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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Lady Deathstrike - Marvel Explosion
Reviewed 11.14.2003

Rank Unique
Point Value  45
Collector's Number 062
Rarity 6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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I guess you could call Lady Deathstrike Wolverine's half-sister, since she has the same Adamantium skeleton that he does. I don't think old James would call her that, but you can. Yuriko Oyama is the daughter of the man who invented the Adamantium grafting process, and her first appearance in the Marvel Universe was in Alpha Flight #34, in which she went after Wolvie in an attempt to get jump...er...steal his bones. (Alpha Flight #34 is kinda special to me, since I had dumped AF when John Byrne left after #28, and didn't pick up an issue for 6 months. I was sick one day and my mom got me that issue since she knew I had bought the title previously. I restarted my collection after that, and bought the dang thing up to #90 or so. Useless information that you didn't need ot know.)

She also appeared in last summer's best comic film X2-X-Men United, though she was never actually referred to by name, and I don't think she even had any lines. Hey, at least she's in the film, and has a kick-butt fight sequence with our favorite Canucklehead.

But this is the Heroclix version, and let's see what she's made of here. First off, 45 points? Is there something wrong? I think so, she's WAY too cheap. Then only 8 clicks of health. Also way off from the comic version (though about right on for the film version). Her starting stats are a paltry 8 Speed, 9 Attack, 15 Defense and 2 Damage. Powers? A couple, but nothing spectacular (Stalth, BCF, Toughness &
Battle Fury). In short, she ain't anything to write home about. I would expect that you could use her as a quick slice and dice machine, but beyond that, she won't stand up.

She isn't the worst Unique ever, but she isn't the greatest either. She sells for between $6 and $20, but most of the sales are on the low end of the range. I also can't stand the sculpt. In the comics she's got these nasty spikey fingers (made from Adamantium) which were depicted very well in the film. Here she only has big long hands and fingers. What's up with that?

My Ratings:
Playability 3 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5.

Next week - YOUR choices, if we get any!
M055man Lady Deathstrike

History: Wolverines former love gone made insane thinking that Mr.Howlett (Read Orgins!) killed her father and stole his technology of the use of Adamantium with bones. Unlike Wolverine, though her fingers simply grow into knives rather bulge out of the fists.

Clix: Lady Deathstrike starts with 8 movement with Stealth, 9 attack with Blades/Claws/Fangs,15 defense with Toughness, and a powerless base damage of 2. After she takes 2 clicks she gains Battle Fury making her (even more) useless. Stealth and no range? No no no. 9 attack? You need a 9 to hit a say, Firelord. At
least her point value is not very high, as Lady Deathstrike has "Trade Bait" written all over her. Now she does have one use: Sealed booster. Very cheap and easy to fit in a team, sometimes not having to worry about range depending on your opponents pulls. But alas if you want B/C/F Get a Deathbird, at least she has range to back her up on the way to the slashing.

Sculpt: A decent sculpt, showing her insane rage fits that she usually goes through, though it looks like she was riding in a bumpy car when her lipstick was


Sealed Booster:3.5/5


Anthony What's up. Today we review the Lady Deathstrike Unique, from Xplosion. Lady Deathstrike is basically Wolverine after having a sex change operation. That's really all she is. Anyway, Ms. Wolverine costs an "amazing" 45 points. And for her cost, you get what you paid for, I guess. She starts with speed of 8, attack of 9, defense of 15, and damage of two, with Stealth, Blades/Claws/Fangs, and Toughness. She gains Battle Fury as well, and she keeps BCF for her entire 7 click life span. Good, not great. Personally, I would rather use Unique Elektra (only 36 points, 11 attack). I know I wouldn't use Lady D anytime soon. (BTW, Wizkids, I think we have enough Elektra and Wolverine clix, don't you think?) Here's the score:

200: 2/5- Use U Elektra.
300: 2/5- See Above.
300+: 3/5 Why not use her AND Elektra?


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