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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Batman - Hypertime
Reviewed May 27, 2003

Rank Unique
Point Value 113
Collector's Number 129
Rarity 6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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"Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" is quite simply the best Batman comic series ever written. 1986 saw Frank Miller's mini-series completely rewrite the rule of
comic books, ushering in the "Grim and Gritty" era of super-heroes. Suddenly it was in to have a hero that wasn't always on the up and up. Still, it had far reaching impact, and is still one of the best reads ever.

WizKids continues to amaze collectors with it's miniature super-heroes. In the first DC set they had references to the Reign of Superman storyline (the Unique Supes_, and Dark Knight with this Unique figure. This is Batman as he appears at the end of the story, in a final confrontation with Super-Man (who, hopefully will be along shortly in miniature version). He's wearing Kryptonite gloves in order to smash the living crap out of the Man of Steel.

Statistics wise, this unique falls somewhere between the Experienced version and the Veteran version, though he costs a bit more, thus killing the collectability of the figure (why should you want to get a Unique that isn't even as strong as the Veteran Rare version?)

Anyway, he costs 103 points, and for that he gets 2 range six attacks (batarangs, don't you know). Additionally his attack of 10 with only Incapacitate on the second click doesn't do much for me. He gets an eight speed with either Leap/Climb or Charge for the dial. Also his stats actually go up midway through the dial. A defense of 17 with Willpower for most of the dial is awesome, and ensures that Bats will be around for the long term. A dial that's only 9 clicks long isn't great though, but of course, the ability to not take damage from a push is key. Lastly
his damage of three with outwit for half the dial (mostly towards the end) ensure that when the Dark Knight hits, he hits hard.

As I mentioned earlier this Batman isn't all that much different that the Veteran version, and thus doesn't command as much as Uniques that don't have corresponding REV versions. He sells on Ebay for between $10 and $30, but a ton of those sales were in the low end. At least the sculpt is really new and different. And with a Carrie Kelly Catwoman figure coming in Cosmic Justice, the final words haven't been written on this Infinity Challenge Unique.

My Ratings:
Playability 3 of 5
Collectability 3.5 of 5.

Next time, we'll continue the theme of DC Uniques that have REV counter-parts. Another hint; it's a villain.
Joel Lufgren Yo, today we are reviewin' (a?) Unique Batman. I'm not the biggest DC fan,
but I know Heroclix pretty well. Of course, I know who Batman/The Dark
Knight is. In an attempt to justify my small knowledge of DC I will end up
pointing out obvious notes about the figures O.o, sorry.
(Note: I rarely play DC clix, and will pretty much be rating this figure on
Marvel 'Standards', whether or not the two have the same 'Standards' or

Range: 6, 2 attacks (Batarangs I assume, did I spell that right? O_o)
Abilites: Leap/Climb, Charge, Incapacitate, Willpower, Outwit. Grey
Arch-enemy Dial (to The Joker, of course even I know that =D) Team Affiliation: None (No Robin O.o!?) Start Stats: 8 spd, 10 atk , 17 def, 3 dmg , 9 clicks of 'Hp'

The Review:
An interesting Clix all together. Most because of the Dial layout. I see
some L/C, then charge then L/C again, that makes me think Hit and run. A
single Click of Incapacitate on the 2nd click just confuses me, there is a
low chance you will actually take only 1 hit, and another low chance you
will even use it. However Incapacitate followed by charge make sure you'll run
up for a smack. I see how it comes together! I love Willpower, in Batman it
makes some sense, but just for a clix its okay. His defense is awesome at
the start, by the way. I know that Marvel doesn't have Impervious, which I
think is another awesome ability, but Batman's 3 damage is sweet enough to
challenge that. Outwit is on the first click, then leaves for about 4
clicks, comes back for the rest of the dial. I think this is another part of
the 'Hit and run' design I sorta see in this, otherwise its just a good
ability in him

The Verdict: Interesting mix of abilities. Is worth a little bit more than
the pt cost
100: N/A
200: 2.8/5 Too much pts are taken up and no team ability to back him up,
just be careful here
300: 3.9/5 Much better since the pts add to his dial 'flexibility'
300+: 4.5 (ish)/5 No idea how to use him here, I'm giving him the
300+benefit of
the doubt
Sealed/Draft: Do they even draft DC?! (j/k) 3/5 Too many variables I just
assume you guys (DC players) know what to do)
Tommorrow: One of the two other DC charecters mentioned above?
Lo Pan Batman

I have to make this short, so lets go right to the stats.

Health: 9 is alright.

103 points: not bad for a good unique.

Speed: Great if you like leap/climb...which i dont. He does have charge for 3 clicks in the middle though...his speed jumps from 8 to 10.

Attack: Good, but his only power is incapacitate on the second click. 2 range attacks with 6 range.

Defense: High and with willpower.

So far hes okay but not great...so lets look at the really cool part...outwit.

Damage: 3 for 3, 2 for 6, with outwit at the 1st and last 4. Ive gained a new respect for this power. The 3 damage is good, and with high attack, defense, and outwit to turn off defenses, your pretty much guaranteed to hurt someone. Unfortunately, you dont get charge at the same time as outwit...

Outwit is and charge are cool, but his lack of other powers, especially defensive, hurt this character alot. Outwit is always good but he dosnt put it to especially good use with his lack of offensive powers. He is in no way a bad character, but there are plenty of good characters that wont see much serious play, and usually better alternatives.

Hes good, but there are better. 3.5



The Unique Batman from Hypertime, my friend loves this guy.  Who can guess what those gloves are made out of? This model from the dark knight series certainly has an interesting power configuration. He can leap over buildings and charge into battle, his speed can go all the way up to 10 too.  An attack of 10 is fair, hes only got one click of incapacitate, but dont underestimate that one click.  A great defense of 17, oh, and DO NOT be afraid to push old bats, hes got willpower to help him get through that. A Damage of 3 is pretty sweet, but remember, Bruce Wayne is a very cunning guy and he can OUTWIT most of his enemies.


Who can forget his batarangs? Hes got a range of 6, but can attack 2 targets.  This guys a pretty good addition to any team, but you have consider a hearty price of 103.  Its your call, but watch out for the dark knight if you see him in a battle!


Tournament Play: 3.5/5

Casual: 4.5/5

Sculpt: 5/5


Without Victory, there is no survival...