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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Sinestro - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed May 14, 2003

Name Sinestro
Rank Rookie-Veteran
Point Value 100-300
Collector's Number D01
Rarity LE

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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And then there's Sinestro...once the most powerful, insane villain in the DCU, he's currently dead, for at least the second time in the comics. Sinestro started off as a Green Lantern (the galactic police-men in the DCU powered and founded by the Guardians of the Galaxy based on the planet OA. Yes, the Guardians are the little blue guys with god-like powers. Yes, the Guardians let loose the entire concept of evil in the universe, and yes, the guardians tried the galactic cop thing once before and failed [the Manhunters].  And yes, they do remind me of Yoda...just a little.

Anyway, Sinestro was a Green Lantern, in fact he was the greatest Green Lantern. BUT, as these things often do, he kind of clashed with the politics of the Guardians, and decided to go rogue. His evil was thwarted and he was sent into an alternate universe, where he met up with the infamous Weaponsmasters of Qward who agreed with Sinestro's philosphy and made him an exact copy of the Green Lantern's ring, except for two things: one it has no weakness (like the Green Lantern's rings won't work on anything yellow, though that has been removed from the storylines lately); and two, the ring is yellow. Sinestro wreaked havoc on the DCU for years and years, until Hal Jordan figured out a way to kill him and did so. He was briefly revived and empowered by the Guardians when Hal Jordan went rogue. Sinestro was killed a second time after Hal drained all the energy from the central power battery on OA and became a god renamed Parallax.That's a who 'nother story though.

The Sinestro Heroclix is a "construct" figure, meaning that the character Sinestro is inside the figure, and the figure itself is an energy construct made from Sinestro's ring. Like the Sentinel you can start Sinestro with a 100, 200 or 300 point value, and how many health clix and powers you get depend on the point value.

Suffice to say, his stats are AMAZING. At the start the 300 point version does 5 Damage with Outwit! He's got a ranged attack of 10, which means he could take out scrubs with one turn. Later he gets ranged combat expert for several turns of the dial, but he's not done at the end either, he gets outwit back for the last two clicks.

I'm not going into depth on the rest of his stats, but it's quite easy to gush over them. His other powers include Impervious, Tougness, Barrier and Energy Shield on defense and Super Strength and Telekinesis on his attack dial. If Sinestro has a flaw, it's that he gets no movement powers, so unlike the Sentinel, he doesn't get the Running Shot.

Oh, and he also has a bunch of special rules (which I'm not going to spoil) that make him even better. Oh and he's always arch enemies with any member of the Green Lantern Corps (a statement in the rules which makes me believe they are planning on producing large numbers of corpsmen and women. That sits well with me).

The figure itself is simply gorgeous. The scuplt is even better than the Sentinel, although he doesn't come with the interchangeable hands that the Sentinel
has. He's got one point of articulation (his right hand rotates), which is a shame, since they could have easily built a couple more in. The piece is made entirely of clear yellow vinyl, and there's a sinestro painted figurine embedded in the middle.  Unfortunately there's no way to take Sinestro out of the figure (I think it would have been cool to have a standard Sinestro [he could have a flying base] that was removable, but I guess that would have been too expensive.)

One drawback is the material used to create the figure is kind of brittle in spots. Make sure you don't drop yours, because the lighting bolt horns break very easily. The left arm is also a little weak, mine broke off with the same drop that broke off the right horn.

Like the Sentinel these are still available in retail stores for the original price of about $17, you might be able to get it for cheaper on Ebay, but you'll have to pay postage. My guess is they didn't produce as many of Sinestro as they did of the Sentinel, BUT he's also not as popular as Sentinels (and there's no reason to own multiples, since there's only one Sinestro in the DC Universe).

Sinestro rates higher than the Sentinel in my book for several reasons. First, Sinestro is just so much cooler than a stinkin' robot Sentinel. Second, he's frikkin Sinestro for pete's sake, he's a Green Lantern gone bad. With great power comes great responsibility my ass, with great power comes INSANITY. And finally, if they make Sinestro, they have to make a ton of Green Lanterns to take him out, and like I said earlier, that's just fine with me.

My Ratins:
Playability 5 of 5
Collectability 4 of 5

Next time, the Super Skrull, or what happens when you put the Fantastic Four in a blender.


Since the Sentinel was already reviewed, this will be a much shorter review:

The Senistro construct is exactly like the Sentinel in terms of point value(s) and special abilities. The Sinestro is the archenemy to the Green Latern team figures.

But unlike the Sentinel, Sinestro has something extra to offer, in terms of Superpowers. He has Impervious and outwit with a base damage of 5 at his 1st click! At 100 points he has Energy Shield Deflection and RCE. He, in terms of brute force, is much more team applicable than the Sentinel. His final clicks are This is a great figure. Playable in any army and

Head-to-Head: 5/5
Sealed Box- N/A
Collectabilit- 5/5

Its a perfect figure all around.


michale jhonason


I made a mistake about the health in my sentinel report, but it dosnt make much of a difference in my review. Anyways, big guy number 2.

I have to make this quick, and I think this guy can pretty much be summed up in one sentence.

Just use sentinel.

This guy has much less health, and though he has better defense near the beginning, he dosnt have great abilitys to go along with it. He can do some damage with combat xpert, but id rather have sentinels running shot. The impervious and such will protext sinestro to some extent, but thats only in 300 point version, which is really unplayable. The 200 point one has much less defensive abilies, and dont get outwit untill the end. The 100 is bad...it has absolutely nothing going for it besides the sentinel/sinestro only abilities. The 300 point one is the only one super powers better than sentinel IMO. So just play him if your playing big guys at all.

rating: sentinels better! Ill give the 200 pointer a 2.5 ( in comparison to sentinel. Hes only better than some other high cost clicks because of the special rules)


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