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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Mr. Fixit - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed 9.25 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value  104
Collector's Number  094
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Mr. Fixit
So you all accept the concept of Dr. Bruce Banner getting irradiated with Gamma Rays when he saved Rick Jones from a Gamma Ray bomb right? Well, thing is, after his initial transformation into the Hulk, he kept on transforming (I wanted to type transformating, but that's just wrong) and has since been green, gray, smart, stupid, and so many other incarnations. One of them was as a permanent smart grey hulk, who called himself Mr. Fixit. Oh, and he was a mob enforcer in Las Vegas. It was actually a great run on the book, masterfully written by Peter David.

The Heroclix version of Mr. Fixit is truly awesome to behold, as he should be. Plop him right in front of your miniature bar model, and you've got an instant diorama! Anyway, his mini-version costs robust 104 points, good for the corner stone of a 200 point game, and awesome in higher levels. You get 8 clicks of health and starting stats of 6 Speed, 7 Attack, 14 Defense and 2 Damage. His plethora of powers include Leap/Climb, Super-Strength, Toughness, Invulnerability, Regeneration, Leadership AND Perplex. I can't think of many HC that have better stats. Did I mention that most of his stats actually go UP as he takes damage? Yeah, he's the Hulk, go figure.

Mr. Fixit is a Clobberin' Time Unique, but he's not THE CT Unique. Nightcrawler has killed the market for the rest of the CT Uniques. Mr. Fixit can be had for anywhere between $8 and $20. Not too shabby.

My Ratings:
Playability 4 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5

Mr. Fixit
This figure just look great. Grey Hulk in a suit. How cool is that. His stats are pretty nice and the abilities: leap climb, super strength, toughness, invulnerability, regeneration, leadership, and perplex are great. You do have to wait till about midway down the dial before he gets perplex and also at his strongest. And having regeneration on the last 2 clicks is nice because you will more than likely end up healing back up to his strongest point. And for only 104 points I believe he would be
a great asset in any 300+ game. I've played him a few times and people have the hardest time trying to knock him off the board.

Playability: 4 of 5
Collectability: 4 of 5
200 games: 1 of 5
300 games: 3 of 5
400+ games: 4 of 5
Overall: 4 of 5
Mr. Fixit is'nt half good, but not half bad either. Without a natural 4 damage, and a maximum attack value of 10, and even then, for only one click, so you don't wanna push him. Even though he doesn't need to be pushed right away unlike the old Hulk, I'd just go with V. Blastaar, who's about 30 more points, and is a good figure all around, for the same (and better) effect. Here's the verdict:

200:2/5 (It's insane, but you can do it)
300:2/5 (At this point, it's wiser to use Blastaar Veteran)
400+:2/5(Again, at this point, I'd go and use either Blastaar, Dr. Doom,
Savage Hulk. Heck, maybe even OWAW Supes.)
Mr. Fixit
Mr. Fixit is one of the Hulks many incarnations, a Las Vegas mob boss who works in casinos as an enforcer.  Unlike other versions of the Hulk, he's smarter, but not as strong, which shows up in his Heroclix piece.  For starters, Mr. Fixit has a shorter dial than the other Hulks.  He also has lower attack defense, and damage values.  What makes him stand out, though, are his Leadership and Perplex, which almost makes him a support piece.  Under the old rules, he wasn't played too often.  With the new rules, however, he might get played more, as he's push-able until he hits perplex.  As for collectability, he is a unique, but not that highly sought after.
Overall, he's really more of a support piece/ late game attacker than someone you send in first turn.
Sealed - 2/5  Too expensive for what he does
200 points - 1/5  WAY too expensive
300 points - 2/5  Leadership and Perplex are nice, but not for a third of your team
jetsetneo Its been a long time >_<! But I'm back for a quick review, plus I'd just
like to add...


Yes, in critical mass Spdiey's greatest villain IMO well debut ( in Critical
Mass) , heres to hoping they make a 'Firelord-Broken' REV or awesome
'Nightcrawler-Broken' Unique. So far the sculpt looks Decent.

Da Link:

Quick Review: Boy, its been soo long..lets see..
Okay no team ability or range, well figuring its a 'tank' that can be
ignored. He's a unique with a standard sculpt...so nothing great there. Onto his Stats. 8 speed tops with Leap/Climb across the board, not bad but a little on the
slow side.
Attack is 10 tops with SS also across the board, Decent if not a little
16 Def w/ Invulun at the top he also gets toughness and Regen. (which has
the potential to push him back to hes 'big' slots)
Damage is 3 tops. Plus he has perplex in this 'top slots' and has leadership
in the top two (odd pick for a hulk figure...wierd o_O)
Overall he's not BAD but hes not GREAT o_o there are just so many other
better picks.

The Verdict: I've seen better o_o
100: N/A
200: 2.5/5 Theres better, therefore, hes not needed
300: 3/5 What a waste of a unique o_O
300:+ ?/5 go wild, see if I care ._.
Sealed/Draft: ?/5 Er 3/4th pick imo, 1st if you really need him as a
Scuplt: 3/5 Nothing special 'cept he looks like a pimp, and pimps are
sometimes cool o_o
Chris Fulop Ah let us see here...my second review, Mr. Fixit. The sculpt is rather interesting on this guy, and equally interesting is his rather unique dial. Lets see what he has to offer, starting with his powers.

On his opening click, he has leap climb, super strength, toughness and leadership. This makes for one weird piece. First off, when it comes to a bruiser like this, Leap Climb is not all that effective on the opening clicks. I would much rather see Charge, and honestly, I see that being the main reason none of the Hulk pieces have becomes truly playable as of yet. Leap climb does have its advantages of course, as it allows him to " Yoink " items. " Yoinking " as I will refer to this tactic as from now on, is when you run up to a figure who is hiding with Stealth on an item, and use your Super Strength to grab it from underneath him, a feat only possible by figures with Leap Climb or Hyper Sonic Speed ( HSS ) because otherwise you stop upon base to base contact with any opposing figure. Unfortunately, a 104 point Yoinker needs alot more to his resume to be considered useful.

