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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Thor - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed May 19, 2003

Name Nightcrawler
Rank Veteran
Point Value 187
Collector's Number 063
Rarity 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Here's Thor

Not all of Stan Lee's original super-heroes were exactly normal everyday people with extraordinary powers. Some of them were Gods. Norse Gods to be exact. I don't remember Thor's original origins, nor do I car to look them up, because I don't particularly think that the pantheon of Norse Gods really belong in the Marvel Universe, and I've never been a fan of Thor's in general. Especially the way he speaks in Shakespearean English, when he should really be speaking Norse.

Oh well, Thor has always been identified as the Marvel U's version of Superman, but to me, he's always been a poor cousin. You can pick up the founding Avenger in REV versions in Clobberin' Time boosters, which is another reason I don't like Thor, yes he's an extremely popular character, but he's also incredibly old, so three different levels of this character don't make a whole lot of sense. If you think about it, Thor's been a Veteran for a couple of centuries now.  He should have been a Unique. The Veteran is one of a handful of rares in the set (seriously, have you counted the number of rares in Clobberin' Time?  There's more Uniques than Rares...weird.)

The Vet version is incredibly burly with 10 clicks of health and a Defense starting at 17 with Invulnerability and Toughness for most of the dial.  This means he'll last through most games. His attack is strong at 12 and he gets Super Strength for most of the dial too. His speed is weak though, only starting at 8, BUT he gets running shot for the first three clicks, though of course, he is a flyer (admittedly
though, it's the Hammer that flies, not Thor, a mechanic that hasn't been completely explored). But then there's that 4 damage and a ranged attack of 10,
both of which can be deadly.

At 187 points it's awfully hard to justify putting Thor on any team with a total value of less than 400 points. That and he's an REV pretty much destroys his collectability. Rares don't sell for much more than $5.00 typically, and I don't see this one doing much more either.

My Ratings:
Playability 3.5 out of 5
Collectability 3 out of 5.

Next Time: The most wanted Unique from Infinity Challenge...Can you guess who it is? I'll give you a hint, he's actually the oldest original Marvel Universe character. Stumped? Join me next time, and I'll reveal all.
Jester7 Veteran Thor is one of the best heroclix in the game. For 187 points, Thor
has the stats and abilities to back up his cost. He's a flyer who starts
out with a movement of 8 with Running Shot, an attack of 12 with Super
Strength, 17 defense with Invulnerability, and 4 damage. His Running Shot
and range of 10 are excellent! With Running Shot he could do 4 clicks of
damage off the bat from 14 spaces away. That's really good! He has 10
clicks of health, with 5 clicks of Invulnerability and 3 clicks of
Toughness!!! Thor will be one tough cookie to take down for anyone! Plus,
you've gotta love that Avenger ability and the fact he can fly. Thor's a
nice piece to use to carry other figures and get them into position while
saving actions. A great piece to build a team around without a doubt!

200- games: 2/5
300+ games: 5/5
Joel Lufgren Yo Toady we are reviewin' Thor.

Pts:(R,E,V) 109, 144, 187 (Right off the bat this guy already isn't going
to be included in 100pt games.)

Range:(vet)10, 1 shot

Abilities:(Compiled from all versions) Running shot , Super Strength
,Invulnerability ,Toughness, Able to soar/hover. (He also happens to have a
bright green Arch enemy dial,Who the arch is I don't know)

Team Afiliation: Avengers (R,V) No affiliation (E)

Starting Stats:(vet) 8 Speed, 12 Attack, 17 Defense, 4 Damage

The Review:(vet) Thor is a pretty well-rounded Clix. While nothing very
specific about this character stands out, he is a pretty strong force to be
reckoned with. 14 range (Running shot) Is pretty sweet (I prefer Cyclops, or
*gasp* even the Sentinel) 4 damage possible on turn 1 or 2 thanks to running
shot makes me cower/grin. 12 attack is pretty decent, 17 defense is 'up
there'. The ability to taxi in a bad situation is a nifity idea, and
soaring/hover can't be overlooked. I think this is a very solid character.
The only thing IMO is that Thor is kinda-sorta overlooked, at least I don't
see alot of him local Tournament wise.

Verdict: Solid, but I'm not exactly excited...Don't let my scores full you
into not playing him!
100: N/A
200: 3/5 depends on the verion, depends on the team, but otherwise can be
300:3.8/5 Again, the version, and the team, can be solid, (add +2 if its an
Avengers version)
300+:5/5 no problem with him here, since 100+ can be spareable for a
char like this
Draft/Sealed: 5/5 One word: Beatstick.Draft him, play him if possible
Lo Pan (formerly
m j)

I was never really interested in the thor comics. I did buy a few issues though, and basically, the series is about Thor fighting against robots, or fighting with robots.

Well, first thing i see is the pretty green base. Then i see the point cost and my opinion of the figure goes downhill. 187 points. So your only going to use him in 300 if you use him at all...well, ill calm down and look at the stats.

. 4 damage. Awesome. 3 clicks, too. No super powers for any damage, though. Defense has 2 17 and 2 16, and hes got the all mighty INVULNERABILITY for 5 clicks. 3 toughness after that. So if you can get a some healing support for this guy, he could be around forever. Attack is cool at 12 w/super strength. Now personally, i dont like super strength. Most of the time you cant use it, though it can definately help. Thats for 8 clicks, and the only attack power. Speed is cool too (8) and you get 3 click sof running shot for your 10 range. Running shot and charge are very, very good, like giving 2 actions to one guy. 10 health, but the last 2 clicks are bad

. Well, thats it. 4 powers, no variety, just a steady expensive flying behemoth. Not that much available strategy that i can see...you just run around and shoot from far away and throw stuff when you can, then rush in and laugh like a pirate while people try to hurt you. You MUST build the team around this guy. However, i was thinking, if your going to spend 2/3 of your points on one guy, why no tuse superman, or the 200 sentinel, or any other huge guy? Well, the mass invulnerability makes a difference, but it really comes down to how your aiming to play your team, and if you decide to use an expensive guy youll have to choose which one works best for you.

4.0...IF you build the team around him properly.
DayCreeper Thor:

Today We review veteran thor from clobberin’ time. This guy puts the T in tough, just look at his stats for example, 4 damage, 10 health, 12 attack 17 defense, and an average speed of 8! But enough with the stats, let’s move on to the powers.

Thory starts of with running shot for the first 3 clicks, then super strength for most of the dial. Who can forget that he’s got his invulnerability and toughness for most of the time too! This guy has a beautiful range of 10 (drools). I think his 187 points may be a BIT hefty, but they are well spent.


Awesome stats
Good Powers


Hefty Price
Mediocre Sculpt

Tournament Play: 4/5
Casual: 5/5
Sculpt: 3/5


Without Victory, there is no survival...