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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image courtesy of heroclix.com

Arwyn - IndyClix
Reviewed 10.28 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value  68
Collector's Number  086
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Arwyn Unique:

I guess WK had to contracturally assure each publisher that they would be represented by uniques, because otherwise, what's the purpose of this figure? Worse still, there's yet another version of Arwyn with a dog that's a limited edition from Wizard...oh boy, can't wait for those to come in the mail.

Do you get the feeling I'm not a Crossgen fan? Well you're right. The "Crossgen Universe" is a hugely encumbered place with too much myster, and factor in the HUGE economic difficulties that the company is currently going through has made me wonder why I would care about Grossgen in the first place. I mean a year
from now, are they even going to be in existence? I think not. And if that's the case, many of their figures in Indyclix will be worthless...well not worthless, but unneeded. Or something like that. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but if I ever find out that the reason there's no Grendel in Indyclix is because there's too many Crossgen figures I'm going to be upset.

OK let's look at the figure and stop ranting already.

This figure represents when Arwyn was given the Golden Bow of Ayden by somebody named Nevin. With the bow she's supposed to be able to save the Quin, whomever they are. If you want to know more background start with WHOCLIX here http://members.aol.com/whoclix/indyag.htm  and I'll save Pojo a little more bandwidth.

This Arwyn costs 68 points and has one range 10 attack (well with that bow she'd ought to). Her combat numbers aren't terrible, but aren't great either. She
starts with 10 Speed, 11 Attack, 16 Defense and 1 Damage, but she gets Running Shot, Energy Explosion, RCE and Willpower (for a little while). She only has 6 clicks of health, so use that Willpower often, because frankly 6 clicks of health ain't much. She makes a decent sniped, but little more than that.

Arwyn is a level 6 unique, but all five of the Crossgen fans already got theirs, so she's not in very high demand, plus there's that mail-away one available too...so this one is never going to be worth that much. She currently trades from $6.50 to $22, and many more were at the lower end than higher.

As far as the sculpt and paint goes, I've seen better Uniques and I've seen worse Uniques. I like the bow, but characters with bows ought to be SHOOTING them,
not holding them at ready.

My ratings:

Playability 2 of 5
Collectability 2.5 of 5

Next up we've got Witchblade.
Benji Arwyn (#086) :: Unique

Hey, hey! It's my first review... Well, I'll cut to the chase.

Starting Clicks:
Speed- 10 (Running Shot)
Attack- 11 (Energy Explosion)
Defense- 16 (Willpower)
Damage- 1 (Ranged Combat Expert)

Range: 10

My analasys:
Speed: Well, okay, the speed is alright - It could be better. But the
thing is, she has Running Shot for three clicks and mixed in with her
Ranged Combat Expert, it could do some damage. But for 86 points, she
doesn't really have that bad of a mixture of powers and speed.

Attack: Not bad for an 86 pointer... She's got an 11, 10, 9, 9, 8, 7
click attack for the six clicks that she's alive. The superpwer of
Energy Explosion could work wonders with her Running Shot and her Ranged
Combat Expert powers. For 11 points as an attack, she can get damage
done, and done fast.

Defense: Phew. 16 points. That's certainly not bad for an 86 pointer
(Geez, I have to stop using that XD)... She has Willpower for three
clicks, and keeps her defense 15 or above for those three clicks (16,
15, 15). After she loses the willpower, her defense goes 14, 14, 13.
WHich isn't that bad, as lots of clicks end up going lower than that
before they die. But, her six clicks of life still play a major part in
the defense values. Against a powerhouse like Hellboy (which was
mentioned not too long ago, I believe), her defense isn't really that great.

Damage: 1 all the way down the dial, Ranged Combat Expert all the way
down the dial. If she can stay in her first couple of clicks, then this
superpower could come in handy. But when she starts going down, and her
attack grows lower (oxymoron XD), then the superpower won't do much,
because of the low attack values. But, atleast that is one of the
superpowers that she keeps all of the way down her dial (Energy
Explosion is the other).

Final Analasys:Doing 3 damage, doing damage to everyone else around the
opposition, and doing it on the run, that's Arwyn. She's not bad for 86
points, but if your're playing a small point value like a 200 point
army, then she could be replaced by, quite possibly, better figures.

Playability- 4/5 because of her low point value.
Collectability- 4.5/5 C'mon, she's a unique!
Wanna-play-ability- 3/5 ... Her 6 clciks of life sure aren't that
menacing to me...

Army Value Playability:

200: 3/5 (low point value - but not low enough)
300: 4/5 (Can come in handy after the powerhitters)
400: 4.5/5 (Nice, but, there could be other figures)
500: 5/5 (Oh yes, bring the pain. But, how many people can play a 500
point battle for a while?)

Terrain to play in: Outdoor Map. She's got a range of ten and Running
Shot. C'mon, she's good. She moves 5 and shoots 10 away all in one turn
(first dial)... Amazing.



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