’t mean a thing. Clobberin’ Time pieces are getting fewer and farther between these days, and REV sets even more so. The veteran piece by itself has sold recently for as high as $5.50, which isn’t spectacular, but it is solid. You can expect this REV set to gain in value, not a lot, but it will gain.

My Ratings (Playability first, then collectability):

Rookie 2, 2
Exp. 3, 3
Veteran 4,3

Next time: Godwin’s picks continue…


Well I was given the chance to choose the reviews this week. I thought it might be interesting to review some older figures as well as tie in one of the Ultimate uniques that I have pulled.  So this week we are going to make it an Avengers theme week and do a couple of Avenger figures that have not yet been reviewed. Today we take a look at the She-Hulk REV set from Clobberin Time.  I happen to have the complete REV of her so lets see what she brings to the table.  She-Hulk is a lot like the Hulk and yet nothing like him at the same time.  She is always green so she never requires pushing to get “Hulked up” (Yeah!).  She is similar in that she is a quintessential close combat fighter and uses whatever object she can find to bash you over your head with, but you will definitely notice she goes about it in a slightly different way.


The Rookie She-Hulk comes in at a mere 59 points.  Her Speed is adequate starting at 8 although without any powers on her first click she has to move around the board the old fashion way.  She does gain Leap/Climb for the next 5 clicks, which is nice for being able to break away whenever you want and freely move around the board.  She also gains Battle Fury on her last 4 clicks, which is unique to her Rookie version.   Her Attack of 9 is about average for a figure of 59 points, but it drops steadily so try not to get her beat up to early in the game.   Her Damage of 3 with Super Strength gives her a solid amount of damage she can do for her point cost.   Her starting Defense of 15 is mundane, but the 2 clicks of Invulnerability are not.  This is a nice power to have on a figure of only 59 points and means unless someone Outwits Invulnerability she has an advantage over other figures of her point cost. Overall the Rookie is a solid secondary fighter for her cost and can squeeze into a lot of games.  If she gets knocked around early though she will be reduced to a bystander.


The Experienced She-Hulk pole vaults up to 110 points and becomes a member of the Fantastic Four.  She is the exact same point cost as the Experienced Thing and can be swapped in his place if you are playing a Fantastic Four team.  For an additional 51 points She-Hulk really rounds out into a good figure.   She gains two clicks of Charge, which no version of Hulk has ever had.  With a Speed of 8 this gives her a solid, but not great, distance to be able to run over and attack on the same turn.  Her Attack goes up to 10, which she keeps for 2 clicks. Her dial doesn’t drop nearly as quickly and she has a good chance to still land hits deeper down her dial. Her Damage goes up to 4 on her first click, which combined with Super Strength, always gives you the potential to do some crippling damage.  Her Defense also goes up to 16 for her first 2 clicks.  She now has Invulnerability for 3 clicks and 8 clicks of health.  Experienced She-Hulk just might be a better figure then Experienced Thing for the same point cost. Even though her Defense is lower her higher Attack really can come in handy and Leap/Climb allows her to easily get out of fights that aren’t going her way while Thing would have to roll to break-away. 


The Veteran She-Hulk only goes up to 120 points. She now becomes a member of the Avengers and her combinations of powers are quite lethal for the point cost.  Charge now is heightened with a starting Speed of 10.   Her Attack goes up to 11 for 2 clicks and doesn’t drop below a 9 until her 7th click.  Her Damage of 4 is carried over for a 2nd click.  Her starting Defense goes up to 17 with 4 clicks of Invulnerability and Toughness the rest of her dial.    Overall, in my opinion, Veteran She-Hulk has all the quintessential tools for a very potent close combat heavy hitter.  Her combination of Charge and Leap/Climb give her an excellent opportunity to choose when and where to fight.   Her solid Attack helps ensure she will land her hits. Her Invulnerability is not overshadowed by a weak Defense like a lot of big figures so even if you Outwit Invulnerability it’s still not a given that you will hit her.  For 120 points she can go toe to toe with some of the more expensive figures in the game. Every time I’ve played her she has done well.  Combined with a Medic she can last darn near forever.   For 120 points she is cheap enough to easily build around in a 300-point game.  


All three figures fill a nice little niche.  The Rookie can be a solid support piece, while the Experienced is best played as a 5th member to the Fantastic Four in larger games.  Unless I’m playing Fantastic Four figures I always try to make room for the Veteran since her stats are nicely rounded out for only 10 more points and you can use the Avenger team ability without needing other Avengers on the team.  Also a lot of people like the Veteran Thing, and I happen to be one of them, however, if you compare him next to Veteran She-Hulk you’ll be surprised to see that she seems to be his better or equal in every category and yet is 14 points less.  Very intriguing!



Overall Score: (Out of 10.  Score of: 4 = horrible, 5 = below average, 6 = slightly above average, 7 = great, 8 = outstanding)


Rookie She-Hulk – 6.87

Experienced She-Hulk – 7.33

Veteran She-Hulk – 7.56




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