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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Samandahl Rey - IndyClix
Reviewed 11.13.2003

Rank Unique
Point Value  164
Collector's Number  085
Rarity  6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Despite having a name that is almost impossible to spell, this guy is one pretty powerful Clix. He's an alien Sigil bearer in the Crossgen universe. Oh and
he's one of only two flyers in the Indyclix set.

But he's expensive, at 164 points, you're going to have a very hard time fitting him onto your team. You might just want to though, because basically he's a one man army. Just look at his dial, it's all purtywith lots and lots of colors, with one range 8 attack and the Crossgen team ability. Starting stats of 10 Speed, 11 Attack, 15 Defense and 3 Damage are only slightly better than average, BUT he has 9 clicks of Health, Force Blast, Plasticity, Super Strenght, Telekinesis, Mind Control, Invulnerability, Toughness, Impervious, Barrier, Outwit and Support. Yes, all that in one figure. Geeze Louise, this guy MIGHT be able to take down Superman.

He's a unique, of course and that alone makes him collectable, but if you spell his name right, there just aren't a lot of Ebay auctions out there for him.  Try just looking for "Rey Unique" and you'll find several ranging from about $8 to $35. Well worth it, I think.

My Ratings:

Playability 4 of 5
Collectability 4 of 5

Next time, more heavy hitter goodness. Can you say "Apokolips"? I knew you could.
Jesse Samandahl Rey

I can honestly say I know little about Samandahl Rey when it comes to comics. I know he bears the "Sigil" (where the Cross-Gen team ability comes from), but that's about it. Heroclix-wise, though, I can tell you that Sammy here's a beast with a very colorful dial. Starting off, he has a nice 8 range, an 11 attack (that steadily drops to a 5 on his last click), outwit on his first two clicks, so he can blast through those defensive powers. He's also one of the two flying pieces in this set, and the only figure with support. He's scary in close combat, having super-strength (drop the dumpster on them) and force blast (push them into a wall or off a building and deal them indirect damage, a great way to counter the other player's Cross-gen team). Later on in his dial, he's got plasticity, telekinesis, and outwit (again!). Defense-wise, his values are pretty low, starting at a 15 and slowly dropping to a 12, but he starts in invulnerability, goes to toughness, back to invuln, up to imperviousness for one click, and then his final two clicks have barrier.

Sealed- 4/5 He's going to be a good portion of your force, but he's got a lot of defensive powers to rely on, plus the Cross-gen team ability. He's also a unique, and outwit murders things in sealed play

200 points- 2/5 At 164 points, he IS your team. He drops, you drop.

300 points- 3.5/5 A little expensive to be playing, but if you give him some solid backup (Lobster Johnson, a Kabuki team member), you could do well
The Antman What's up. Today's click is Samandahl Rey,Unique, from CrossGen comics. Who, you ask? Why, he's the guy with the thingamabob on his chest that gives him his powers, and boy does he have powers! First of all, Sammy Rey is 164 points. That means he's  expensive. But believe me, he's worth it. His starting stats are speed of 10,attack of 11, defense of 15, and damage of 3, with Force Blast, Super Strength, Invulnerability, and Outwit. Wow. So you could outwit, maybe, Impervious, grab the closest item and smack someone for 5 damage. But that's not all, you mothers! Ol' Sammy gets Plasticity, Telekinesis, Toughness, Barrier,  Support(but by then his attack is pretty low), one whole click of Impervious and what is supposed to be Incapacitate, but Wizkids says it's Mind Control, along the length of his 9 hp dial. Hold on, I forgot something! Sammy has the CrossGen team ability (duh), he can fly, AND has a 8 square range attack!...Whew, anyway, here's the score...

200:1/5- are you crazy?
300:3/5- better here.
300+: 5/5- Yes, use him here, fool!


Samandahl Rey

History: Chest symbol? Superman clone? Bombarded by "magical" rays in space? wait wait wait. All of this is sounding way too familiar. Anyways onto the review

Samandahl Rey is one of the only figures in Indyclix that I have a liking for, having a long Volumptious dial filled with nice surprises towards your opponent. He is well worth his 164 points, and his first click shows us this. Starting off with 10 Movement and Force Blast,11 Attack with Super Strength, 15 Defense with Invulnerability(It is low for a reason, I will explain) and 3 Damage with Outwit, already you can tell that This similiar to Doc Samson sculpted figure is going to cause some serious problems for your opponent. Sammy (for short) has the team ability Crossgen (which bears a striking resembalence to Dc's Mystic team ability). Everytime Your opponent hits Sam, there gunan get hit back. The only MAJOR changes in Sams dial is on his last 4 clicks. on his fourth from last, Sam Gains 4 Damage (Outwit) 13 defense (Invulnerability) 8 attack (Telekineses) and 8 speed (Plasticity). 4 damage? 4 DAMAGE! wow he is a murder house at this point in time. 1 click later Invulnerability turns into Impervious, a change for the better, now that you have Sammy on his good clicks (unlike Hulk) he is going to stay there. His last 2 clicks Consist of Support,Barrier, and Mind Control. Now is the time Sammy should run back, Heal a medic, than get healed by that very same medic, cheap but versatile strategy. The way to play Sammy Rey is recklessly. Let your opponent smash him all they want, they pay for the damage they deal to him.

Sculpt: Doc Samso... I mean Samandahl Rey has a regular looking sculpt, cool chest symbol, everything smooth and nice, but nothing really outstanding.


Sealed: 5/5(3/5 on lower point games) I got whooped at my last sealed tourney by this beast!
Constructed: 4.7/5 Make a team out of him


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