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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Blade - Infinity Challenge
Reviewed 10.20 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value  33
Collector's Number 023
Rarity 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Veteran Blade

I'm not going to do my standard introduction to Blade, since if you haven't seen either of the movies, SHAME ON YOU! Call yourself a comic book fan? The first Blade film resurrected the career of Wesley Snipes, and also heralded in the latest cycle of Comic Book film adaptations. And it wasn't a bad flick either. Blade's mother was bitten by a vampire while he was in utereo, making him a "Daywalker", neither a vampire nor human, a lethal combination of the two.

Another oldie but goodie, the veteran Blade not only comes from Infinity Challenge, but he's only 33 points! He gets only six clicks of health, which is on the low side. He starts with 7 Speed, 9 Attack, 15
Defense and 2 Damage, but his powers include Stealth,  Blades/Claws/Fangs, Toughness and Battle Fury. Basically he's a cheap beserker. The two damage is a non-starter, since you have BCF and can do one die roll instead. At 33 points, I'd have him on just about any team, since a good beserker is always a good thing.

The drawback to Vet Blade is that he's a level 3 Uncommon, meaning he's available everywhere for cheap.

My Ratings:

Playability 3 of 5
Collectability 2 of 5

jetsetneo Whoa, Its a rare occasion when I review a non-spidey based/oriented clix,
but this is one of those rare occasions. Mostly because Blade is the most
popular non-popular characters....wait a sec....


Reviewage: When IC came out Blade was pretty much left in the dust. Firelord
reigned supreme, Timmys and Johnies ate up X-Men and Spidey characters, and
those who got this guy in their booster kept him safe only because he was
(at one point) a very popular comic character (maybe so because of the 2
movies more so than the comics, but what do I know =/ ).
But for his (vet) version hes a decent back-up go to guy at least that was
the deal when IC was out. If you didn't stock up on Wolverines and
Sabertooths this guy was the best B/F/C you could get.
Speed at 7/Stealth is a bit slow, but stealth keeps him somewhat safe. 9
attack with B/F/C is the best part of this guy. 15 Def with toughness is
low, but for only 33 pts his okay. 2 damage is low but B/F/C makes up for
it. Battle Fury is both a pro and con. No Mind control, but can't be carried

Verdict: Was better in the old days, but nowadays he's left in the dust.
100: 3/5
200: 2.5/5
300: 2.5/5
300: 2/5
Sealed/Draft: 3/5 Most decent spot for him.
Sculpt: 5/5 Not bad, The pose is awesome, and those are some nice swords...I
For 33 points Blade isn't all that bad. But for 33 points, Blade isn't all
that good either! With only 2 clicks of Toughness, you can easily chip through
with even a Rogue! A 9 attack is nice, but not quite enough. The Stealth is the
only thing to save this figure. The Battle Fury is no longer much of an issue
since taxiing is not as good as it was, so I won't subtract points on that.
But he's still a mediocre piece. Here's the verdict:

100: 3/5 The only place where's he's needed
200: 2/5 You've got Wolverine here.
300: 1/5 No longer needed. Don't use him
400+:0/5 Ditto
The Antman
Hey every one this is my first review for Pojo's CotD and I am happy to be on the team (people come to get autograph) any ways to days click is BLADE!!!
Now I have never read the Blade comic books but I have seen both of his movies, and I thought they were pretty good.  Incase if you haven't read the comic books or seen the movies (shame on you) Blade is a half vampire that protects the mortals (humans) from the vampires.  So pretty much all that he is is a vampire slayer =) which the idea has come up in a lot of things since *cough* castlevania *cough*. anyways now to the click.
First of all I loved the Blade click when he first came out because he was my first figure with B/C/F (ahh the good days).  Anyways I think Blade is a phenomenal character for the amount of points he costs!! for only 33 points you can have it all: stealth for 3 clicks, B/C/F for 4 clicks!! toughness for 2 clicks, and last but not least battle fury for all six clicks.  now I dont think that battle fury is that good of a power and that stealth and no range don't go good to gather but for only 33 points he is very good. imagine a 300 point game with a army of these... anyways out of my day dream you can use his stealth to get near your opponent but I would rather fly =). there are two draw backs to Blade, The first is the fact that he has toughness for only 2 clicks and nothing after that.  They could have at least given him regeneration because he is a half vampire... the second thing that is wrong with him is the battle fury.  In my opinion battle fury isn't much of a challenge anymore, the days of Professor X is over and he isn't coming back for all I know but i guess these draw backs are not to bad because you have to balance him between his low cost and his draw backs.. ohh well...
and now what you have been waiting for... THE RATINGS!!!!
200 point-4.5/5 in this format his low cost will dominate not much more to say
300 point-4/5 he may of gone down a little but he still rocks
400 point-4/5 imagine a horde of small costing great characters...
over all-4/5 with his low cost and his good status he is good in almost any format but use him wisely
well peace out people see you next CotD and thanks for letting me be a CotD you guys rock!!



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