       Super Strength is always a useful ability, but is infinitely weaker without Charge. First off, in this game, rather we like to admit it or not, Taxis win games. To play a team not abusing this strategy will get you beat almost every game. This figure gets the disadvantage that in order to get his offensive power up to its maximum by grabbing an item, he than becomes unable to be taxied at all. With no range, he has to move in manually, or be Telekenisised ( TK ) into position. This almost always results in getting hit first and being smashed. While for most figures this is crippling, any version of The Hulk actually gains from this, as he gets stronger. This makes him a bit more playable, but still at a huge disadvantage.

       Toughness is rather standard here, and the ability to soak up damage is rather nice. Toughness later becomes Invulnerability, which is extremely helpful, especially mid dial when he is nearing death. A few clicks later, he pushes into 2 clicks of Regeneration, which is extremely nice. Using it we have a good shot at getting back into his prime clicks, with the small risk of over shooting right back into Toughness past Invulnerability, a set back easily fixed by simply pushing the next turn.

       For damage powers, we have the EVER so over costed Leadership. I already got into this in my Comm. Gordon review, so I really do not feel the need to go into it in detail, so I'll just say that for how many points it weighs a figure down, and its effect, it is simply not worth it, especially when you devote so many points to one figure, meaning you likely will not have that many figures to spread your actions out amongst in the first place. Being in marvel, use a Unique Wasp or Vet Doombot for leadership since both are two of the best taxies in the game as it is, and all teams need to run them anyways. So next time, if you need leadership and have a few extra points, devote 11 or 5 respectively and upgrade your Experienced Wasps. ( Experienced Wasp is hands down the best taxi in the game, out of any universe. Most tournement teams make full use of their high defense and free movement for a mere 33 points. I know I do! )

       After taking damage he goes into perplex. This is actually very helpful, as he is effectively dealing 4 damage now, but can tweak other things around if the opportunity presents itself instead. The fact that they are on his Invulnerability clicks make it even sweeter. Thankfully as well, he does not gain Battle Fury, another thing that basically cripples a figure. (Think Juggernaut and Spiral kiddies!)

       His stats are extremely low in the beginning yet thankfully unlike the Infinite Challenge Hulks, they have super powers to help him along. His 7 attack value means he is not hitting anything, especially not the pieces seen in tournaments. You try and go up against a Firelord or Ultron, or any team using Invisible Girl ( Rookie ) and you have no chance to hit. Unfortunately, the unbalance that occured in Marvel games by the inclusion of IC will always be here, and even though the newer figures have balanced stats, you still need to compare to the figures that see the most play offensively, and unfortunately, quite a few have 18 defenses. People can try and pretend they are not a part of the game when determining playability, but when your reviewing a figure for use as an offensive unit, you MUST take into account the higher attack and defense values.

       His attack only maxes at a 10, which is acceptable, but still rather low for a 100+ point piece. His movement is what is to be expected, and his damage is more than sufficient. His defense varies like The Hulks usually does, but he will still likely be hit consistently, especially due to Prop Control appearing on nearly every team ( 20 points for a Rookie Destiny is just wrong. You get Prob, and you have Super Senses so she is very hard to hit. She is great for being used suicidally to tie up a figure. )

       Now that we get past the basic stats, I have a small tangent to run off on about why figures like this are generally ineffective. This applies to any figure who gets stronger when damaged, be it Hulk, or Blastaar, or even The Controller. First of all, all of these figures have the innate weakness that unless your opponent chooses to hit them first, offensively they are lack luster. This means they will simply concentrate on the rest of your pieces and than get to your Hulk last, when you have no more chance, as you have been trying to push him to better clicks. You are effectively at a 100 + point handicap when using these figures for the early parts of the game. A smart player will take this advantage and crush you.

       To make things worse, lets say he DOES get on his better clicks. Take Mr Fixit on his best click. If he takes 5 damage he is dead. This means that he is much closer to death, and it leaves less clicks available to run back to a Medic. If he had it on his opening click, he could afford to take 7 full damage and still run to a medic, where as when he is fighting off of his 4th click, he can only take 4 damage and still be capable of being healed. This is never good. In these sort of figures cases, you cannot afford to take damage as you are dead. Where as in normal figures cases, you grow progressively weaker, and if worst comes to worst, you use Support to heal them back up. While on the subject of support ( and Regeneration for Fixit here ) you also run the risk of OVER healing, meaning you must push back into his prime clicks.

       There is one last weakness that exists that may not apply to most people but does hurt. If your opponent plays this game enough to know the dials of almost every figure, they can easily work around his best clicks, intentionally damaging him so he is 1-2 clicks below his best, than hitting him for 2-3, knocking it right past his prime state. I do this all the time to figures, and it does not just apply to Hulk like pieces, but in Dr Strange and his rotating dial, and anything with Regen or abilities that appear deeper in the dial ( Logan and Flurry for example )

       Anyways, overall, Fixit is hurt back his lower stats and inability to compete fairly against the first set. For a piece of his point value he needs to be able to do this. He also is crippled by his dial lay out, with him being easy to play around. Anyways, onto the rating system! WOO HOO! Remember though, I rank 1-10, not 1-5!

200 Points- 1
300 Points- 2
400 Points+ -2
Sealed- 4 ( Leadership is better here, as is Perplex even, and Invuln and Toughness are HUGE in sealed games. Toss in Regeneration and you have a much stronger figure )


Without Victory, there is no survival...