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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

The General - Unleashed

Reviewed 04.30.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  176
Collector's Number  86
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: The General
Set: Unleashed
Number: 86
Rarities: 6 Unique
Cost: 176
Health: 12
SSADD: 8/12/15/3
Powers: Charge, Leap/Climb, Super Strength, Impervious, Invulnerability, Toughness, Regeneration, Close Combat Expert
Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 8
Team: Injustice League

OK I’ll admit it, at first glance I thought this guy was the main mutant in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. But it’s not him. I dunno who this guy is, and Whoclix (http://members.aol.com/whoclix/dc2ag.htm) wasn’t MUCH more help, though it’s better than nothing. My best guess is that he’s a DC version of Nuke who memorably appeared in the best Frank Miller run on Daredevil.

After initially going “who the heck is that” I looked at his dial and when “Whoa” just like Neo in The Matrix. This guy is LOADED to bear. Let your opponent start moving around the board, then with a good TK jump you can base your opponent and do 5 un-perplexed damage on the first turn. 5 Damage! OUCH. Or heck, just use Charge and do it yourself! 12 freaking clicks of Health, are you kidding me? Oh but wait he’s got the all-important dial of never getting hit combo (Impervious, Invulnerability, Toughness, Regeneration). Range 8 attack, Injustice League TA. Sure, he’s freaking 176 points, but heck he’s a one man attack force. If you get him, build a team around him as your primary attacker. Add some TK and Perplex and you’re good to go. He doesn’t even need Stealth, because, well he is a Tank, and you ought to hear him from a mile away.

I don’t understand why this guy is trading at the low cost of $12.47 on average, but be thankful, you can get one CHEAP. His low is $5.50 and high is $19.99 with 95 selling in the last 90 days on Ebay. Those are great buying numbers, and lousy selling numbers. Fortunately, it’s a buyer’s market on Heroclix right now (unless your figure is one of the elite must-haves). If you don’t pull one, my advice is to shell out the dough, ‘cause he’s worth it.

My Ratings: (Playability then Collectability)

Next time – We’re done with Unleashed for awhile, but that doesn’t mean we’re leaving DC…we’ll look at a few forgotten children who now have more to mingle with. Next up the scrub of doom…I mean Parademons…

Shooter The General

176 points
Range 8; 1 Targets
11 clix of life

Injustice League

Charge (2 clix); Leap/Climb (4 clix); Super Strength (9 clix); Impervious (1 click); Invulnerability (2 clix); Toughness (3 clix); Regeneration (5 clix); Close Combat Expert (7 clix)

Lookswise, this guy is the epitome of intimidation. Big red eyes, big scary teeth, and a big scary gun resting nonchalantly on his shoulder, with a second one pointed at you at the ready. Those combat pants look a little snug on him though…But I like this sculpt, not one of my all-time favorites, but a good sculpt nonetheless.

Average speed values; his Charge is nice, but with an 8 speed, you’ll be glad that he also has his range of 8. His attack values are great. He starts off with a 12, and then steps down gradually ending off at 7 (although, you’ll never be attacking him at that point…more explanation later). His defense definitely leaves something to be desired: 1 click of 15, 2 of 14 (1 at the start of Invulnerability, then again at the start of Toughness), and it just goes downhill from there, his final 3 clix having defense values of 11. His damage reducers are nice, but drop off after halfway, which is seemingly bad, but they’re replaced by a whole lot of Regeneration. 5 clix in a row to be precise. That’s just maddening. No other character (to my knowledge anyway) has that many clix of Regen. He can take a lot of damage just to land on one of those many Regen clix and heal himself back up some. His really low defense value also means that he can be medic healed easily. His damage values are very nice. 4 clix of 3 damage with CCE, then the other 7 clix all have damage of 2 (3 of those also have CCE). His Injustice League TA might very well be wasted points, but then again, if you have him taxied around by another member of the IL, then it might be useful (consider Queen Bee who also has Poison).

If you’re gonna use him as your primary attacker on a non Injustice League team, I suggest positioning him so he can take shots at people from long range and if someone comes into Charge range or just bases him on they’re own, let his CCE and Super Strength lay the smack down on them. Or you could use his range while your tie-up pieces move in and then have The General charge in and lay the real beating down to the opposition. Once he soaks up some damage, you can either L/C him back to get healed or use his Regen to put him back into a higher point on his dial and continue laying the smack down.

100 points: N/A
200 points: 1 out of 5 (Way, way too many points)

300 points: 1.5 out of 5 (With just over 100 points left, he’s just a big target since you can’t support him well enough)
400+ points: 3.5 out of 5 (Well supported, he can ravage, but it takes some definite skill)


Next time… A little shock trooper from Apokolips.


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