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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Joker - Hypertime
Reviewed May 29, 2003

Rank Unique
Point Value 95
Collector's Number 126
Rarity 6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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For every Superman there's a Lex Luthor. For every Mr. Fantastic, there's a Doctor Doom. For every Aquaman there's Black Manta. For every Spider-Man theres...um...Green Goblin, Venom, Kraven, Electro, etc. (Man did you ever notice how many ARCH villains Spidey has?. And for every Batman, there's a Joker.
Yes, Joker, the arch villain of the Dark Knight, the only villain that has every really brought Batman to the point of killing someone (and if you don't believe me, check out the last couple issues of Batman).

We'll be looking at the Unique version of Joker from DC Hypertime. No word yet as to whether or not we'll see an updated version in Cosmic Justice, but with an REV and Unique in the first set, I'd doubt it.

ANYWHO...WK calls this Joker a "group buster" whatever that means. He starts with a range attack of six for those "Energy Blast" Guns of his (instead of the fishes on the REV version...don't ask!) His attack starts at 9 and gets bigger in the middle of the dial, and he's got Energy Explosion for the entire dial.  His range is weak at 8, even dropping to 4 at one point, with no special abilities. He does get
Mastermind with a starting defense of 16, which means he won't get hit much, and when he does he can deflect some of it, but not all. He won't last very long
either, with a dial that's only 8 clicks long.  Finally you get a damage of 2 for the whole dial, with Outwit and Perplex at either end.

At a cost of 95 points, I can't see putting this Unique in any situation that other clicks can't do better. He's too expensive for what you get.

This Unique is one of WK's tried and true MINOR resculpting jobs...they replaced the hands and hat from the REV version and that's it. Personally, if they're going to do an REV version with a Unique (as they have done MANY times already) I like to see a new sculpt, instead of a repaint and minor resculpt.

Collectability wise, this one also reeks because of the REV factor. He sells on Ebay for between $7 and $27, but a TON of them went unsold recently for a
minimum bid of $20. With DC Hypertime still available (I'd say they overproduced, but it's too soon to tell really) I doubt this figure will ever increase in
value any more that it already has.

My Ratings:

Playability 2 of 5
Collectability 2 of 5.

What a stinker. Maybe next time we'll get a better fig...but don't count on it.

Jester7 Batman's arch-enemy is definitely one of the weirdest pieces in the game.
The Joker's numbers on his dial are rather strange.

Unique Joker starts off with a speed of 8, an attack value of 9, a defense
of 16, 2 for damage, and a range of 6. His numbers do really weird things
during his 7 clicks of health. His movement goes from 8 to 6 to 4 to 8 to 4
to 6 to 8. Hehehe! That's just plain weird. His attack values have a
similar pattern. It drops to 8 on the 3rd click and then shoots up to 11 on
the 4th click only to go back down again. These weird stats are rather
unreliable in my opinion. He could be good and bad at times depending on
how much damage your opponent does to him. That's not what you want out of
a figure in my opinion.

Despite Joker's erratic numbers he does have some useful abilities. He gets
Energy Explosion for his entire dial. This is one of my favorite abilities
as it can allow you to do some damage to multiple targets, as well as damage
pieces that you might not be able to get a line of fire to when you need to.
He gets Mastermind but his defense values aren't that great so I doubt
your force could withstand too much because he is relatively easy to hit.
He gets only a single click of Outwit at the beginning of his dial and
during his last 3 clicks he gains Perplex. I like the fact he gets Perplex
toward the end of his dial as it will help the rest of your team. There are
a lot of pieces out there who are almost completely useless after they get
near the end of their dial, but Joker is not one of these pieces. He could
still be used effectively after taking damage because he gets abilities all
the way down his dial.

So for 95 points the Joker is a bit much in my opinion to put in an
effective force. There are a lot of other good options. But I wouldn't
count him out altogether. I'm sure he could be a good addition to some
teams out there.

200- games: 3/5
300+ games: 3/5
Sealed Box: 3/5
Lo Pan Joker

today re review the joker, and tomorrow the riddler...my two favorite comic book enemies of all time. Unfortunately, this joker click isnt going to be one that i use. Ill get it anyway though just for collecting...

a 95 point unique is fine, but 7 health is very low, especially compared to the other guys we review here. He has perplex and mastermind to hold off damage, but perplex is only for the last 3 clicks and mastermind can have hurt your team. He gets the very nice outwit for his first click, but thats all. oh, and 2 damage all the way through is not something i like. Only 1 range attack at 6 range, but he has energy explosion for the whole dial.

Joker is, after all, a crime mastermind, and energy explosion and mastermind both involve having lots of people around you, both enemies and allies. But even when your in a situation like that, his low damage, attack, defense...okay, low stats in general dont promise you much.

3.0...just cause Joker rules.

-Lo Pan

The Joker:


Today weíll look over batsí arch-enemy, the joker.  I myself donít like the Joker that much, but if your running Joker with some lackeys and support, you could have a pretty dangerous team.  Heís got no speed powers and he can move 9, meh.  His attack is a 9 with 6 range, but look at those Bang guns! He can really put a hurting on most opponents with his energy explosion. His defense is probably his best value, a defense of 16 is pretty good, but the jokerís not a hand-to-hand kind of guy, he lets the muscle do the work, and he never gets hit thanks to his mastermind.  Damage is 2, average, but the jokerís puzzles can outwit and perplex your worst nightmareís.  95 points is a bit too rich for my blood, but this guy in the right team, can go straight in with the brawlers. The sculpt, to me, looks really corny, but donít underestimate this guy in your next match!


Tournament: 3/5

Casual: 4/5

Sculpt: 3/5



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