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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Vision - Infinity Challenge
Reviewed May 20, 2003

Name Vision
Rank Unique
Point Value 112
Collector's Number 139
Rarity 6

Overall Rating: 4.24

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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The very first Marvel character was a guy by the name of the Human Torch, debuting in Timely Comics Marvel Comics #1, cover dated 1939. This Human Torch was an android, who was created by a scientist named Phineas T. Horton. The Android, who was supposed to be identical to humans in every way, when revealed to the public burst into flames, thus becoming a super-hero.  The Torch had many adventures, joining other super-heroes in the Invaders during WWII. Later he was deactivated, then reassembled becoming the android Vision. Though later this appeared not to be the case (there was a revival of the original Human Torch
character), I like to think that Vision is in fact, the original Human Torch.

Vision is a long time member of the Avengers. He was married to the Scarlet Witch at one point, but I don't think that's the case anymore. Vision is, arguably, the most sought after figure in the Infinity Challenge set.

This isn't a long review (mostly because it's late), so I'll just get to the nitty-gritty. At a cost of 112 points, he won't break the bank. For that 112 points, you get an amazing mix of powers, including Phasing, Super Strength, Invulnerability for one click and Toughness for the rest. His stats aren't perfect, but if you've got one, definitely play him.

Collectability wise, the android doesn't lie. He sells on EBAY for between $11 and $35, which is quite good for a unique...except that he's from Infinity Challenge, and there' still TONS of that out there.

My Ratings:

Playability 4.5 out of 5
Collectability 4.5 out of 5.

Almost all fives, but not quite.
Joel Lufgren Yo today we are reviewin' Unquie Vision from IF

Range:10 , 1 shot
Abilities: Phasing (Across the board), Super Strength, Invunerability,
Toughness , Soar/hover
Team Affiliation: Avengers
Start Stats: 9 speed, 11 atk, 17 def, 2 dmg

The Review: I have mixed feelings about this guy (as I do with most clix). He has always been the Marvel version of the Martian Manhunter (DC) to me. This guy was, at one point, the Clix to beat around my scene, (him and Firelord tie actually..) You had to build at team that would be anti-Vision for about a month to survive. Then came Nightcrawler, and people said "Hey This guy is faster, can do more damage, gets phasing anyway and costs less! Lets try to abuse this Figure instead!"

Yes, yes, those were the good ol' days (well, for those who had a Nighcrawler) . The figure itself hasn't lost any flair though. 9 speed is decent that +soar/hover and Phasing gets him and any luggage to the place they need to be. 11 atk is so-so. 17 def is 'up there' + Invunl/Tough gets him through most bad brusiers. 2 dmg is also so-so, pray your opponent isn't packing their own fig with Invuln. The biggest perk IMO is the Phasing/Soar/Hover with the Avengers team ability. Thats exactly how the tried to abuse him around my place.

Verdict: Solid Speed gets him where he or his luggage need to be.
100: N/A Gah even Nightcrawler can be played here!
200:Good luck, he may take up too much of the team, and Nightcrawler is a
slightly better pic. 3/5
300:If you can make him a corner stone I suggest play him! 4/5
300+: No problem if you can build the right team 5/5
Sealed/Draft: Draft him just to own him, you can make a lot of money online,
or keep him for braging rights =D 3.5/5
Lo Pan (formerly
m j)

The highly wanted really old marvel guy, vision is a unique flyer from infity challenge.

So 112 points is a bit expensive(cheap for a unique though), but not bad at all for 300 point games. Hes an avenger, and i love their ability. Hes got a very popular combintaion- 10 range and phasing. Add that to the high speed and you have the potential for dealing serious range damage without taking many hits (invulnerbaility and toughness will help with that too). And the phasing is for the entire 10 clicks(invuln for 1, toughness for 7). The damage is nothing special, unfortunately. 2 damage except for 1 at the last click, and no super powers. Attack is more range potential with super strength. Hes a range attacker with high defense, and the point cost dosnt bother me much, but...hes really nothing special. The poor damage is his biggest downfall. I suppose you could use this guy in 200, but its unnecessary and not really a good idea. So for 300 point games....


-Lo Pan
DayCreeper Vision:

Ah, the classic Marvel Avengers. One of my FAVORITE guys, a flyer with some ENORMOUS stats. Let’s see, first we’ll do the speed. 9 speed is good, but what’s this? Phasing the whole dial you say? Next, the attack. 11 attack can make it up there, especially with the added super strength for a lengthy time! Onto the defense, Invulnerability and toughness most of the time make him an iron wall. A damage of 2 is average, but do NOT forget his 10 range and 10 health! Whoopee! The 117 points are VERY well spent for this guy…

Tournament play: 4.5/5
Casual: 5/5
Sculpt: 4/5
Scott Klep Vision
I actually just ordered this clix of ebay (with a nightmare for $25) and haven't actually got a chance to play with him yet, but i figured I better get my two cents in after my man Thor got somewhat of a smack-down in the last review =) From what I see, Vision is a great clix, with something that i have been wanting in a good clix for awhile- some consistency in his dial! Some clix have such a different look two or three click down (in stats and powers) that it is nice to see someone who stays fairly level, even if the stats are somewhat average. Weakness seems to be only the two clix of damage at the start, but is offset by super-strength, so he could hurt invulnerable clix. Plus, Vision was just a cool character. And since I haven't used him thats really all I can offer.


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