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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Superman - Unleashed

Reviewed 04.01.2004

Rank Unique
Point Value  265
Collector's Number  095
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Name: Superman (Kingdom Come)
Set: Unleashed
Number: 95
Rarities: Unique 6
Costs: 265
Health: 12
Powers: Charge, Hypersonic Speed, Force Blast, Super Strength, Impervious, Invulnerability, Toughness, Leadership, RCE
Ranged Attacks: 1 Range 10
Team: Kingdom Come
Arch Enemy: Kingdom Come Magog

This is Superman at his finest hour in the Kingdom Come mini-series. He’s older, wiser, and somehow, a lot stronger. I guess it’s soaking up all those UV rays when he tans. He’s changed his outfit just a little, and now he’s p.oed and ready to knock some heads.

265 points is an awful lot, I mean really, this figure is the single most expensive Heroclix you can get out of a booster, and the only more costly figures are Galactus, Sinestro and the Sentinels! OUCH! The major question is, would you play him? I know if I got one, I would. Just look at the array of powers, Hypersonic Speed, Charge, RCE, 12 health? He’s got a better defense than most of his other versions, and a 5 damage, which gets RCE three clicks into the dial. A 7 ranged attack? Are you kidding me? Again, like Magog, KC Superman has one attack KO’s…ranged even. Man oh man, I so want one.

The challenge isn’t going to be keeping Superman alive, it’s going to be supporting him. And just like I suggested with Magog, a paramedic and a couple outwitters/perplexers will do him just fine. I’d love to see a 300 point tournament game where one side had Magog and one side had Supes.

This figure has sold for $100 on ebay! Don’t believe me? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3182591183&category=44003. Not sure I’d ever pay $100 for something I can get out of a $7.00 booster, but I’m glad to know someone will. It has also sold for more reasonable prices, anywhere from $30 to $70, but the range is too wide. This will be the figure to get for a long time coming. I believe we finally have our next Nightcrawler.

My Ratings:
Playability 5 of 5
Collectability 5 of 5

YUP, TWO 5 star figures this week alone! And yes, this one counts for the contest!

Next week – More Unleashed, More, More, More, I say!
The Antman Superman(Unleashed)- Unique

Hi people, sorry for the long absence. Most of my friends I usually play with have quit so I don't play as much as u used to causing me to go downhill in my heroclix career, so don't get mad when my review for today isn't so good. Well... anyways to the review...

All that I know about this Superman is that he is from the kingdom come comic series. I haven't read any of the kingdom come comics, so I am completely oblivious to the history to this Superman. b

Even though this superman is a whopping 265 points he isn't all that bad at all. he starts of with a 12 speed 13 attack 17 defense and a freaken 5 damage. and for all you newbs out there that is good. now his status stays very solid through out the dial with his speed and attack going to 9 at the lowest while his defense stays solid at 16 and damage going down to a still formidable 3. now on to the powers, and does he have a lot of pretty colors. he starts of with a general charge and super strength. he also has impervious with a high defense (which you don't see very often) and last leadership. for the rest of his power with speed he has super speed after a few clicks. now with only 12 movement super speed isn't that good especially if you see what he has for his damage power. further down superman will drop his speedy powers and gain force blast, which can be quite useful with 3 damage. There is nothing much to say about his attack powers since he has super strength all the way down. Now this superman has a amazing defense since he has impervious AND 17 defense for 3 WHOLE CLICKS! then he goes to invariability for three more clix with a modest 16 defense and it just goes down from there with a toughness at 17 then back down to 16 for his last two clicks. last is his damage powers. now his first two clicks with leadership is useful but not powerful. when you get to his third click then you start to see his power. with a whopping 5 damage WITH yes I said WITH range combat expert equaling a total of 7 damage each hit! that can knock out any figure with two hits, not to mention most with just one, plus if you manage to have a heavy item I believe you can do a maximum of... 9 damage!! wow... now that's a lot of damage...

now... the ratings...

