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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Commissioner Gordon - Hypertime

Reviewed 9.24.2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value  44
Collector's Number  124
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Commissioner Gordon
James Gordon started off as an enthusiastic police lieutenant, around the same time as Bruce Wayne started off as Batman, their careers have somewhat parallel each other, rising and falling with the criminals that they both catch. Gordon is usually altruistic, but by the book, and thus above reproach when it comes to the law. Whenever I think of the ultimate lawman, I think of Commissioner James Gordon.

However, when I think of great Heroclix, Commissioner Gordon is one of the last ones that comes to mind. For 44 points you basically get a Five Health cop with Mastermind and Leadership. Not that those two aren't a great combination, they're just not spectacular. He has one ranged 6 attack, and starting stats of 6 Speed, 9 Attack, 15 Defense and 1 Damage. Nothing to write home about, but nothing to sneeze at either. Surround him with some cops, and you've got a force to be reckoned with.

A quick digression though, I wonder why Gordon doesn't have RCE, since he is the commissioner of police, and has to be a superior marksman in order to hold that high of a badge. Surely he's demonstrated as much during the comics series.

WK did a nice job on the sculpt, especially with the trench-coat. Unfortunately for the Commish, he's a Hypertime Unique, and thus not very expensive to pick up. He sells for between $5 and $15.

My Ratings:
Playability 3 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5

Commissioner Gordon
Well, i'm really not too impressed with this figure. He's got 4 clicks of health and all having mastermind and leadership. The mastermind ability is nice but for this figure I find it pointless. Why give someone else damage when all he really has is leadership. I would much rather use the rookie kingpin or Sgt. Rock for leadership and they are only 24 and 28 points respectively. Plus the commish is only smacking for 1 while kingpin and sgt. rock smack for 2 at the beginning of their dials. The commish does get the police team ability which could be nice, but once again you can also get that ability with sgt. rock. If you like collecting uniques then I would go ahead and pick this up, but if you are looking for playability I would grab sgt. rock.

Playability: 1 of 5
Collectability: 2 of 5
200 games: 1 of 5
300 games: 1 of 5
400+ games: 2 of 5
Overall: 1 of 5
Commissioner Gordon
Jim Gordon is a support piece, plain and simple.  He has both Mastermind and Leadership down the dial, so if you keep some low point pieces (or meat pieces, as I affectionately call them) surrounding him, he'll stick around for a while.  His attack value starts of ok, but drops by one for every click of damage he takes.  As for collectability, he's one of the pieces that it seems everyone has, and no one wants, even though he's a unique. 
Overall, if you're going to play him, leave him in the back, surrounded by other police officers, as he's definitely not a front line attacker.
Sealed - 3/5  Leadership is helpful in this environment.
200 points - 2/5  There are better leadership pieces available
300 points - 2/5  See above
Commisioner Gordon- Alrighty then. As my first review over any figure for this site, I get this Unique from Hypertime. Now, I am sure the Commish has many fans simply for his character, but for actual playability, he is not that strong. First off, he has a rather shallow dial for his point cost. That is understandable, as Wizkids does not give more than 5 clicks to any non super hero or the equivalent.

       Now we look at his range of 6. Not bad, especially with it being in DC, as before Cosmic Justice, an 8 was very high, with only 2 figures having a 10, being Vet Booster Gold and LE Thomas Oscar Morrow. Of course, now, that 6 range is much weaker, but seeing how figures are always carried by taxies anyways, range can be forgiven. Given a proper taxi ( Rookie Hawkman is a good choice, as is Rookie Livewire or any level Booster Gold ), the six range of his is much more formidable. Unfortunately, the rest of his stats are rather lack luster as well.

