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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Kilowog - Unleashed

Reviewed 04.27.2004

Rank Veteran
Point Value  112
Collector's Number  087
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Kilowog

Set: Unleashed

Number: 87

Rarities: 6 Unique

Cost: 112

Health: 9

SSADD: 10/9/16/4

Powers: Charge, TK, Incapacitate, Energy Shield/Deflection, Barrier, Willpower

Ranged Attacks:  1 Range 6

Team: Green Lantern


Kilowog has some big fans out there, and I proudly count myself as one of them.  The big Poozer has made memorable appearances in Green Lantern (obviously) but more notably, Justice League, where he was the leagueís Mr. Fix-It during the memorable Keith Giffen/Barry Kitson et. Al. run.  His home planet was destroyed during the Crisis, but that didnít stop Kilowog from being, one of the most loved GLís not named Hal, Jon or Kyle.  During Hal Jordanís moment of insanity during the Emerald Twilight storyline, Kilowog was murdered (honestly, it was the ONLY character death Iíve ever cared about) by his former student.  It was all very Shakespearean, and very sad too.  Fortunately for comic fans world-wide, Kyle Raynor recently resurrected the big guy, and heís back in business.  Some things do get righted in Comics I guess.  Heís also made appearances in the Justice League animated show, their depiction pretty much being the same as the one in the comics.


WizKids has a treasure trove of nifty Green Lanterns to mine figures from.  Problem is, all of them are immensely powerful.  So what do they do?  Make REVs for Jon Stewart and Hal Jordan (whereís Kyle?) and make everyone else a Unique.  Makes sense to me!  At 112 points he falls in between the Rookie and Exp. versions of Hal, and in between the Exp. and Vet. Versions of Jon Stewart.  In a tournament where you can only play one of each ďNamedĒ character, Kilowog could come in quite handy when you want a third Green Lantern character.  In fact, if they make a few more GLís you can create an entire Green Lantern Corps if you wantÖand thatís what I think Heroclix should be about.  Plus with this figure you can re-write your own version of Emerald Twilight and maybe this time the good guys WILL win.  Hey thatís a good idea for a game scenarioÖput up Veteran Hal Jordan GL against the Sinestro Construct and Kilowog!


So heís not overly cheap, but then again, heís not too expensive.  At 112 points heís gotta have some firepower, and at a 4 damage to start, heís not doing too shabby.  Unfortunately he only gets one click at that ranking, but the rest of the dial isnít too bad either.  9 Attack is pretty average, but 16 Defense is above average.  A 10 Speed will get him where he needs to go too.  Letís look at those powers shall we?  Having Charge and TK on the same dial is a mixed bag.  At least the TK lasts for quite a few clicks before it becomes Incap, which at range isnít bad either.  Too bad by the time you get it your attack is at a 7.  Energy Shield gives way to Barrier, which becomes Willpower at the end.  Not having to pay for pushing the big guy at the end of his dial doesnít suck, but itís not AS useful as it could be at the beginning.


Overall heís a playable figure, but not as a primary attacker, and at 112 points, heís going to be left off of a lot of 300 point teams.  In a 400 and above game heís a great support piece/secondary attacker.


Recent Ebay auctions have shown that Kilowog has an average value of $19.85, with a high of $33.01 and a low of $10.50 (with 95 auctions closing in the last 90 days), puts him as about the fifth most valuable regular Unique in the Unleashed set (any guesses as to the top 4?)


My ratings Ė playability first, then Collectability.




Next time Ė The Man with the Kryptonite Heart!

The Executive While he may not look like it, Kilowog is a good guy. Yeah, I know- with
that savage look you'd assume otherwise. Kilowog was actually the trainer of
Hal Jordan, the greatest Lantern to ever live. Although Kilowog did teach
Jordan, this guy is a pretty weak Lantern by all means. I mean, Jordan
killed the guy. That's pretty weak.

There's no need to review this. He's a unique without a purpose. Like Vision
from Infinity Challenge. He's just not worth it. The GLTA is worth nothing
this time around, so forget about him.

Playability- 1/5
Collectability- 3/5 (All Uniques have at least some worth)
Monger Kilowog Unique
DC Unleashed #087

Huge figure, high damage, GL team ability, TK, barrier, willpower, charge and only 112 points. This guy is definitely worth playing! I love this sculpt as well, its large and draws lots of attention! This is good, as he is a cheap beat down figure, which will allow you to place some other offensive pieces along side of him!!!

Speed / Range: A speed of 10 combined with charge is an excellent combo. Especially when you look at this figures damage value of 4. This guy flies out of nowhere and smashes just about everyone he approaches. His last five clicks are empty when it comes to powers, but he makes up for this is other areas. The six range could have been a little higher, considering he has a GL ring! But Iíll take six; it could have been a lot worse!

Attack: The one low point, if you can consider it low. I love TK and I never build teams over 200 points without it. Kilowog offers five clicks of TK and then switches to incapacitate for his last three clicks. Although his 9 attacks somewhat low, it gets the job done and works well with a few perplexers (I prefer DEO agents).

Defense: Ah, I love energy deflection! But my love affair is starting to waiver now that Wizkids has introduced so many figures with hypersonic speed. Anyhow, its still a great ability and should never be overlooked. Kilo offers three clicks of deflection then picks up barrier for three more. The final two clicks of Kiloís life have willpower, and if you have read any of my past reviews, you know how much I LOVE WILLPOWER!!! Be careful if you use this figure however, once you lose the deflection, Kilos defense is low and can be knocked out with a couple good hits.

Damage: A 112 point figure who can deal base 4 damageÖI LIKE!!! His damage values stay high for four clicks, then it drops to a base 2 and holds at this until he is KOíed. I cannot say anything bad about this figures damage, even though is has no abilities offered. I would enjoyed exploit weakness on this guy, but I think that would have been a bit of overkill.

Overall: I never paid much attention to this figure until I pulled him in a booster draft. His low point total and high damage value serve as a serious threat and still allows you room to play other big hitters. Iím impressed with this figure and will give him a few chances in my DC constructed teams. He is definitely worth his 112 points in every category and you should always try to place him on your sealed / draft teams if possible!!


Without Victory, there is no survival...