200 point- N/A

300 point- .5/5 just costs too much here =(

400+ point- 5/5 if you have him use him here!!! he will rock your world

draft- 35 he would be higher if draft had more than 300 points but if you have him, another attacker, and a medic the game is yours

trade bait- 5/5 who wouldn't want him?

final thought- overall if your able to play him and you still have more than 10 points left play him because he can be a big asset to your team.
Steelwasp Ok, I'm back again with today's review of one of my favorite figs in Unleashed:Unique Superman.
His stats are as follows:
12 12 12 10 10 10 9 9 9 9 9 KO(Charge for first 2, HSS for next 5, and Force Blast for next 3)
13 12 11 11 11 10 10 10 9 9 9 KO(Super Strength on every click)
17 17 17 16 16 16 17 17 17 16 16 KO(Imp. for first 3, Inv. for next 3, and Toughness for last 6)
5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 KO(Leadership for first 2, RCE for next 4)

Range/attacks: 10/1
TA: Kingdom Come
Points: 265 !!!

Here is the most expensive(points-wise) figure in the game. He is a powerhouse(emphasis on house) in any game over 400 pts. but under that, he's too expensive and can be taken down by a swarm of small figures(like agents and hand ninjas). Also, his leadership isn't that important because he's so big that you won't have many other figures on your force to give actions. His Force Blast is great against any large flier that can get his way. All of his stats are quite impressive although he is very vulnerable to Outwit. One thing I want to emphasize is the fact that the third click of his dial is his best because of the 12 HSS and 11 attack. Either push him while charging or let him get hit.

Collectability: 5/5
300-: 1/5
400: 3/5
500+: 4.8/5

Sculpt: I love it so.........6/5

There ya go.

Havokclix Superman (UL)

And here he is, Big Blue himself. 265pts of pain. He
starts with a 12 movement w/charge, a 13 attack with
super strength, (which he never loses), a 17 defense
with impervious, and a 5 damage with leadership. He
keeps that 5 damage for 4 clicks, funny, before
Unleashed, only the SOD Superman had a 5 damage
anywhere in DC! After a couple clicks, charge gives
way to HSS and leadership goes away for RCE, too bad
RCE and HSS can’t be used together. HSS gives way to
force blast (?) and his defense takes the normal
progression from impervious to invulnerability to
toughness. His ending stats are 9, 9,16,3. Those kinds
of stats normally pass for great as beginning stats,
let alone ending stats. Kingdom Come Superman is a

Collectability: 4/5
<200: NA
300: 1/5
400: 2/5
500: 3/5
600+: 4/5 (while monstrous, he is a ton of points,
even here.)

Crit happens…

I'll say it like this: I don't know what they were smoking when they made this fig, but I want some. This charater is so far past wrong I just don't quite know what to say. Not only do thy give him three clix each of Impervious and Invunrabillity, but then they go and do stuff like give him RCE with a FIVE DAMAGE VALUE!!!! And they do that for TWO CLICKS, then RCE with FOUR DAMAGE VALUE again for TWO CLICKS!!!! Oh right, lets not forget the SIX CLIXS OF HYPERSONIC SPEED!!! And ten range? And a full dail of SS? Help. Thats all, just help

200- C'mon on, you didn't really think all that would be 200 points or less, did ya? N/A

300+ Outstanding. 300 is a bit hard, but 400 or more he is the best fig ever, short of Galactus. 5/5

Sealed: Game. You win. 5/5

The Bottom Line: 5/5
Monger Superman Unique
DC Unleashed #095

This superman figure is destined to be THE BEST heroclix figure ever created (even better then the war-of-the-worlds version). However, like every clix I review, there is a problem with this figure. The same goes for the “Kingdom Come” Batman as well. I really feel Wizkids needs to create a new rule stating figures such as Batman and Superman permanently hold their own team ability and “Kingdom Come” ability. The only fallback on this Superman figure is the fact he no longer has x-ray vision and cannot move through hindering terrain without stopping (which the Superman team ability provides). If this figure possessed both Superman and Kingdom Come team abilities, he would be unstoppable!!

Speed: Starts of the game with an impressive twelve speed and charge. Having an adjacent figure with telekinesis will turn Superman into a wrecking ball in early game situations. Click through the dial twice and you’ll stumble across….what? That can’t be…Hypersonic Speed of twelve!!! This ability alone takes Superman from being a great figure all the way to a heroclix god (he better be for 265 points…lol). This figure retains the hypersonic speed for five clicks, and finally drops to a nine attack combined with force blast. His eleventh and final click still holds strong with a nine speed, but offers no abilities.

