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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Doctor Octopus - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed May 23, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 66
Collector's Number 078
Rarity 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Click of the Day Reviews 

Jester7 Today's piece is Veteran Doctor Octopus from Clobberin' Time.

Doc is a really good piece who I don't see used much. He's got excellent numbers all the way down his dial for 66 points. He starts off with a range of 6, a speed of 10 with Leap/Climb, an attack value of 11, a defense of 17 with Willpower, and 2 for damage with Perplex. After a few clicks he also gains Super Strength and Energy/Shield Deflection. Pretty nice stuff!

I especially like Doc on outdoor maps. Willpower and Leap/Climb are a good combo for outdoor maps! He can move around the map away from your opponent and simply wait for the right moment to strike. And feel free to push him along the way because he won't take any damage from it with Willpower. Perplex is a great ability as well, which will not only benefit him but also the rest of the team. He gets Perplex for 3 clicks and it should definitely give your team a boost.

This guy is a personal favorite of mine and I feel he can really make a great addition to a team. Like I said, I don't see him used much, but I think he is an underrated figure who can help your force and frustrate your opponent.

200- games: 3/5
300+ games: 3.5/5
Sealed Box: 4.5/5
Joel Lofgren Today we are reviewing one of my favorite Spidey-villans...Doc Ock himself!

Range:4,4,6, 1,2,2(shots)
Abilites(Complied): Leap/Climb, Super Strength, Energy Explosion, Willpower,
Energy Shield/Deflection,Leadership, Perplex
Team Affiliation: None, Sinister Syndiate, None
Start Stats(Vet): 10 speed, 11 Attack, 17 def, 2 Dmg

The Review:(vet) Wanna know what the rarest Clix I got outta my first
Clobberin' Time Booster was? You guessed it Doc Ock (vet of course..). After
taking 5 minutes to perfect clix the new dial style (Hey that rhymed!) I
quickly scaled through Doc Ock. I thought he was pretty awesome
ability-wise. Preplex could be used in tandem with Super strength, and man,
that could equal a ton of damage. Leap/climb was okay. Willpower was an
interesting twist, and heck I even enjoyed Energy Shield. It almost
compensated for the non-nightcrawler booster (which I have yet to collect
><! Note: Until I get one my reviews may contain at least one complaint
about it, j/k) I thought this guy could be a monster just abusing Preplex
alone! (I'm not sure about the rulings...but I believe he can use it on
himself..at least thats how I've been playing him!) All his stats are around
normal, but his High def is what stands out.
The other versions are okay. Mostly all the versions are cost effective. The
Experienced version gives Leadership and Sinister Sydicate TA for less
points, making him an effective draft pic over the other 2. When playing him, make him the go-to guy, offense, thats the way I play him
best =D.

Verdict: Worth the points. Nice mix of abilities. I just can't find
any real bad negatives...The Doctor is in the house.
100: 3/5 Depends on the version, but the Rookie and Experienced can
rock the most here
200: 4.8/5 Any version can be useful here , mostly the Exp or Vet
300: 5/5 Perfect place! Makeing a well rounded team: Him(vet), throw
in a cheap taxi, a medic (or 2), and still have pts to spare!
300+: 5/5 Even better
Draft/Sealed: 3.8/5 Only because you don't know what else you can
draft. One less Support unit means Doc is a prime target.
Lo Pan (formerly
m j)
Doctor Octopus

Lets just call him Doc. You all know who he is. 66 points is cheap, but i dont really like this guy. Okay, I've never played with him, but i wont be using him any time soon....

Health isnt very good at 7, and he has no tougness/invuln. Hos only shields are deflection and perplex. Willpower dosnt help very much...leap/climp makes sense for this character, but that also isnt something that you use very much. In fact, superstrength wont be used on a regular basis either...so you have 3 powers that are very helpful when you use them, but you wont use them a whole lot. The stas are pretty high...defense goes from 17-13, and speed 10-7. And another character with 2 damage...youd better hope theres an object to throw if your up against someone with invuln. The range is only 6...(2 attacks)


point cost
powers(some of the time)


powers(most of the time)
low range


DayCreeper Doctor Octopus:

The Famous Spidey foe, good olí doc. Another powerful guy to end the week with. A mediocre damage of 2 with some perplexing is great. Heís go some great movement with leap/climb for almost the whole dial and a movement of 10. His tentacles give him a very decent attack of 11 and some super strength, boo ya! Heís also got some willpower to stay tough, and energy shield. Range attacks of 6 are nice, I for one think 66 points for this guy is a heck of a bargain! Heís truly unpredictable, I may run this guy later to test him out.

Tournament: 3.5/5

Casual: 4.5/5

Sculpt: 3.5/5

I know my reviews were short this week guys, but these guys donít need much of a description now do they? What a nice week of powerful pieces!

Here's Doc Ock

Doctor Otto Octavius was a simple scientist searching for a way to tap into the hidden strength that all humans have, then an accidental dose of gamma radiation (oh whoops, that's Hulk, from the TV show)...sorry...Anyway, the good doctor was working on these mechanical tentacles that fused to his body in an accident, which also drove him nuts. He then bceame the villainous Doctor Octopus, fighting time and time again with Spider-Man, who nicknamed him "Doc Ock". He should get a higher profile next year after the Spider-Man movie sequel (called simply "The Amazing Spider-Man") when he's portrayed on the silver screen by Alfred Molina.

The miniature version of Doc Ock comes in REV versions from the Clobberin' Time set. The vet version is really cheap, costing only 66 points, which doesn't
put him out of any games. Because of those mentally commanded tentacles, he gets two range attacks at a range of six. His attack starts low at 11, but he
gets Super Strength after the first click. A speed of 10 with leap/climb for most of the dial lets you escape without breaking away. Doc Ock is incredibly tough to hit though, with a 17 Defense with Willpower for two clicks, then Energy Shield for most of the rest of the dial. He's great for first strikes because with Willpower, he takes no damage for a push. A damage of 2 to start with Perplex doesn't make him
a heavy hitter, but it does put him in powerful company.

Doc Ock is a great mid-level character, and in a villain team, he's perfect, especially if you've got Spidey on the opposing team, and at 66 points he won't
break the bank. Drawbacks are few, but he does only have seven clicks of damage, and he may not make it to the end of the game.

Scuplt wise, Doc is fantastic, and not in a Four kind of way. The tentacles are posed both wrapped around his body, and poised to strike the hapless Spider.
Collectability wise, Doc Ock is an REV, with the Veteran version being a rare. This isn't all that collectable, as REV's can be found for a couple of bucks. He's a nice pull from a booster though.

My Ratings:
Playability 3 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5.

Next week, it's Theme Week at COTD - What's the theme?
Here's a hint...na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na..........


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