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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Maxim - IndyClix
Reviewed 11.7 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value  50
Collector's Number  054
Rarity  4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Finally this week, we end with a good old fashioned Russkie, Major Maxim, the arch enemy of the Danger Girls. He's your pretty standard Russian Super-Soldier on steroids or secret formulas, or something like that.

Anyway, Major Maxim is an REV, so today we look at his Vet version, which is a rare. He's a big 50 points, and boy is he worth it. 8 Clicks of health, 1 Range 8 attack, 7 Speed, 10 Attack, 15 Defense and 1 Damage are augmented (hey I used that word twice this week, that word a day TP is really coming in handy) Stealth, Super-Strength, Energy Explosion, Toughness, Regeneration and CCE. Nice bit though, after CCE, his damage goes up to 3 for two clicks, then 2 for the rest of the dial. Not too shabby. A cheap heavy hitter with a couple of nice extras. He'd make a good counterpart to say, Red Skull or Colossus.

Rares in Indyclix are readily available, and so is Major Maxim. He can be had for under $5.00 most places, and he's well worth the dough! Hefty sculpt too, he looks monstrous, both Nazi-esque and Uber
Communist at the same time! Can't wait to get one!

My Ratings:

Playability 3.5 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5.

Next week - Dunno, any suggestions?
 What's up. This my first review for COTD.Today's  click is Veteran Major  Maxim, of Danger Girl Comics fame. Personally, I  think this is one hell of a great  click. His starting stats are speed of 7, attack of  10, defense of 15, and  damage of 1, with stealth, super strength,  toughness, and Close Combat Expert. So  you should stick him into hindering terrain to take advantage of that one  click of stealth, and have him smack around someone who cames into base to base
 with him.On his third click, he becomes a sniper,  with Energy Explosion and his  8 range.
 And when Maxim starts to lose his spunk, he gets Regeneration on his  last two clicks, which helps keep him around for a while longer.And when he loses  CCX, his damage stays at a natural three for a couple clicks, then goes to two  for the rest. He has 7 clicks of life, and to top it  all off he costs 50 POINTS!  Talk about broken! If you pull this guy, use him.  You won't regret it.Anyway,   on to my ratings:
 100: 3/5-half your team
 200:4/5-a little better here
 300:4/5-see above
 300+:5/5- he excels here, go crazy!
   Veteran Major Maxim isn't my favorite version of him  - in fact, I think
 that Experienced is the best (Veteran is too many  points for what you
 get), but here we go anyway.
 Major Maxim is going to need some help getting  deployed into the battle  field. If you move him on your own with 7 speed,  it'll take too much  time and too many actions and clearing to get him  into an attack  position. Due to this, Telekinesis is probably your  friend when you use  Major Maxim. Once you TK this guy, put him into  stealth immediately,  unless you're right next to an enemy. He does have one 8 range attack,  but don't use it unless you're in dire straits (i.e.  need to attack an  enemy to rescue another character). When the time is  right (meaning the  enemy comes into range) you will want Major Maxim to  pick up that object  he is sitting on and smack your foe with it. A nice  10 AV means he won't  miss unless your dice are horrible that day, due to  the general low Defenses of IndyClix.
 Another way to utilize Major Maxim is to TK him up  to a stealth
 character so he can pick up the object they are sitting under and smack  them with it. Not only is the character no longer in stealth, they've also taken a few clicks of damage, even if they have Invulnerability/Toughness. If the character is not sitting up on an object, just hindering terrain, Major Maxim's close  combat expert will allow him to attack for three clicks, which is  enough to take most
 people off their stealth clicks.
 Major Maxim is slow to deploy, but if he is deployed  and supported correctly, he can be a major asset to your team.
 200 - 3/5
 300 - 3/5
 400+ - 4/5


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