Attack: Superman has amazing strength, and they have provided this figure more then enough. All eleven clicks offer super strength. His attack values are amazingly high to begin games (13 attack) and stay rather consistent throughout his entire dial. On Superman’s last click of life, he is still a potential threat, sporting a nice nine attack.

Defense: Nothing but the best for this figure when it comes to defense. Starts the game with a strong seventeen defense combined with the ridiculously strong ability of impervious. After three clicks of damage, he looses his impervious but still retains the damage reducing ability of invulnerability stacked on top of a decent 16. Give Superman three more clicks of damage and his defensive values actually increase by one, regaining his seventeen. In order to make up for this gain, they had to drop the invulnerability and throw toughness in this area instead. No matter what part of the dial Superman is standing on, he will be hard to hit.

Damage: In my opinion, this Superman is stronger (damage wise) then any other version available. In order to dominate the board, Superman offers leadership early on his dial and provides your team with extra actions. The true beauty of this figure is not seen until his third click however. On this part of the dial, Superman becomes a absolute monster….he gains ranged combat expert with a base 5 damage. Yes – that’s right, 7 clicks of damage from 10 spaces away! Oh, and don’t forget about his hypersonic speed, which enables you to run six spaces, shoot ten spaces and deal five clicks of damage!!!! Leadership will be used early, but I won’t be surprised to see this figure get pushed every chance the player has. This figures third click could be considered stronger then his first and second.

Overall: When I looked at the figure for the first time, I was in awe. He will be a very valuable piece and will see a lot of play time in casual and tournament play. However, I feel Wizkids has made a mistake by not providing this figure with his own team ability (Superman team ability). Overall, I am impressed and I will try to get my hands on this figure as quick as I can. If you can the chance to pick one up, go for it, he is going to be a expensive figure in the future!
Shooter Superman

265 points
Range 10; 1 Targets
11 clix of life

Kingdom Come
Arch Enemy: Magog

Charge (2 clix); Hypersonic Speed (5 clix); Force Blast (3 clix); Super Strength (11 clix); Impervious (3 clix); Invulnerability (3 clix); Toughness (5 clix); Leadership (2 clix); Ranged Combat Expert (4 clix)

Lack of eyebrows aside, this piece is perfect. You have to either put a whole lot of effort into beating this guy or get damn lucky. Ok, quick run down: 12 speed with Charge, which turns into HSS with 12, 10, or 9 movement after 2 clix of damage. He starts with a 13 attack, but that drops rather quickly to a modest 10 by click 6, leveling out a 9 on click 9 until the end. His defense is either 17 or 16 throughout the whole dial, first dropping then going back up, then dropping again. His starting damage is 5, which lasts for 4 clicks. His last 3 clix sport his lowest damage of 3. He starts with 2 clix of Leadership. He then gets RCE when he picks up his HSS. Ok, so get this, on click 3, he can HSS and grab an object AND bash someone for up to 7 damage AND then move away so next turn (or the turn after if you don’t want to push him) you can RCE for another 7 damage.

Plain and simple – he’s a monster. The only possible downside is his quick dropping Attack value, which is still pretty good at the end (not quite Magog good at the end, but still good). But still, you have him you play him.

100 points: NA
200 points: NA

300 points: 5 out of 5
400+ points: 5 out of 5


Next time… He’s Captain Marvel, but in the DC universe.
James May Finally, we get a real Superman- the last son of Krypton is ready to dish it

I just want to skip by the fist two clicks and show you the devastation that
EXPERT. Whoa... head rush. That is awesome and then some. Plus, he has the
KC ability that helps keep him away those pesky BCF'rz. And even if they do
break through, a little Hypersonic speed can get you out of the blender. I
just can't review this anymore. He's a perfect Superman at large. If you
play any game more than 500 points, this is THE Supes to use.

300- 3
400- 3.5
500- 5
eBay- 5


Without Victory, there is no survival...