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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Super Skrull - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed May 16, 2003

Name Super Skrull
Rank Unique
Point Value 127
Collector's Number 090
Rarity 6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Ok today’s click is Super Skrull from Clobberin’ Time. First, lets go over this guy’s stats. At a cost of 129 points you’ve got yourself a flyer with a starting speed of 8 with running shot, an attack of 11 with energy explosion, 16 defense, 8 range, and 4 damage. Pretty solid. He also gains Plasticity, Super Strength, and Incapacitate further down the dial. His defense numbers are decent with Invulnerability and Toughness to back it up.

But in my opinion they are only decent numbers and 18 to start would be better. He has excellent damage numbers and they can only be increased by using objects with Super Strength. That’s definitely a plus. He’s a good ranged attacker at 8 but that also could be better. Plasticity has its uses but he doesn’t get it for long. I would like him better if he retained it for the rest of his dial. His Skrull team ability is good for him but the rest of your team won’t benefit from it. So all in all, Super Skrull is a decent piece with a mix of useful abilities. But there are far better
options to use rather than him when building your force in my opinion. If you’re going to build a force around a piece with a high cost why not use the really good ones like Ultron, Hulk, Thanos, etc? I’ve actually always wanted to use this guy and I imagine it would be fun. But that is all I would use him for. Not tournament worthy in my opinion. :) Uhhh . . . but he looks cool I guess??? LOL!

200- Games: 2.5/5
300+ Games: 3/5
Sealed Box: 4/5

Wow lets look at this guy...
Thats...quite a dial...And what a team ability...And...a Unique..

I'm not exactly a fan O.o! At least if he isn't with me...!

127 Pts. Let me poke at that first,This isn't like the other Skrulls (basically 'filler' spots), this Guy needs a team built around him. 127 is a very hefty investment.. yes..indeed.. 4 damage at the start! Now that is power, It really rivals all those heavy hitters.

His Defense is just as evil, Invulnerability (or toughness) +16 def (13 at lowest)+ the team ability (which has a low chance of working but can change the tide. Use at every chance!) means He will be the most insane, evil, skrull, alien, thing to play against. For all this package 11 Attack is just about in the 'norm' range. The
abilities for this category for this aren't the greatest, Energy Explosion is, how I feel, under used (but can be handy, ). Super strength can tie up items from those telekinetics. Finally Incapacitate (another ability I feel is under used) can be used as a last resort to get away. His speed is only 'normal'. With Nightcrawlers running around, he may end up getting pounded first. Running shot is awesome, but Plasicity isn't the greatest. Another thing to poke at would be he Can fly, so use as a taxi as well as a heavy hitter.

Verdict: Justifiable for his Point cost.
100: N/A
200:I think his price is hefty, but with the right team.....3.5 300:4.8 Almost all the way. Again, the team matters but he can go toe-to-toe
with just about anything!
300+: 5 Very,Very, Very Playable
Limited/Draft: Depends on the pt amount...so see above scores then add .5
once or until you reach 5
Super Skrull has the powers of the fantastic 4 put together, looks like he got in a car crash with em'.  First off, his speed, it's decent, at around 8, and he's got running shot and plasticity for the first few clicks, to help him dodge those nasty enemies. His attack is nice too, 11 with energy explosion a little along with super strength for the rest. Invulnerability and toughness describe his defense. his damage is nothing special at about 4, but with all those powers, he's just fine. he could also be a ranger with his 8 range. Finally, his health is a sturdy 9. The Skrulls are some of my favs to play, try playin this 127 pointer in a 300 game!
Much better than most skrulls
Nice Powers
decent stats
bad damage
In Tournaments: 3.5/5
Casual: 4/5




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