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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Superman - Our Worlds at War
Reviewed May 5, 2003

Name Superman
Rank Unique
Point Value 236
Collector's Number 141
Rarity LE

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Our Worlds at War was the big DC Comics summer crossover a few years ago. Like most summer crossovers nothing really happened, and the status-quo didn't change at all. At one point Superman flew directly into the Sun and super-charged himself in order to beat the crud out of the big bad guy (Imperiex, in case you wondered). This Limited Edition figure, which was only available as a mail in offer from Wizard and Inquest magazines represents that figure.

The sculpt is the same as the REV version from DC Hypertime, the only  difference is that his chest logo is black. He's a flyer naturally, and he has a speed of 11 to start WITH Hypersonic Speed for three clicks. Later he gets force blast for three. His attack starts at 11 with super-strength (naturally) which he doesn't lose until 3 clicks to the end. His defense is a hearty 16, and is of course Impervious at the beginning, and then toughness for three clicks. Basically, Supes is gonna hit often, and not get hit very often. If he does get hit, he's not gonna take a whole heck of a lot of damage. Damage, though is exactly what he's gonna deliver. He's got a 3 damage for most of the dial, then only dropping to 2. Leadership throughout the dial will also give your team an extra action quite often. If you don't use the hypersonic attack, you can still use the tried and true bash method.

Did I mention the ranged attack of 8? Well he's got that heat-vision, or did we forget? Also, how could we not mention the Superman team ally ability? Supes and his pals can avoid hindering terrain.

Oh yeah, did I mention he's got the max health that any small clix can have? There's only one KO spot. That's 10 clicks of health. Youch!

At 236 points, the only character that costs more is the Veteran Sinestro! SO far anyway, I think that Phasing Green Lantern (the upcoming Wizard promotion) will be more expensive. You COULD surround this Supes with a bunch of Gotham Policemen and still win a 300 point game. He could probably take out the Vet Sinestro by himself too. He's so powerful, if you've got one, play him.

But, then that means you got one, and apparently not a whole lot of you do. Even though he only cost $5.00 to get, I guess the mail-in offer wasn't all that well received. He currently sells for between $10 and $27 on Ebay, and you can always try to trade for him. He's certainly cheaper than most of the Limited Editions that you can get for winning a tournament. By way of contrast, the Limited Edition Wolverine (Bezerker Wolverin) that was the first Wizard mail in
is selling for between $15 and $28 on Ebay. I would suspect the most recent mail in, the aforementioned Phasing Green Lantern will run you about the same in the secondary market. My advice to any HC collector is to snap these up as soon as the offers come out. Get two, one to keep and one to trade! Plug Time: I've got an extra OWAW Supes to trade too...check the trade board!

And speaking of that, check the message boards for my contest for a mail-order form for the the Phasing Green Lantern. (Yeah, it's only a mail-order form, but put it this way, you don't have to spend $5.00 for the magazine in addition to the $5.00 for the figure!)

Also, don't forget that the June issue of PlayStation Magazine will have an offer for a Limited Edition Hulk figure.

Anyway, my rating of OWAW Supes is as follows:

Playability 5 out of 5
Collectability 5 out of 5

My first 5 Star Figure!


Superman LE:

This has got to be one of the most powerful figures ever made! Why you ask? He has FOUR clicks of the best defensive power, Impervious. He has 3 clicks of what I consider the best Movement power, Hypersonic Speed. He has the awesome Super Strength for an amazing 8 clicks! And he has Leadership for his entire click, a click of 11 slots of health and only a single one of KO. He also has a nice 8 range, and after his Impervios is lost, he has 6 clicks of Toughness. The only problem? He costs 236 points. Darn near unbeatable, Superman should be feared by all!

200- Games: N/A
300+ Games: 4.5/5
Sealed Box: N/A

The Bottom Line: 4.5/5


The OWAW Superman was a promo giveaway in the middle of last year before the DC set was released. This figure is the priciest figure in the game coming in at 236 points, but he does justify that number.

I like this Supes better that the REV and Unique versions because of one  addition....... Hypersonic Speed (HS). With a starting speed of 11 with HS, Superman can carry in someone with a decent range, attack, and then run back with the figure he's carrying and have the figure make a range attack resulting in a lot of damage. At the end of his dial, he gains force blast for 3 clicks to push enemies away. With a starting attack of 11 and super strength, he can grap an object and pound someone with it for 3+ clicks. A range of 8 means he can fire at distance after he loses HS. A starting defense of 16 with Impervious (one of the best defense powers in the game), ensures that he will rarely get hurt. After losing Impervious, his defense INCREASES to 17 and he gains toughness until his last click making him one tough character to bring down.

Lastly, he has Leadership on every single click making sure your army gets enough actions per turn to do what you want. All in all, this is a figure that will wipe out many of your opponents figures during the game. If your opponent manages to hurt him severely, bring  Supes back to a medic to heal. This figure justifies his point cost but is hard to field in games of less than 400 points. He is the biggest character in DC and rivals Unique Hulk, Thanos, and V Dr. Doom as the most powerful figure in all. He's an extremely fun piece to play and has a great looking sculpt.

Tournament > 400pts.- 4/5
Tournament< 400pts.- 2.5/5

Spider_Cide 'Our Worlds at War' Superman LE. #141, 236 points.

This is considered by many to be the strongest figure in the game thus far. In my opinion, he will be a 2nd rate figure once the new Superman comes out in 'Cosmic Justice'. But for now he is the best of the best in terms of Supermen.

This figure is pretty reliable in most games: 4 clicks of Impervious, 6 clicks of toughness, 3 clicks of Hypersonic speed <with a speed of 11>. Those three superpowers alone will make you want to play him just to take the attacks from your opponent's heavy hitters. You  place him in the middle of the map, and you can expect the majority of the opponents attacks to aim at this heavy hitting, yet heavy costing, figure.

Yet this figure does have many down falls: 236 points, LE from Inquest Magazine, flying 'Kick Me' sign. Not many people play him since he is a Limited Edition figure, so they don't want to open him. He costs a hefty 236 points, meaning that any attempts at playing him in a game below 500 points could result in you losing. But thats not saying you always will lose with him, I know alot of players who win tournaments with him every week. If you play him in a small point
game, expect constant, steady attacks on him by your enemy. This could be used in your advantage, though.

-Durable at 11 clicks of life

-high point cost
-did I mention the high point cost?

Head to head:
-300 to 400 points: 3.5/5
-500 to 1000 points: 5/5

Sealed Booster: Its an LE so: 0.0/5


Without Victory, there is no survival...