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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Juggernaut - Infinity Challenge
Reviewed 11.25 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value  146
Collector's Number  081
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Veteran Juggernaut

Ahh yes, Cain Marko, Professor Xavier's half brother with the horrible costume. Unstoppable supposedly. Crystals of Cytorrak. Subject of many a "versus"
topic in comic book forums. Whoopee.

Juggs (I just had to) is your prototypical Heavy Hitter in the game, and they really don't come much better than the human tank. 146 points for a 10 click long dial that includes starting stats of 8 Speed, 13 Attack, 18 Defense and 4 Damage, all of which are among the best starting stats of any figure. He only gets Super Strength, Invulnerability, Toughness and Battle Fury though, so basically, he's a tank. A big
tank, but one nonetheless. Whack away with him with your snipers, he shrugs it off. Beat him with a stick, he shrugs it off. Drop a nuke on him, he...well...it tickles. A little.

Juggernaut can be the core of a great villain team, and can easily match up with the best heavy hitters. He's not too versatile though, you just point him in the enemies direction and let him bash right through 'em.

Unfortunately, Juggs is a Hypertime Rare, and as such, not in much demand any more. You can score him for a couple of bucks.

My Ratings:
Playability 4 of 5
Collectability 2 of 5.

Next week, it's a short week, but we'll be looking at two more from the list of "Heroclixmasta". Until then, do something nice for someone else, it's almost
frickken' Christmas.
M055man  V Juggernaught

History: Cain Marko, step brother of Profesor(Sp?) X. When in Vietnam (yes he is old) discovered the Mythic Crystals of Cyrotakk and was granted virtually unlimited power with limits as the un-stoppable Juggernaught!

Clix: I am horribly dissapointed that Jugs does not have charge. What did he do in the comic books? He charged at the X-men. What did he do in the cartoon? He charged at the X-men. What did he do in the video games? He charged at the freaking X-men. Ah so sad too bad he would have had potential for greatness if he had charge. For 146 points you get 10 clicks of life. Starting attack of 13 (AWESOME!) Defense of 18 (AWESOME!) and damage of 4 (AWESOME!)Sadly there is no way he is able to properally support himself. Super Strength for his first five clix, Invulnerability for his first 7 (Toughness for the rest) and Battle Fury for the same amount of time he has Toughness. Bleh, as you have heard me say over and over, attacking characters without range or charge is something you will NEVER see in serious tourney play. It is a real darn shame too because Juggs stats have greatness written all over them. But just for kicks here is why he will never work:No range, no charge, no running shot? Without those powers you will have to move Juggernaught into position, have him knocked out before he can actually do any damage, and than moan at the loss of 146 points. Sound familiar? It should. All though the one difference between Juggy and Hulk (Read my reviews) is that Juggy will probably survive the flailing, but still be too injured to be a threat of any kind. In sealed he is great (mega defensive powers) but still slow (lack of Charge).

Sculpt: Since when has Juggernaught been in ballet? Awful, looks like he glued his head to his shoulder while doing his version of The Nut Cracker ** See I am funny sometimes.

Constructed: 2/5

Sealed: 3.5/5

Scuplt: 2.2/5

Jesse What's up. Today we review the Veteran Juggernaut. Okay, our gigantical friend costs 146 points, and the price is right. His starting stats are speed of 8, attack of 13(!), defense of 18(!!), and damage of 4(!!!), with Super Strength, Invulnerability, and Battle Fury. All this = BEATSTICK. Have him just smash anything in his way and that's it. But watch yourself, because his stats (except defense) drop FAST. On his last click of health (10 total, BTW) his speed is.......2. 2 SQUARES?!? HA! My grandma moves faster than that, and she, well.....her speed is normal, but that's not the point. He has 7 clicks of Invulnerability, which will make him a lasting impression to your opponent. Also, Battle Fury will protect you from Jug-Head's attacks on your army, so don't worry about MCer's (Mind Control). Heres the rundown...

200: 1/5- Don't try it.
300: 3/5- eh, he's okay here.
300+: 5/5- This is where Juggy shines. Try him out.


Without Victory, there is no survival...