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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Jane Foster - Xplosion
Reviewed 9.27 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value  16
Collector's Number  
Rarity  LE

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Jane Foster
Continuing the theme of "secret identities", the LE series Jane Foster is one of the characters from The Call mini-series. Lemme tell you something, if this figure were available in larger quantities, she'd be broken. Seriously. She's 16 points, has the obligatory Support, but also has Willpower, meaning, she takes no damage from a push. Can you say SUPER-DOC? She has starting stats of 7 Speed, 8 Attack, 13 Defense and 0 Damage.

Wiz Kids gives out limited edition clix at tournaments, using several different levels. Jane is one of the more plentiful LE's, but that doesn't mean she's cheap! You won't pay less than $25 for one, and possibly as much as $50.

My Ratings:
Playability 5 of 5
Collectability 5 of 5

Jane Foster
Jane Foster is by far one of my most favorite figures. Not only is she going to heal you, but you can push her without taking a click thanks to her willpower. This is just awesome. I always try and make room for her on ANY team. And for only 4 points more than the veteran paramedic, she is a steal. She is also one of the more sought after figures in heroclix since she is an L.E. I've seen prices for her go as far up as $90. I was lucky enough to pick her up for $30. Don't pass this figure up. If you can get her, do it!

Playability: 4 of 5
Collectability: 5 of 5
200 games: 4 of 5
300 games: 5 of 5
400+ games: 5 of 5
Overall: 5 of 5
Jane Foster
Ms. Foster was a supporting character from Thor, a nurse who worked with Dr. Donald Blake (Thor's former human identity).  She's also one of the most sought after pieces in Heroclix, an le4 currently going for an average of $37.27 on Ebay.  What makes her so valuable, you ask? 
Well, she's a 16 point medic with no team ability, or damage capability (without being Perplexed).  But what she does have is the abilities that also make her a huge target when played:  Support and Willpower.  Meaning if you missed your support roll last turn, you can try again without worrying about pushing!  Plus she has good attack values (for a medic).  Or you can move up one turn, and heal the next!  As for collectability, she's a piece that people will trade heavily for, dropping multiple uniques at a time for it.
Sealed - n/a (unless you're a guy I know who pulled one in a booster pack.  I am not making this up)
200 points - 4/5
300 points - 5/5
       Oh the beauty of Jane Foster. For those who do not know, and I am sure there are many, me and the rest of the crew at our site Jesseville, were the ones to post Janes stats about a month before the LEs for Xplosion were listed, as our friend had pulled one in a BOOSTER PACK out of some odd production error. Anyways, onto the review for this beautiful LE figure. ( As you can tell, shes going to get extremely high ratings here -_- )

       Ok, everyone runs a Medic in their team if they wish to compete competitively as it is, and for 16 points, this one is within the standard price range for a Medic ( Usually you either go anywhere from a Rookie Paramedic to an Experienced AIM Medic, using any of the medics with prices ranging in between as well ) so Jane is already effective. She has a beautiful 8 attack, the highest for a Medic that we have seen yet. Not only does she have it for one click, but even if she takes one damage, she keeps it ( I would say " Even if she pushes " but we will get to that momentarily :P ) Her attack never drops below a 7 even. Her movement is high for a medic, but it does not really apply all that much anyways.

       Her defense is neglectable too, as you do your best not to let your opponent get a shot off at your Medic. Now we have her 0 damage, but she is not used offensively anyways, but to heal, so this does not matter at all. We have two really strong abilities to look over on her, those being Willpower and Support.    
       Jane has four clicks of Support, the most any figure to date has, and she makes good use of all of them. With her high attack value, she is one of the best for healing figures. Willpower allows her to heal every turn without pushing, which is great! How many times have you healed someone and rolled a 1-2 on the roll, and needed to wait a turn before trying again, or flat out missed the heal entirely? It happens too often, even with a high attack. With Jane being able to heal every turn without taking damage, you can " Push " much more rigorously. You are also able to position her one turn, and heal the next. This is very useful as many games I see a figure taking damage, so I move up my medic, than use a taxi to grab and run my damaged figure into base with my Medic. Now I can do this without my Medic taking damage.           

       Many people complain that alot of times it is hard to get your pieces back to a medic, but with Jane, and her ability to relocate than heal consecutively at no cost, this is much less of a disadvantage. She is easily the best medic in the game, and if points allow it, she has no competition ( Alot of times points DONT allow it though, and thus we see cheaper Paramedics played often. )

       Overall, Jane is an amazing piece and perfectly priced. She has an extremely healthy does of Support and is the only medick with Willpower. Now if only she were a tad bit less rare -_- Anyways, Ratings time!

200 Points-10
300 Points-10
400+ Points-10
Sealed- ??? ( Not applicable unless your like my friend who goes pulling LEs out of boosters!!! )


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