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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Apocalypse - Xplosion
Reviewed May 9, 2003

Name Apocalypse
Rank Unique
Point Value 133
Collector's Number 088
Rarity 6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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"Behold a pale horse, it's rider was death, and hell followed with him." OK so it's not really Apocalypse the bible is describing, it's Death, one of the Four Horsemen. Many, many years ago Apocalypse showed up in the Marvel U with nothing but malice and contempt in his heart. He was born 5,000 years ago in Egypt, and may actually be the world's first mutant. He formed the Alliance of Evil, and perverted the hero Angel into the Villain Archangel to serve as his Death. Did I mention that he once took over the entire universe? Yeah, that whole Age of Apocalypse thing (that actually wasn't half bad.) He's got a penchant for messing with Cyclops, including kidnapping and cloning Scott and Jean's son from the future (Nathan Summers) and turning that clone into Stryfe.

The ancient one starts with a flying range of 8 with phasing for the first two and last two clicks. In between he gets plasticity, so he can literally be a slippery eel when he wants to be. Attack of 10 will beat the crud out of most clix, and he's got super-strength for the first five. In addition he's also got a four square range attack. A starting Defense of 15 with invulnerability for the first two and toughness for the remainder of the dial. Combine all that with damage of three with leadership and perplex on the dial and Apocalypse is one bad mother.

But at a cost of 133 he's a tad pricey. Of course, he's supposed to be pricey. He's almost a god after all. In 200 point games it would almost be impossible to support him properly, but I'd have him in a 300 point squad in a heart-beat.

Apocalypse has one of the best BIG sculpts in the game. He's just freakin' HUGE. As one of the bigger villains in the X-Universe it's a good sign that WizKids waited to get him into the game. Perhaps they'll make versions of all four of his Horsemen.  Unfortunately his low outsider name recognition has dropped his collectability. Currently he sells for between $15 and $27 on Ebay. I guess everyone is still looking for Nightcrawler.

My Ratings:

Collectability - 4 out of 5
Playability - 4 out of 5

Next Week - It's the Gargantuans - The Two BIG Guys and a Skrull...

See you next time, same bat time....you know the rest.
Steelwasp Apocalypse is a beatstick. He is a great fighter and sports lots of superpowers such as Phasing, Plasticity, Super Strength, and a lot more. He costs 133 points but I think he's worth every one.

He has a speed of 8 with phasing to start, meaning he can travel through walls while carrying someone. A few clicks later. he gains Plasticity making it harder for your opponent to get away and easier for you to get away. He then gets phasing back for his last few clicks. His attack starts off at a good 10 with super strength and doesn't get lower than 8. He has a low defense of 15 but he sports Invulnerability for protection. After a few clicks, he loses invulnerability and gains toughness for the rest of the dial. In damage, he starts off with a great 3 and leadership to give your army extra actions. Then, he gains Perplex to beefen up one of your guys. His small range of 4 is good because if he gets knocked back, you don't have to waste an action to move back in close to who you were attacking. In all, he's a great figure for just about any team. He's a little pricey but not so bad, so if you can afford him on your team, go for it: you won't be disappointed.

Sealed/Draft: 4.6/5 (He's better here as it will be hard to hurt him) Fun:4/5 Sculpt:4.5/5(His sculpt is awesome and the detail is great)

michale jhonason

So here's an apocalypse click, one of my favorite bad guys.

the 133 point cost could definitely be worse for this 9 clicks of health monster. A starting damage of 3 w/leadership is good, thouhg leadership relys on luck. After 3 clicks of leadership, he gets perplex for 3, which i like alot more. The 15 defence isnt as good as it could be for a high point click, but the 2 clicks of invuln. is awesome. And after that, its toughness to the end. Attack is great at 10, with superstrength for 5. Spped is 8, but be careful not to abuse that phasing and leave your team to die. Plasticity, a fairly rare ability, can get you out of tight situations

The Good
-high health
-high attack w/superstrength
-high defense w/invuln and tough

The Bad
-high points w/not much team support
-range of only 4
-leadership based on luck

So overall, he's strong as a loner, even alot like superman but with small range and half the point cost. You wont want to use him in 200 point games unless you build a team with him and mostly support, because he won't be able to help his team much w/abilties when hes flying and phasing across the field.



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