       His attack rating is a solid 9, which is embarrassing as it maxes as high as Batmans. ( Discounting the Hyper Time Unique ) For DC and its lower stats, this is actually fairly impressive for a piece in its mid 40s point range. His movement is weak, but again, I do not see him really moving around often, as fliers will do that for him. Very few figures actually make use of their movement values, and those are taxies, chargers and running shot pieces, and utility pieces who have powers such as Outwit and Probability Control, where they need to position wisely on the battlefield.

       His defense is a 15, which is average, not weak, not great. For his points, the 15 is what is to be expected. Now where the real hurt comes in is his damage value of one. This means he cannot break Toughness, and cannot break Impervious or Invulnerability ( even though I believe only one or two figures have it in DC- Bizarro and I wanna say Martian Manhunter ) even on a critical hit. At best he is pecking away at things. Most solid figures can shrug off a 1 damage attack and not really be phased, unless they are extremely glassjawed ( Rookie Steel for example...yet one damage will not get past his Toughness anyways -_- ) If his damage would have been a 2, he would be infinitely better, as suddenly he goes from a piece with little to no offensive power ( There are Medics who deal more than him ) to a decent harasser who has a few decent abilities to back him up. I'll get into those next.

       For powers, he has Mastermind, which is simply a beautiful ability. It is easily one of my favorite in the game, if not my favorite. The ability to have a unit shrug off damage to a sponge next to him ( anyone with a lengthy dial..Booster Gold is a great choice as you need a taxi anyways ) is amazing. Unfortunately, it is lack luster on Gordon for a few reasons. One, there are very few times Id want another unit in my army taking damage OVER Gordon. A 6 range 1 damage figure is not very helpful. Id rather keep my other units healthy in almost any example given to me. We also see a heavy amount of Outwit in DC, especially in the form of Batman ( Experienced ) and Nightwing ( Veteran ), both of which are two of the most played DC pieces in the game.

       The main advantage and disadvantage of Gordon is his Leadership. One, it is about all he is good for. That is why the piece was made. To lead. Unfortunately, Leadership is not that useful of an ability, especially not for how much it weighs a pieces points down. It is simply not worth devoting a 40+ point chunk of your army to POSSIBLY get another action that turn. With less points being used towards pieces that are going to be attacking, why do you even need the extra action? It is also very pathetic to use Gordon as for 27 points you can get a Rookie Aquaman who not only costs much less, but is a very threatening offensive piece with a 10+ attack and 3 damage with good powers.

       Gordon does have the Police team ability, which is actually EXTREMELY useful, especially now that we have so many wildcard pieces. Being able to have a Livewire ( 22 points ) taxi around a strong attacker and position itself in the right way as to get a clear Line of Sight ( LoS ) on the target, than use the Police Ability to boost that attack up is extremely useful and allows smaller attackers to stand a chance against menaces like Despero and The Flash with their 17 defenses. ( Very hard for 9 attacks to breach as they need an 8 or better, 9 or better if positioned with Hindering Terrain ). Unfortunately, this ability is better provided by an Experienced Easy Company Medic, which is now my Medic of choice in all of my teams that use Wildcards ( Also known as...every team I use -_- )

       So in closing, while Gordon has an interesting set of powers and a nice team ability, he is too costly to really wield due to his inability to really be used as an offensive piece. He is also held back by the fact that his strong points are easily covered better by points of a much lesser value. For around the same points, in place of Gordon you can get a Rookie Aquaman ( 27 ) and an Experienced Easy Co. Medic ( 16 ) and get both Leadership and the police team ability. You also get Support and a strong super strength attacker.

     Now as this is my first review, I need to decide if I am going to rate these things in categories at the end like alot of reviewers do...I figure why not, Ill go for it. Ill do a 1-10 scale, with 0 being Black Manta....har har. I made a funny.

200 point games- 1
300 point games-1
400+ point games-1
Sealed-2 ( Because he not only adds police team, but leadership can be useful as you have alot of figures, and his Mastermind may be somewhat useful here. Plus, even if thats not the case, your still happy cause you walk home with a Unique! :P )


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