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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Riddler - Hypertime
Reviewed May 19, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 47
Collector's Number 045
Rarity 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Uhh...actually, nope, I'm not gonna really review The Riddler. Sure, I could make a witty introduction that somehow ties The Riddler into the comics mythos. In fact I had a good one, but it's gone. You see, Yahoo Mail ate my first version of this review, and I'm just going to be lazy about it and not really write it again. Instead I'll just tell you what I'd write, if I felt like writing it.

Anyway, first I'd start with a witticism about how The Riddler is a second-rate Bat-villain (which is the truth, I mean the film-makers chose TWO other Bat-villains before they got to The Riddler, and then he was so weak they had to have him do a tag-team with the obvious Two-Face.) He's never really had a terrific story-line in the comics, and has always been a cheap copy of The Joker, minus the insanity.
Though I guess you'd have to be insane to run around committing crimes dressed in lime green tights with question-marks all over them.

Then I'd look at the Riddler's stats, which if I had to look at them again, I'd notice right off that they suck. I mean they suck-diddly-uck, suck. I remember that the Veteran only has six clicks of health, and his only two powers are Mastermind and Perplex. Not a real team character. Basically I think the WK design team couldn't figure out quite how Riddler would fit into the game, and blew it. Then again, it's the Riddler, who really cares...it's not like he has a ton of fans, and if I just offended the two of you out there...oh well...sorry. No really.

Of course, I'd wrap all this up with a look at the collectability and economics of this particular piece. Usually I do a quick survey of the price guides and I check out the last 30 days worth of sales on Ebay and pass along some perfunctory data and meaningless statistics. Of course, this is a Veteran Riddler, and thus it's a rare. But then it's a DC character, and a silly one at that...so he has no collectability value, and I don't care what sales have been made on eBay.
It's not like he's Firelord or something like that.

Finally I will give you my ratings, which I think are
the same as last time.

Playability 1 of 5
Collectabilty 2 of 5

Next time something else. I don't know what, but
it'll be something.
Joel Lufgren Yo! Today we are reviewing another on of those 'nifty' DC clix, The Riddler. Lets get to the reviewing shall we?

Riddler (Veteran)
Pts: 47
Team Affiliation: Batman Enemy
Range:8 , 1 attack
Ablilites: Perplex, Mastermind
Start Stats: 6 spd, 8 atk, 14 def, 1 Dmg, 6 'Hp' clicks

The Review:
Frankly, straight up, I don't like this Clix. You probably won't play him in
'serious' casual game and especially not in a tournament (unless there is something about DC I dont know). His stats are either mediocre or weak. Luckily this guy has 'cheap' perplex, obviously, he acts all odd-like with riddles, so it makes sense. Once he loses perplex he gains Mastermind. I'm not a fan of Mastermind, if you are adjacent with this Clix, anyone can just use Energy Explosion and hit them both (or smack 1 clix with 2 dmg, however the rules work..). MAYBE he can be playable with the proper team affiliation. perplex+the Batman Enemy team ability can make him useful. Otherwise, useless. I might recommend him in a draft though, Cheap perplex can throw things around in your direction. Or not.

The Verdict: I sadly give this figure some of my worst ratings yet!
100: 2/5 Playing him here? You better have some decent back up....
200: 2/5 He just starts to take up space here
300: 2.3/5 There are simply better clix , trust me they are there.
Draft/Sealed: 3/5 Only redeeming quality is the 'cheap' perplex.
Lo Pan Riddler

Bad. Very bad.

47 points is very cheap.  Now you get to find out why.  6 health, terrible stats, including 1 damage...only powers are perplex and mastermind, perp for the 1st 3 and mast for the last 3, and both can be found on much better characters.  Even Joker.

Dont use him. 1.0


The Riddler:


This reportís going to be very short, but what is there to say about the famous puzzling riddler?  A range attack of 8 is pretty nice for this guy, and heís a cheap mastermind and perplex guy, but thatís all I Can say about this guy, Iím sorry my reportís are brief, I just cut straight to the chase with the basic facts.  But from now on, Iím going to really dedicate myself to posting long reports like you guys, so watch out for me!


Tournament: 2.5/5

Casual: 3/5

Sculpt: 4/5


- DayCreeper


Without Victory, there is no survival...